Need for Speed Underground Rivals Review

Need for Speed

Need for Speed Underground Rivals – Electronic Arts has offered us beautiful racing games called Need For Speed for years. The themes of the Games changed with the Underground series. Now we can upgrade our vehicle and make modifications. Thanks to this series, the producers have made really good wins and given us very good games. Now Electronic Arts allows us to play this perfect game anywhere, and underground comes up to our PSP.

Classic racing modes

NFSU Rivals offers us beautiful racing options. Of these, the most interesting is the career mode chosen by those who undoubtedly play one person. With this mode, which is in almost every sports game, you can enter interlinked races, earn money, upgrade your car, and open tracks with locked vehicles. The more you win the race, the more places you can compete. Let me point out this right now. This is not NFSU Underground 2. So you can’t move around the city freely. You enter races through the menu.

Let’s move on to racing modes. Circuit, a race that starts at one point and ends at another point in the city. Street Cross, an indoor lap race. Lap, the usual lap races you know. Drift is a type of race in which you score points based on the sharpness of your car in turns indoors. Drag is a mode designed to achieve maximum speed by changing gears at the right time on a straight road and finish the race ahead of your opponents. They’re all fun and make sure you never get bored playing.

Visuals are important in vehicles

By winning a race, you earn both money and points. With these, you can buy parts or patterns for your car. By pattern, I mean tattoos (vinyl) that you have made on the outside of your car. Nitro, which is undoubtedly indispensable in the Underground, is also included in the game. You also provide the power and length of your nitrous with upgrades.

Need for Speed

NFSU rivals has more than 20 licensed vehicles. Dodge Neon, Toyota Celica GT-S, Pontiac GTO, Mazda RX-8 and more.

Control of the game is easy. You can direct your car with Normal direction keys or analog. Analog seemed simpler to me in this game, but in general, vehicle control is quite difficult. And the R Key, Of course, is nitro. X is the gas, and Square is the brake. You can change your camera with the Triangle button.

The charts came out better than I expected. Buildings, runways and vehicles were carefully constructed. The textures and environmental elements are really good. He’s not looking for the Underground on PS2. Neon (a light-emitting device that you attach to the bottom of your car) is also reflected in buildings and vehicles next door when you go down the street. This is a very good thing.

Racing pleasure with friends

With Wireless, you can play the game for 4 people. You can also play all the racing modes I mentioned above in the multiplayer. The game really slows down when 4 people are played. Let me point that out.

Same as NFSU 2 on sountrack, PC and PS2. Fat Joe, Ministry, Freeland, Chingy, Queens of the Stone Age and more are available. Also snoop Doggun “Riders on the Storm.”The song is the main entrance music of the game. In the game, you can find out which part is playing, thanks to the window that appears in the lower left corner. In addition, clips of some songs are available in the game. You can watch them from the Jukebox option in the main menu.

Fans of the Need For Speed Underground series will be very satisfied with this game. Big city atmosphere, vehicle details, playability and longevity of the game. Electronic Arts has put a great game containing these conditions on your PSP. It’s down to you to take and play…

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