Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land Review

Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land

Disney’s feature-length cartoons have attracted the attention of everyone, especially children, on the white screen. As you know, in recent years, Disney has started to release games of these films along with cartoons that it has prepared. But Disney Interactive’s strategy of making a certain profit, usually using only the name of the film, has often produced poor-quality productions. And finally, “Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land”, which was also shown in our country, was added to these games…


Now, without further ado, the game sucks. Someone who understands a little bit of Video games will be bored no more than 3-5 minutes after they start playing the game and close the game to never play again. You ask why? Because Peter Pan, which has no original aspect, is completely uniform compared to a platform game. What you do is the same. I mean, jump, jump, collect a hundred of them, a hundred of them, take a life… so here they are. The truth is, it’s not fun to do it. Yeah, we used to play Super Mario in 8-bit NES, and that’s exactly what we did, but it was really fun to play Super Mario. For me, it’s still more fun than a lot of 3D games, Mario’S 2D world…

If you put up with Peter Pan and play it for a while, as the episodes go on, you’ll feel like you’re playing the same episodes over and over again??? For some reason, almost the entire game is set in the forest, meadow grass. And they added a few creeks and pits to make it green. You know, there will be enemies in the game that you will encounter, two stupid crabs from each other, two Pirates… all right, here’s the game.

Now let’s move on to the other bad aspects of the game. Graphics are not good for the PlayStation 2. Overlay errors, angular characters and many more problems… But chirping cartoon graphics will be enough for children. The images created with the game’s own graphics engine that you will encounter from time to time are very artificial, and the animations are decidedly terrible. The worst part is, like I said, for some reason you’re always in the woods? I think the only good thing is that everything is colorful. Ha bird, as if the graphics of the game were very perfect, I could not understand the obvious slowdown of the game at certain points. Speaking of slowing down, don’t forget to take a meal break on Loading screens, which you will encounter in abundance.

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And the controls are bad, really bad, so that they don’t fall back from the graphics! It’s so annoying to fall into the pits that you can’t see unless you pay too much attention during the game. Poor playability is the salt and pepper of the job. And when you get in front of a pirate or similar enemy, Peter Pan can’t just lock on to the enemy and move comfortably, it’s a different problem. The same melodies and sound effects are also another factor that makes the game thoroughly unbearable, which is not already good. I should also note that the dubbing is not well suited to character and character animations…

Hey! Peter Pan, I wish you never existed
Yeah, in short, as usual, Disney Interactive has managed to make such a game again. Even a child who is a little Sane will be bored soon after this game. If you want to play a beautiful 3D Paltform game, go play “Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex or Klonoa 2” instead. If you can’t find them, I’d say keep playing Super Mario… I think the common sentence that everyone will say after playing this game will be: Hey! Peter Pan, I wish you’d never been like a nonexistent country.

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