Patrician II: Quest for power review

Patrician II: Quest for power

A sailor whose heart is at sea and who has a lover in every port will one day lower the sails in a port. He makes this Sea town, where he settled, a port city with his flesh and fingernails. As with any legend, the birth is the starting point of the Ascension and sinking trilogy.

A late sequel to the game that appeared in the Year 1991 and the first in the Amiga era. Patrician II and we are given the chance to bring this sun back to its peak.

Patrician can also be thought of as a kind of trading simulation. Port this extremely comprehensive game where port and overseas trade flourish 14. It’s a century. At first glance, it is impossible not to notice the success of reflecting the architectural features of this period on the drawings of towns, people and ships. At the beginning of my writing, you can understand that I gave the charts a plus rating and was extremely happy with it.

It will be very convenient for you to carefully follow the tutorial section to get used to building constructions, ship purchases and sales, Inter-port trade and the general structure of the game. Before jumping into the Wolf Trap alone with Single Game, I suggest you complete the campaigns prepared to get a certain mastery of the game. Because, starting with the name trader, these sections are set from easy to difficult and focused to take you to a certain level in the game.

The game is very similar to the High Seas Trader game on the Amiga and PC in gameplay. Those who play this game know that nothing else can be done in the game other than trade, and the game became extremely repetitive after a while. Fortunately for us, this game does not make the same mistake. Now, more than an anonymous Merchant, the consciousness of an individual who has an identity in the city manifests itself in the game. Gaining the status of merchant, mayor, Lord over time becomes extremely enjoyable in terms of having a beautiful goal in the game. According to my impressions from the game, it is possible that over time you will play about the Kingdom and expand your maps. This, in turn, moves the game ahead of a dry trading strategy. In a nutshell, when you are dealing with economic crises and taxes, which product is cheap with ships, you are thinking about the needs and situations of the people in your cities. And that adds purpose and depth to the game.

To make money, you have to transfer the intricacies of trade to the game. For example, if there is a lot of demand for a product in a port and there is less of that product, the general principles that you will get in the game, where the sale of that product will be valued or surplus in that port will cause you harm and make up the logic of trading in real life. So you can find out which goods to transfer to where by following the tips given to you.

When you arrive at a port, if you select your ship and click on the market there immediately, your trading table will appear on the screen, where you can see the prices for buying and selling goods. Here you can load your ship or sell the goods on your ship to that port. These trips aren’t always safe. Pirates haunt you sometimes on the road. In such a case, you are asked to choose between automatic or manual intervention. If you’re in those who don’t like to leave your job to chance, you start the war. At this time, the most important point to note is the direction of the wind blowing. You can tell from the clouds. When you get the wind on your back, you can open your sails with the page up and page down buttons and perform fast maneuvers. Preferably you will have three ways. The first is to quickly try to escape from the current screen, so that you are out of danger. Second, sink the pirate ship, for which you must stand parallel to the opponent and throw the ball with the space key. The Third Way is to press the board button that you will see on the left side and come to the pirate ship and release your crew to the opponent. For this reason, the number of your men, health, morale and the position of these values on the opposite ship are very important.

When you look at cities, we see that there are more or less the same types of controls. You can hire captains, pirates or sailors from each city’s Tavern. By entering the bathhouse at Bath house, you can increase the relaxation and loyalty of your crew. The prayers and charity that you will do in the church will return to you again in this direction. You also have to get there to a certain level for ball-gun-making places like Arsenal. In the meantime, you can see the buildings you can control by pressing the building icon on the bar above the screen.

In this way, after getting used to the game, you can create your own story in the game with Single Game. In general, this is the way the game is played. Don’t forget to use buildings in cities for your purpose. And you will organize this work according to the needs of your people. The economic strata of society, the poor middle and the cream-eating class, have their own needs. When you press the population key in the upper-left corner, you can see the layers that make up your people with the same arrow, just like the bumpy arrow next to unnecessary songs that rise and fall in the music charts.

As a result, this game, which is extremely satisfying in terms of both realism and immersive graphics, music and atmosphere, seems to have already taken a different place in the strategy fury. I recommend that you try this game and see how the taste and atmosphere of the old games affect the person with their new versions today.

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