Outriders New Update Coming Soon


Square Enix says it could be their next big series after 3.5 million sales figures for the Outriders. A new patch appeared on the horizon.

Outriders, which Square Enix released in early April, has managed to reach more than 3.5 million players in total. The producer, who had a tough week of release, had some problems. A new update was also announced, which will be released soon, while developer People Can Fly is creating a solution for some bugs that negatively affect players. Although the date is given, it is not yet clear.

New patch for Outriders to be released today

Square Enix said it was on track to become “one of the company’s next big series” for the Outriders after a successful exit in terms of player numbers. In the early days, the production, which attracted a lot of attention with the number of players exceeding 100 thousand on Steam, was developed by people Can Fly, experienced with shooter games.

May 1 April-May 1, 2021, the co – op science fiction-themed shooter game reached more than 3.5 million players, according to numbers shared by publisher Square Enix. The game’s availability to Xbox Game Pass subscribers also appears to support player numbers in the long run.

“With more than 3.5 million unique players, over 30 hours of average game time, and extremely high attendance for common play, we and the great team at People Can Fly are very excited by this initial success,” said Square Enix External Studios co-chair Jon Brooke.

Launching a new series is never easy and we are very grateful for the community’s support and feedback. We continue to listen carefully to the community and want everyone to know that we are committed to improving and improving the experience in the weeks and months ahead. We also hope to expand Outriders in the future.”

In a developer update yesterday, an Outriders community manager says the game’s next patch will address some kind of damage reduction issue. This problem prevents them from dying when players suddenly receive fatal damage.

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“Thursday May 20 we hope to publish, but this date will be approved once it has successfully passed the test,” they said. It also aims to solve some of the new patch’s crash and snap problems. Although steps have been taken to address these issues that arise with the release of the game, there are still some issues that affect the players ‘ experience. If you missed it, you can read our Outriders review by clicking here. You can also specify your views on the game in the comments.


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