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A long time ago, there was a production that made the PSP feel like the PSP, being unique to it alone; Loco Roco. Probably no one has this portable console and hasn’t heard or played the name of the game. Both in terms of content and gameplay, it sat at the top with its different structure and the entertainment it offered. This time, it’s Patapon, made by the manufacturer of Loco Rocco. It’s Nintendo DS owners ‘ turn to be jealous.

The game features a simple and pleasant story. In fact, the story gives the impression that it was put to be found more. This however doesn’t mean that is bad. We can only say that it is plain and simple. In an already fun-based game, more will also be a luxury. In short, the head of the Patapon people is troubled by the zygoton Army. The zygotons disturb the yumipon people, threatening them with death. And the Yumipons, who realized that they did not have much time left, had no choice but to wait for a savior. It’s a coincidence that you’re the one who listens to the people’s call for help. Although the yumipons are successful warriors, they need to be led. In this regard, they expect you to lead the army and lead them against the Zygotons. At this point, the leadership is showing an unorthodox growth. The orientation you make creates a real-time strategy game based on rhythm. The rhythm we are talking about here is a real musical rhythm, because the Patapons can perform various actions with the rhythmic sound of the drum, which is assumed to be given to you.

Listen to that sound!

Different words are assigned to different PSP buttons in the build. As you press the buttons, the melodic word they are assigned is sung by the Yumipons. In order to activate them, you have to say these words with a certain speed and order. The pata-pata-pata-Pon rhythm moves forward, while the Pon-pon-Pata-pon rhythm allows you to attack. The action takes place only when the rhythms are successfully completed. Otherwise, you have to make him sing the tune from the beginning. At first, these two rhythms are enough to complete the sections, while it is necessary to learn the rhythms of loading, defense, and attack, which are more complex over time. Rhythms also combine with background timbres, resulting in beautiful music. The number of rhythms performed successfully in a row increases our strength by creating combos.

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Patapon is not only responsible for fighting rhythm, but also for the strategy in the background of the war. For this reason, we are also responsible for preparing it according to the section before the hunting and fighting sections. Yumipons consist of 6 different units. A maximum of 3 different units can be selected for each section. Resources collected in hunting divisions are being evaluated for use in combat divisions. In addition, new Yumipons who will join the army with a resource donation can be added to your unit. We equip these 3 units by selecting the weapons and armor found in the inventory, which over time are better and supplied in large numbers. Choosing the right units in divisions opens the way to victory, but it is just as important to arm them well. In battle episodes, we encounter the Zigaton army, and in Boss battles, we fight the big monsters. By using our divine powers, controlling the weather and disasters, we sometimes help our people to take the top position. Boss monsters can be very difficult to defeat. They must discover the movements they repeat in their own way, and accordingly they require defensive and attacking practice. If you are unable to defeat the monster and return home as a result of a battle that ends in defeat, you must come out prepared for a stronger collision. Because Boss monsters get stronger every time.

Patapon really stands out as an unusual and unusual game. Drawing attention with its graphics and environmental modeling, the production is also appreciated with its character animations. It’s a rhythm-based game, so there’s no need to mention that sounds and music are also successful. With its mini-games, fun gameplay and full structure, Patapon is not looking for Loco Roco. It’s a game that really shouldn’t be missed.

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