Ninja Gaiden Black Review

Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden, the best “action“ style game ever released for Xbox, is back with a new production called Ninja Gaiden Black. But since there are not many Xbox Games in Turkey, I’m sure most of you couldn’t play this game. If you buy an Xbox One day, it says it’s the first game you’ll get, and without talking too much, I move on to the review.

Ninja Gaiden had established a throne in the hearts of many Xbox owners with its gameplay, fluency and images. Already Ninja Gaiden is one of Xbox’s biggest weapons against PS2. Because Ninja Gaiden was made exclusively for the Xbox console. Even if I cite Ninja Gaiden as a good reason to buy an Xbox, this is the place. It’s one of the best games of its kind. In other words, you will feel the excitement you feel in God of war with more in this game.

Actually, Ninja Gaiden Black is not a new game. A plugin package that we can only describe as a continuation of the first one. New bosses, a new level of difficulty ( the first game was very, very difficult for some, even in easy Mode) new videos, more advanced graphics than the first. Those who play know; the camera problem in the first game still persists in Ninja Gaiden Black. You’re almost out of your mind. The camera sometimes scrambles whether it’s going far or Close and gets stuck in the wall. Because of this problem, Some people could not see Hayabusa (the character we directed) and died easily.

I can say that the new difficulty mode is easy, but Ninja Gaiden’s easy mode is like normal in normal games, I want to add this. If this is easy mode, it does not open immediately. If you can’t constantly die in an episode, the computer detects it and states that it has opened easy mode for you.

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Among the new extras are gorgeous combos. And a new mode has been added to the game called “ Mission mode“. Thus, the normal story mode in the previous game developed and came across. So new enemies, brand new secrets and bosses. But the place we’re walking around is the same as the first game, only the items I mentioned have been changed. There’s an old game we can win by unlocking. Of course, this game was released many years ago, even played with tokens in Arcade halls, Ninja Gaiden, one of the most fun games of its time.

As a result, Ninja Gaiden is among the 5 best action games ever made, and it’s definitely a production you shouldn’t miss. With its amazing graphics, new weapons and extras, you won’t be able to get up from the beginning of the console.


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