PDC World Championship Darts 2008 Review

There are some games in which they can neither fully show up in action nor fully in the field of sports. PDC World Championship Darts 2008 is also one of the productions that we can put into the vague, unclassifiable category of what is more like “various”. Although it has a fairly long name, it comes to the beginning of the production because its content is based only on darts. In fact, this type of Bowling game is one of the games that stays a little in between. But it comes from his movements based on using the body that bring him closer to the sport. In darts, even the body is used very little, so it becomes more difficult to get out of the work.

Hit from 12

PDC World Championship Darts 2008 comes with more or less the same content as many other world championship variants. There is also a career mode in the production, which includes fifteen leading names of the world. In the game structure that develops in the form of ratings, it is necessary to climb the steps from rookie to professional one by one. In the game, which also features an advanced character creation screen, the option to create a female player is also added for the first time. In addition, we now see that three different levels of difficulty are also available to our service. These include amateur, professional and master difficulty levels. As we go from easy to difficult, our dominance over the arrows increases, as well as the difficulty of shooting.

In addition to Career Mode, other playable modes are listed as Exhibition, tournament, Party Games, and Network. But if we say that the content of the game has not changed much, it will not be so wrong. It goes without saying that the number of actions that can be done with a dart is not too many. But the PDC 2008 closes this gap somewhat, with seven official venues ranging from Blackpool to Las Vegas, the same as in the real world. From Exhibition, tournament, and Party modes supported by multiplayer mode, you can compete with your friends in Exhibition, in a special League against eight real people in the tournament, or spend pleasant minutes with 2-4 player preferences in twelve party games. I should also note that the production also supports game sharing, noting that your other friends do not need the UMD of the game.


PDC World Championship Darts 2008 can be said to be visually quite good. Especially with character modeling, different emotional facial expressions and animations that vary depending on the situation, the production does above average work. Not only visual, but also the physics engine used in the game can say that it does its best. Different modes, real characters, multiplayer, official locations… so what about the controls, perhaps the most important thing that affects playability in a dart game? I can say that things can be easily done with a small number of buttons in the production. Of course, the fact that the controls are easy does not make the game easy. When setting a target with an Analog lever, we try to cut the target by looking closer to the dartboard with the right shoulder key and from a distance with the left shoulder key. When we hold down X, we lock the target, this time moving the analog lever for the angle and intensity of the arrow’s shot. Right after that, we watch the shot and see how many hits we throw and how many points we score. Then it’s our opponent’s turn to watch his shots and see the score he won. As I mentioned in terms of controls, it seems quite easy, but when you dig deep, it seems that the work is not so child’s play. But all this is not enough to win the gold medal at the PDC World Championship Darts 2008. Also, the pleasure that can be obtained from a game of Darts is only valid for a limited period of time. And when it’s over, it’s not even a job to see repeated operations and keep the game on the sidelines.


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