Need for Speed: Undercover Review

Need for Speed: Undercover

In 1994, most of us could not have thought that a game prepared at the time would have a significant place in the car racing market all these years. After the first game in 1997, Need for Speed appeared every year in brand new styles. Sometimes we competed in a world founded by other players, sometimes in underground and illegal street races, sometimes in official and completely legal ways. The year came, we hated cops, the year came, we became cops, we went after racers. And in 2008, we were allowed to become a cop and reveal secret mafia connections. This time, the videos are more prepared in the style of a movie. Our only connection to the police is a character named Chase Linh. If the character is alive, our mission is to vaccinate the films danger 3 and hard Death 4 actress and model Maggie Q. In recent years, James Bond films have also begun to talk to their daughters. In this twelfth production of the series, the tradition was continued.

Vast big city

In the game, an incredibly large map was created compared to other productions of the series. It’s hard to even look at the GPS menu, let alone explore. But this great city, unfortunately, is very dead. It’s hard to even see a car moving around properly. You see the most traffic when you go to the highways. Put cars in a corner, there aren’t even people on the streets. It is also impossible to understand why in NFS games still not put more day and night cycle. In one game, it’s only night, in the other, it’s only day. This time they only chose day. The producers also made small additions to the racing genre. Drag was replaced by one-on-one races on the highway. Some of the much-loved Drift races have also been removed from the game. There are modes where you just run away from the police and try to do a certain amount of material damage to the city, you try to catch up and cross each other in the city.

So far, NFS games have not been very challenging. It remained the same in this version of the series. The game will come very easy, especially for those who love car racing. A big disadvantage is that no settings have been set for the difficulty level. As you win races, you get both money and respectability. The factor for dominating the race with Pro Street has been used again. If you can finish the race less than certain times, it dominates and you get more wins. But already the game does not force you to dominate almost all the races. In this way, it is very easy to both modify your car and buy new vehicles. You also develop your driving skills after every race you dominate. But in this menu, you are not given any control. The game develops you randomly.

Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Nissan, Toyota, such as the world-famous companies have 55 cars. Modified options are again quite plentiful, and the ability to make changes as you want for each track also makes it easier to personalize the game. But the menus aren’t very useful. Let me talk about the races. Artificial intelligence does not force you at all, since the game is generally easy to prepare. Your Nitron fills up again a little after you use it, just like slowing down the Instant Game. So much so that, if you’re a good racing player, crashing hardly changes anything. After two or three turns, you catch up with those in front of you. Bird instead of navigating around for races to start with just pressing a button unfortunately lost the old taste and excitement of the game.

Where are those old NFS

I enjoyed it most in the city of NFS: Underground 2. It was colorful, vibrant and moving. All he was missing was that it was only night. It even rained decidedly. I think in retrospect, Undercover has the worst city and environment chart, especially done in the style of touring your own way.

The trees are almost 2-dimensional, the grass and greenery are also so, the buildings are sloppy, the general air of the city is very boring and colorless. Gray tones dominate every place you look. And on top of this lifeless, there are slowdowns. When you accelerate a little and enter the right and left corners, you immediately notice noticeable decelerations. It is very difficult to explain these slowdowns when the modeling of vehicles is so superficial compared to the old ones. The tragicomic part of the job is that the graphics engine used in the game is brand new. If the producers are going to use the same engine to continue, they have a lot of work to do in the improvement Baba. The physics and damage engine almost compete with the visuals. When you jump from high places, the car falls flat like a cat and sticks to the road. No shock absorber image or physics is in question. Damage is permanent for surrounding vehicles, and for your car only during the race. In fact, there is not much damage, and this issue has been studied very superficially. As soon as the current race is over, your car returns to its old creaking image.

The feeling of speed captured during the races, especially on Pro Street, has completely disappeared. After a certain speed, the only notable visualness is that the wind formed around the screen. The only detail I like visually is the little actions and smoke effect that we watch before we start racing. And the music, as always, is the part where EA is the most adept. The producers, who discovered songs that put people in the atmosphere in almost every game, were successful again. How far the game alone will take you is debated, but the Live support has been very satisfying. Especially the thief cop mode is quite enjoyable. One side is a thief and tries to take the money from the specified place and take it to the safe, while the other side is a cop, squeezing them and trying to get the money back. It’s been a mode where you can have fun with your friends for a long time.


Need for Speed has had a say in the car racing league for years. But he has been badly hurt by the search for new style and innovation that has begun in recent years. Fans of the series in particular turned to different productions. And the producers will have seen that they tried to capture the old successful style with Undercover. On the one hand, they combined being with the cops, running away, on the other hand, making money with street racing and improving your car. Of course, they also clipped some beauties to make them. First of all, not being able to assign laps in the city as you want, entering the races directly with a button took away the excitement of the game. Not to mention the fact that the charts have declined so much. It was a production that most fans of the series would be satisfied with, which was very lacking for the general.

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