Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath Review

Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

Creatures with unpleasant looks in their huge, flared eyes. Communities formed by these creatures, whose overall IQ level has never reached a number greater than 6, waiting for a person to guide them. It’s a strange world where these communities, trying to survive in a desert land where crazy events roam, are trying to coexist. Welcome to Oddworld!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a PC or console player, if you know a little about Oddworld or understand even the slightest thing from the above definition, you’ll guess what the Oddworld universe is like. Oddworld, which has countless examples in the adventure genre in worlds where madness roams, has become one of the indispensable for many players. The biggest rise of Oddworld, which has repeatedly been applied to all gaming platforms, came when the Xbox console announced itself on the market. Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee was one of the Xbox’s first games together with HALO, so it was necessarily met with great interest. In countless screens lined up one after another, the game in which we tried to solve strange puzzles also resonated greatly with the fact that it was 3-D. Its extremely interesting subject matter and videos prepared with enough quality to turn the eyes upside down were of the nature to shake those who saw it.

However, the only problem with Oddworld was that it was always based on puzzles. Not just Xbox owners, but the younger generation of all gamers, wanted more animated, livelier, even bloodier games. It obviously didn’t help anyone to wander the same places dozens of times to solve puzzles and watch the next perfect video. We don’t know if the producers heard our voice or if their new publisher, Electronic Arts, put pressure on them, but Oddworld’s latest game, Stranger’s Wrath, came across as an extremely moving and extremely fun FPS in response to full expectations.

Wild West version of Oddworld

If Stranger’s wrath’s creature variety and space designs are not the same, we can say that it has almost nothing to do with other Oddworld games. But the fact is that Stranger’s Wrath is an FPS with unprecedented features. You ask why? Because in order to collect the bullets that you will use in this game, you must first hunt, set traps to catch creatures with prize money, as in Western movies, slap yourself instead of using a health package to heal, when it comes to 3. a unique game with plenty of movement and fun, where you have to switch to first person mode when the person is in place.

After placing the DVD on the console and watching the Oddworld classic perfect video, there is no doubt that the first element that will attract your attention will be the “Wild West” concept. Our protagonist is Clint Eastwood, a bounty hunter. A person who is extremely interested in hunting creatures with a bounty on his head throughout the entire game. He follows two types of ways to defeat his enemies: first, to make his fists talk. The second (and the most fun part of the game) is to use a weapon consisting of live animals, all bullets intended for the Oddworld universe. He’s trying to make money by handing over captured enemies to officials, whether alive or dead. When his power is down, he slaps himself and comes to his senses. So there’s not a single moment in Stranger’s wrath that you won’t be surprised at.

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Bullets alive

Let’s open the gun that uses “live-bullets”, which everyone is curious about and those who play also enjoy very much. We have a bow attached to our hand, and this pedestrian puts the creatures we find in the environment, throwing them at our fall. The bullets I’m talking about are a spider that wraps the enemy with its web, a ball-shaped furry creature with teeth strong enough to tear the enemy apart, a squirrel-like chatterbox that we throw to attract the attention of our opponents in different directions, a firefly that gives an electric shock to where it hits, and many such animals. As soon as we get each bullet, the game gives us information on how to use it and hints to trap the enemy. In later episodes, it all depends on your imagination. Dive into the enemy and throw an electric shock Beetle at everyone, or hide in the bushes and throw a chatty squirrel in a different direction to attract their attention and trap them.

The live-bullets we are talking about are given as standard when we start the game, but if we consume too much, it ends immediately. If we don’t want to kill enemies with our fists, all we have to do is hunt them down to find new bullets! I’m talking about live-there are certain spots where bullets live. These are shown to us in the practice Section at the beginning of the game, but we need to keep our eyes open in the following sections. When you get closer to where each of them lives, you will see that they live their lives and play games in their own diameter, jumping and jumping. Put aside the pity and hunt them down one by one. For this, you must first give them an electric shock and knock them out. Then, when you go to them, you will automatically throw them in your bag.

It goes without saying that each living-bullet lives in different territory and has different types. We just choose Bullets with normal control keys. How to use them is shown during the exercise, but the main thing to pay attention to is to choose them according to our tactics in the section, since we put two of them in our publication at the same time. So if you want to draw attention first and then neutralize them; (which is the tactic you will resort to most in the game) you can put the chatty squirrel on one side and the spider on the other. Or you can place creatures with strong teeth at certain points and lead them there by chasing enemies, trapping them. As I said, it all depends on your imagination.

Wanted! Dead or alive…

In the game where we control the bounty hunter, as you can imagine, we hunt creatures with a bounty on their head throughout the entire story. Of course, to reach the creature in question, we need to cross many platforms and Dodge countless enemies. As I said before, when we overcome the creatures, we can either trap them or jump into them and fight them all, it’s entirely up to you. But all we have to pay attention to is catch them alive to make more money. There’s no choice but to trap them one by one to capture the entire crowded enemy contingent alive.

When it comes to trapping enemies, it becomes important in places to hide. In certain areas on the map there are various objects such as tall shrubs, buildings, large rocks. We’re not supposed to hide behind or next to them and show up to the enemies. In the radar in the lower right corner, we can sneak through them, seeing where the enemies are and where they are looking. Just like in Metal Gear Solid games. We are invisible, hidden in the bushes, and we are invisible, it is written below the radar. As long as we don’t make a sound or shoot, we’re safe here. Once we’re caught, all the creatures will be alerted, and we’ll have no choice but to make the weapons talk.

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When we start fighting enemies, if we manage to do enough damage to wrap them around with spiders or knock them out, they fall to the ground and stars fly in their heads. We run right next to him and press the “X” button to take him into our special vacuum. Because we captured him alive, we get half the market value and half the dead. The same goes for end-of-Episode bosses, that is, actual creatures with a bounty on their heads. After we disable it, we need to go to them and pull them into our vacuum. When we go back to the village and hand over the criminal, we take the money and go to the market for various power developments if we want.

Inside out detail

Stranger’s Wrath is one step closer to perfection not only with its beautiful graphics, high playability and different concept, but also with the numerous details it contains. First, I want to talk about the detail that I want to say and that is in front of your eyes throughout the entire game; live bullets. Although I’ve talked about bullets for a long time, I haven’t mentioned their communication between themselves. Although it’s already nice enough for bullets to look at you and blink or make you look bored where you are, it’s fun for a chatty squirrel to chat to the creature that comes next to you when you’re moving through your own eyes.

Another detail is that when you come to the villages, many objects can be broken, and money comes out of them. In the same way, if we run and hit peasant citizens, we can reduce their money. But if we do it too much, an announcement is made in the village immediately, and everyone closes their homes for a while. If you can behave, they’ll start taking to the streets again. One of the most interesting things about the game is that we never find a power pack and similar health improvements. When your power is low, you get it back by slapping yourself. At this time, the second bar (i.e. stamina bar) is decreasing. Changing this stamina bar that we use when running with power makes the game a little easier. The fact is, if we dive into the enemies and hide somewhere and slap ourselves when our power comes down to tomorrow, our power is restored. If we stand where we are for a few seconds, our stamina bar fills up so that we can complete our power without using any medical packages. In short, in Stranger’s wrath, we can call our hero a semi-immortal.


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