OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Review

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast

Before I had a Commodore64, there was a racing game I played in the halls of ateri. Because we didn’t know what Ferrari was at the time, the game we called red car and girl car racing among friends was outrun. A long time has passed, such as ten years, and The Outrun series has overthrown 20 years; Outrun and Outrun 2 after Outrun2006 with our PS2’lerimiz. Let’s see if Outrun 2006 managed to keep the arcade alive.


First of all, those who have played Outrun 2 may be a little disappointed when they see Outrun 2006, because there are basically no obvious innovations that stand out, except for new tracks. In total, it consists of a total of 60 episodes with 30 different, inverted versions of the tracks Outrun2006. But you can remember more than half of these 30 different episodes from Outrun2, which came out 2 years ago. As a gameplay, it does not contain very large differences from the first. But for those who have not played Outrun before, let me point out. Don’t expect anything to rival NFS, Gran Tourismo, Forza or burnout, you’ll be upset.

Based on the game’s graphics, we can say that it failed. After seeing the opponents I counted above, Outrun2006 really looks like an ateri game. OK, maybe I exaggerated a little, but you don’t have to expect too much because the two You previous Outrun 2 were basically made. Again, I can say that the reflection effect of cars is used beautifully.


Let’s look at the types of races you can compete in outrun2006. Going through various targets in the OutRun section, we try to get to the finish line before our competitors. In the Time Attack section, we try to make the best time for a runway. These two episodes will be familiar to those who love other racing productions, but the Heart Attack episode is presented to us as a very original idea indeed. As I said at the beginning, this is where the girl racing part comes in. In this episode, we take a girlfriend with us, and we begin to experience the sights that we are used to seeing in Turkey, in the virtual world. We have three different girlfriends that we can take with us in the game. Of course, we have to do various insanity to influence all three. One asks us to slide around the bends, and the other is happy when the cars pass. When we fulfill their wishes and make them happy, we are past the chapter. If we look at the Coast 2 Coast Section that gives the game its name, here you are offered two different choices. First, the race is based on making your girlfriend happy, and the other is based on testing your skills given by a friend who starts the race. In the first, you try to beat your opponents among the familiar types of races. In these races, you can move on to the next section by keeping the A grade point average. If we’re going to look at the parts about making your girlfriend happy, some herpes missions are waiting for us. One of them is protecting your girlfriend from aliens who want to kidnap her, another is chasing a huge beach ball, and the other is hitting ghosts on the road. When you successfully fulfill them, you can move on to the next chapter. You earn OutRun Mile while doing all these tasks. You can open the extras with these OutRun miles that you earn. If we look at the extras, there are secret cars like the F430 and F355 Spider. In addition, the inverted versions of the existing tracks and different car colors are among other extras that you can open…

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The gameplay in Outrun 2006 is quite successful, because the ateri game of the time reflected the style of gameplay we call “Arcade” very well. But I’d say artificial intelligence is a little torpedoed. Your opponents, who are quite ambitious, do everything they can to hit you in the barriers or make you Spin. But what happens to you when you do the same things to them, or rather when you try to do them. In such cases, your competitors are either not affected at all, or worse, they are getting faster. This is a really big flaw, and some situations can be frustrating. I would say that the sounds of Outrun 2006 is the most successful part of the production. Although the sound effects are not very different from the series ‘ predecessors, the music is very successful and has a gassing effect on the atmosphere.

Although the game does not offer much innovation above OutRun 2 with the 2006 version, it once again manages to bring the fun we experience in Arcade halls to our homes. OutRun 2006, with its heart Attack episodes re-included with its” Arcade ” – style gameplay and beautiful music that increases your entertainment, comes across as a production that I think can give fans at least a chance, while those who have little to do with it should not miss.


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