Never Winter Nights Review

Never Winter Nights

I’m sure the new games that came with the summer have affected all of you. Of these kinds of games that appeal to everyone’s taste, Warcraft III has made the most of the lull. Although WC3, which sets a throne in the hearts of players with its brand new gameplay and wonderful theme, seems to be the first in such games, it is nothing more than the rebirth of a legend. That’s what makes Neverwinter Nights so valuable to us. It’s a first of its kind and eliminates the limit of movement in games. After this game, nothing may be the same for FRP’ciler…

We’ve waited years to get the game and play. In fact, I overdosed and became the Beta saw of the game to break my enthusiasm, but it didn’t help. Demos sent to me, screenshots, etc. it wasn’t enough, I had to see the game finished. At the end of June, NwN arrived and as soon as it arrived, it caused a fight between the editors 🙂 fortunately, I announced 1 month ago that I would be smart and review this game. Normally, I keep my own thoughts to the last in my studies, but I can’t take it. Get this game right now before it’s over! Then you come and read the rest of the article.

The beauty of NWN is evident from his intros, his first autorun. After a laborious installation (you need to insert and remove the full 3 CDs several times), the game opens and you watch an ordinary Neverwinter night. Those who play FRP on the table will immediately think: “so this is how the wars we make happen…”. For those who don’t know, Neverwinter is a city located on the north coast of the Faerun world (the world through which The Forgotten Realms campaign passes) and lives in its own state. Famous for its clocks and colorful lamps, the city of Neverwinter is run by an old adventurer named Lord Nasher. The city of Neverwinter has lived peacefully for centuries, until that day… Even the introduction to the subject of the game sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Of course, BioWare, the producer of the famous Baldur’s Gate games, is involved in Atari (???? I don’t know what’s relevant) and that’s what happens when the Dungeons & Dragons team (that is, FRP’s father and brothers). Let’s see if they can succeed with the first of these creations.

The subject of the game is exactly as follows: recently, there is an outbreak of a very dangerous disease in the city of Neverwinter. Almost all of those who live in the city are sick, and most of them have died. No Priest or Cleric could find a cure for the disease, and in the face of this situation, there was no cure but to quarantine the city. People panic in the face of this situation and attack the city in order to take advantage of this situation in unknown enemies. Not knowing what to do, the city eventually goes in search of a hero and finally invites you to the Academy. Seeing your outstanding success in Akadamide, the academy gives you a mission to save the city. I think it’s not bad for this kind of Game. The producers kept saying that there was no obligation on NWN, that it was all over with the actor. They’re really right, because you’re determining the course of this! When asked to save the city, you can act aggressively and not accept it, negotiate with the guys and put a reward on the end of the job, or accept the task with honor, as you are used to in other RPGs. All the ropes are in your hands. Don’t think that you will not accept the task and walk around in Neverwinter immediately, the topic is reflected in you again, but get it 🙂 in the end, you are given the right to choose.

Aurora, a much more advanced version of Omen, the engine of MDKII, was used as the graphics engine in NWN. Although Aurora remains a little old compared to today’s technology, the game’s graphics are really very high quality. The environment, characters, and magic effects you play almost drag you into the game. Also, there is nothing like waiting for hours on the loading screen. The success of this engine is especially evident in the light and shadow effects. The light reflected from the armor of a fighter holding a torch, or the shadow of an enemy hiding behind a wall, is enough to prove it. The camera angles in the game are different. You see, the Aurora Engine is perfect for this type of FRP game.

Interestingly, the producers paid more attention to the sounds than the graphics in the game. I don’t need to tell you how important sound is in these games. I expected the sounds to be good, but I didn’t expect that much. It’s pretty hard to tell the sounds in the game from the fact. At the same time, the game supports A3D, eax and eax2. If you have a good sound system, the game becomes more enjoyable and more difficult to Biak. If you dive into the game, you feel like you’re in Neverwinter, and after you close the game, you come back to life from another dimension.

