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Sega’s success in action games is indisputable, and the fact that Arcade is one of the largest companies comes from this success. Many companies did not stand idle in Sega while making 3d versions of old 2d games, one of their most famous games, Shinobi, was prepared for PS. But it was a complete disappointment to us. After a while, he also announced nightshade, a sequel to Shinobi.

Our sword is our only weapon and our greatest helper.

Nightshade is not much different in game structure from Shinobi. We run a beautiful young lady named Hinaba. Hinaba has almost the same characteristics as our ninja in Shinobi. He’s walking through the walls again, jumping back and forth, using his sword the same way. The only visible movement is kicking, but I can’t say that this movement is very effective. He can’t be very effective even on very weak enemies. The only aspect of this movement that will benefit you is the destruction of the armor of creatures made of metal. After we break the creatures ‘ armor, we will again have to hit our sword. Our sword is our only weapon and our greatest helper. If you use it correctly, even the most powerful bosses will be helpless in front of you.

The most important thing to pay attention to when using your sword is that every time you kill an enemy, this weapon gains a certain amount of power. When you kill enemies, the color of your sword gradually changes, becoming the most powerful of 4-5 enemies. If you try to kill a boss with normal sword blows, it will be very difficult, but if you kill the powerless creatures that are formed around you when fighting the boss and make your sword red, that is, the strongest, you can hit the bosses a few times and do a lot of damage to them.

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As you can see, nightshade’s fighting tactics are no different from an arcade game. The game’s venues also keep up with the combat system and look like a single level, like in an arcade game. The sections are multi-linear, meaning that they have a straight-forward structure, with the exception of just a few hidden places, you almost always move linearly. In these hidden places, there are also items that you usually won’t find on normal roads or find difficult.

In addition, when you encounter enemies in a field during the game, your location closes with some kind of magic, if you do not kill all the enemies or smash some magical objects, you cannot leave that area. When you see a herd of enemies coming at you, you look for a hole to run away from, but in vain. The lack of Quick save is a disadvantage for us, because when we get to the end of the episode and die, we start again from the beginning, so we only have a chance to save at the end of the episode. Only when you are halfway through the game in very long episodes, or if there is a boss at the end of the episode, you have the opportunity to start from there.

It is recommended for those who love fighting games in the style of Arcade…

As an arcade game, NightShade is quite fun and more enjoyable than Shinobi. Although not very different from Shinobi, some of his mistakes have been corrected. Besides, the first noticeable change is that the game becomes even more anime style. Fragmentation animations of surrounding objects are not very good, for example, when you hit a crane or car with a sword, it breaks down and disappears like paper. In the same way, the number of polygons of creatures is not very high, but still the bosses are very detailed and the coatings are also very good. I’d still expect better from a graphic master like Sega.

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And the voice-over and music are really good. In this way, a person feels like they are part of an anime movie. If the graphics were a little better, you could get more involved in the game. For the controls, we can call it the most successful aspect of the game. We can use both our kicks and our sword very comfortably. In addition, by locking the enemy and floating in the air with a kick or sword, the movement of attacking the enemy can be made more comfortable than in Shinobi. If we ignore some of the missing aspects of the game,

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