O.R.B.: Off-World Resource Base Review

O.R.B.: Off-World Resource Base

I can’t remember the exact time, but at least three years have passed since Homeworld came out. A school full of itself. He managed to do what wasn’t done, draw his own path, and left behind the Yellow Brick Road to Oz for others. O.R.B.’de here is a game that continues along this path, but knows how to stay out of the way with the same but different methods, style, feeling.

For those who have not played Homeworld and do not know the subject, to briefly summarize this genre, we can describe the game as a three-dimensional space strategy in its full meaning. You can manage your units from every angle, maintain your game dominance from every angle. So you’re playing strategy in a completely free environment. Let’s move on to the topic of our game;

After a war a thousand years ago, evolution and formation continued as always. He had to replace those who disappeared, master ana, and he did. But as usual, he didn’t create the best, he pulled out two different types of the good. And he gave them a chance to think they were special. Until these chances make them know each other and notice each other.

Two Different Races

The Malus:

As a result of these characteristics, this race, which is smart and insidious, as well as high in tactical intelligence, comes across as full of incredible combat skills. All of these, Of course, are not traits bestowed on them. From its first formation, the Malus race had to evolve, struggling to live at very hot, thirsty, high levels of gravity. They were forced to sacrifice their generation to learn how to survive.

In each sacrificed generation, evolution has given them another gift, and they have come to this day. In their first evolution, the survivors learned to live, and the next learned to use the environment for themselves while they lived. At the step that we are talking about, they are now in the role of a full warrior, physically, mentally and in life. They have become a race at least three times heavier than a Normal person, the weight and number of their bones at least three times that of a normal person.

The Alyssians

Our intelligent, selfish, and beautiful race is before us. The Alyssians were able to live comfortably in the Aldus system and devote time to their thoughts and teachings. The life blessings that the system bestowed on them allowed them to become aware of themselves throughout their entire evolution, learn about selfishness, and invent democracy to protect themselves. After all, the centuries-long course of democracy has blunted their selfishness, albeit mildly. At the time of the extinction of selfishness, the techniques they learned using their brains, which, in general, were things like studying the dead, capturing lethal information about life, usually made them professional killers or not.

The only downside of the alyssians was that the family consciousness sat in the name of learning Love, which was counted as one of the steps in its evolution along with knowledge. They had feelings.Technologies

The technologies of the Malus race are generally based on very high defense and high attack ships and combat AIDS. His research generally takes a long time, but the results are satisfactory.

The Alyssians, on the other hand, can quickly close this gap thanks to their research speed and production skills, although their knowledge may seem lower than that of the Malus as a return to democracy and knowledge formation.

I think it’s clear what Strategy first wants to do. Creating a universe! As of now, we are creating a complete puzzle with their race, their story, their character science. And I think it’s a game that’s really worth waiting for for a long time. Let’s look at this created universe.

Aldus System

The Aldus system was formed about 15,000 years ago, during the time of the gods. 5,000 years after its formation, it shares lives and allows life. This date finds its place as the date when the narrator begins writing the book. 7,500 years later, the last lines of the book are written and take note of the extinction. But as a known or perhaps expected result of each extinction, life finds itself a point to escape from. And immediately after extinction, two lives manifest themselves. The system consists of two planets in a remote part of known space. Malus and Alyssian are the planets that share the only star this system has. The resource sharing of planets is in the form of opposite poles.

Malus, which forms the upper layer of the system, is rocky, warm and has a structure that barely allows settlement, while Alyssian, which forms the lower layer, is, on the contrary, greenery, the part where settlement is favorable and in general has received the largest share of blessings.

First, I want to examine the graphics, but it is obvious that it will be short, because the graphics of the game are incredible. Although the system is old and low-level, I can say that it does not hang out and the magnificence of the graphics completely connects me to itself.

Spirit Of Drawing

Let’s clarify our position by slowly examining the elements of the environment. First, the background. Depicting a space void means drawing stars, meteorites, various unknown materials, and a black intonation that will give an image of space. And are these alone enough to keep the environment afloat? I think no. Because it is not drawing that makes the environment alive, but the spirit of drawing. You’ll notice it on the first screen.R.B.the plotters have kept the entire back Fund alive. The Stars Don’t stop, the meteors are on the move, and while you’re doing your own thing, you feel like time is running out.If we skip the Vitality part and move on to simple reviews, it’s clear that these guys used a lot of polygons. There are no defects in any of the space materials. All on a plain as oval as it should be, as hard as it should be. The tools we use are cornered on the contrary, and it is obvious that they were put there later. But even their choice of color, design, movements are compatible with all elements of the environment. And that goes for the whole game. So turn the camera to the desired angle, there is almost no distortion in the graphics. This, in turn, literally appeals to the pleasure of the person’s eyes.

And the sounds that accompany us in this graphic feast. Obviously, after the charts, I expected great success in the sounds, but unfortunately they did not exceed the “ordinary” level. Maybe hundreds of laser sounds, thousands of rocket sounds, or millions of different impact, explosion effects, but such an innovative design could have made a small change. Unfortunately, in this regard, I think it closes as a feature that can not rise above average.

Playability is also too convenient and easy to focus on. Mouse combinations can sometimes be boring and challenging, but thanks to the auxiliary buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can also achieve complete dominance without making combined movements. If you already play the teaching part, you get used to all the controls as if they were a genre that you always played. He deserved almost full points from me in this part. The only reason to break points from controls is that sometimes the game can’t respond to the desired movement and falters when controlling a large number of units. For example, if you send a 25-ship army of Duelists to a remote corner of the map and suddenly call them back, some of the ships can turn, and some stay, or they all turn towards you, waiting for you to repeat the order. In the meantime, if you can’t choose all of them and you have chosen aggressive as your attack style, say goodbye to a certain part of your army because they will start leaving the group to attack right and left.

As a final word, I can say that this game is the second step of a revolution for the time being. He does not have the shortcomings of his ancestor, and he has further developed his pros. However, I think their current mistakes are due to simple programming problems, not the game engine. This means that in the aging process of the game, makeup will be applied without allowing it to become obsolete.

Until we examine hegemonia, our new king is clear. However, it is not yet clear whether he will be defeated. Even if you don’t like this style, be sure to take it and give it a chance. Be sure that even if you don’t get any pleasure, only the graphics and story can distract you for a long time.

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