NHRA Drag Racing: Top Fuel Thunder Review

NHRA Drag Racing: Top Fuel Thunder

What about NHRA?

Need For Speed Underground, Corvette officially a racing game fury around us when we say. Now, first of all, I have to say that making a racing game is one of the most difficult types of games in my opinion. I can count a lot of items if you say why. For example, in a racing game, if there is no physical realism, you throw it directly in the trash. Or if you can’t get the feeling that the speed you’re doing is the same. However, in other types of games, you can still continue to play, even if the main theme is not very successful. Let me give an example again; In many adventure games, cameras do not work as desired, such as The Silent Hill series. But if a ranking was made in the Silent Hill category, I’m sure it could easily enter the top 10. I mean, brother, it’s hard to make a racing game anyway, why do you put out an unnecessary and unsuccessful racing game, O uncles publisher?

7,000 HP pipe, dude?

Now, first, let’s open the event called NHRA. The NHRA is kind of a league. There are three types of vehicle styles here, and they compete among themselves. The race is held at a certain distance and on a flat track. Doug Kalitta, John Force, Tony Schumacher, Ron Capps and Darrell Russell, the best-known drivers in this league, were added to the game. This race is more commonly called Drag Racing. The goal is to adjust your car nicely and complete the race as fast as possible. For this topic, you have an average of 7000 HP vehicles at hand. You can change their settings as you wish. But it’s not too confusing, so there’s not much detail. You’re just adjusting with the help of a little bar. Now that we’re not used to an event like this, it’s hard to adapt to the game. Both the rules of departure and the parachute used to stop are things that we are strangers to. In this respect, it takes a while to get used to the game. You can do the season as well as the races where you can train yourself. A total of 48 vehicles are available.

Graphics, honey?

Now that the event is taking place on a fleeting track, there is not much graphics in the game. The only graphical event you can expect is a reflection of the speed you are making. Thank God that wasn’t even done. You’re racing like weed. After all, even the spectators, who will spend two tickles of graphics, are made of cardboard. Personally, I was afraid that the modeling of cars would also be shitty, but fortunately their design was somewhat successful. In short, our game is graphically not very heartwarming. And the music and sounds have kept up with this failure.

Final Words :

Now, brother, I think there are some things that should never be played. For example, a faucet mechanic should not play. No one wants to play with a guy who buzzes around early in the morning to stay and fix pipes. Or a computer guy. I think a person who sits and serves PCs all day, disassembles and attaches parts, throws a format will not hold the game much. Here, this game has a theme that should not be done, as I think the examples I consider. No matter how much you like the game, your difference between the only endpoint you can go to and the first one playing for the first time is no more than 15 minutes, no more. Also, what can you taste from constantly going straight and doing races that last no more than 15 seconds? You know, if money was made in every race, and then you went in that car and bought modified parts in the store, the engine volume was increased, the sound system was made a degree. Anyway. At worst, sit down and play Sims.


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