And the music in NWN is the most beautiful RPG music I’ve ever heard in my life. Dynamic music that changes from event to event is very well tuned. When you enter Tyr’s temple, there is music that gives you peace, and when you enter a war, it makes you shiver. I’ve seen dynamic music before, but I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s such a natural connection between music, I can’t tell you. All I can say is that the music of the game puts you in a lot of mood.

Here’s to the most important topic in Neverwinter Nights, gameplay. Those who have played Baldur’s Gate before will immediately grab the use of the game because it is really very similar. Those who have never played this type of game before may think that it is very complicated at the beginning, but after a few hours of playing, I am sure that the game will sound like a piece of cake to you. To tell you the truth, the controls aren’t that easy. That’s why there’s a pause opsyon in the game. When you are in the middle of a battle, you can press the space key and return to the game after determining your necessary attacks and movements. So you have plenty of time to think about your tactics. It’s a good thing the menus are transparent. So you can see a creature running towards you when you buy an item. The most important feature that makes the game different from BG is that it uses D&D 3rd Edition rules. The 3rd edition is the latest version of desktop FRP and features much newer features than the 2nd edition.

Now you can use every class in every race. For example, Halfling can be a Rouge, or Orc can be a Fighter and crush your enemies.. There are also 3 new classes (sorcerer, monk and barbarian) and 1 new race (half-orc). 3rd Edition with close to 200 new spells and items added to the game is not much different from Table Top frp. The only lack is that some features have not been added to the game. These are shortcomings such as horseback riding, swimming and creating new magic. As a result, I would say that the game was of much better quality than expected. Pool of Radiance also uses D & D 3rd Edition rules but was not as flexible as NwN.Although Neverwinter Nights ‘ single player I is quite beautiful, I believe that Multiplayer NWN will make the real revolution. Previously, NWN-like games, games that use the 3rd edition rules, and games that offer you a little choice, but never a game that you can create your own campaign(game) and play with your friends online. Yeah, you didn’t hear wrong! Thanks to NWN, you will be able to play FRP on the table from the internet!! No more meeting your friends somewhere, no more dice and books. You will be able to play as much as you want with the comfort of your home in the evenings of the campaign prepared by your Dungeon Master. How? With the NWN Toolset, which is also available in the game, you can prepare great games by taking some time off.

Thanks to this professional program that comes with the game, you can prepare everything that comes to mind in a few minutes. With this program, you can create new locations, create new magical items, create NPCs(non-player character), create dialogs for these NPCs, and even create your own calendar. Bioware wanted us to create our own campaign exactly as we wanted, and next to the toolset, a programming language for this game (!!!!!!) even prepared. With this language, which they call nwsscript and is similar to C++, you can also create a toolset by encoding everything you can’t. The only disadvantage of nwsscript is that it exhausts your CPU a little more than usual. So be careful not to use too much Nwsscript in the campaigns you will prepare. Besides, I don’t think every DM can just learn that language…

Let’s move on to playing the game you created. After saving the final version of the campaign you created and giving it to your friends, the DM person opens a server from his machine. Those who will play NWN yi , DM opens a program called “DM Client” that provides additional features for DM to manage the game properly. Thanks to this program, you can make enemies against those who play, play on the spot of NPCs yourself, or shoot triggers that you have created. So the fate of those who play is entirely in your hands. After all, don’t call them the internet and excessive evil, they can come to your house the next day and beat you up 🙂 Toolset, Nwsscript and DM have more, but a lot to tell about DM. Now find them yourself.

Neverwinter Nights is a perfect game in a word with its subject matter, graphics, sounds, gameplay, everything in short. Since D & D 3rd Edition is the only 3D game that uses rules and eliminates boundaries, it would not be right to compare it with other games. Although NwN is a first, I think it is a fairly successful work and also the beginning of online FRP. If you’re someone who likes RPGs and tabletop FRP, you should never miss this game…

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