Need for Speed: Shift Review

Need for Speed: Shift

By 2003, Need for Speed (NFS) had completely changed and returned with its Underground member, who adopted the culture of “illegal street racing”. The struggles on deserted streets, the violation of speed limits, beautiful girls and the modified craze would, and so it was, start a new trend for the period after 2003. Thus, not only NFS, but also the understanding of the racing game has changed. Most Wanted, one of the new members, was also quite liked, but the decline of the level increased by the day and came back to the coast of life. EA Games decided to change once again with Shift. I wonder if that thought will be enough to bring the NFS back to life once again.

Add dust to smoke

EA did not delay in taking precautions in the wake of the Undercover disaster. First, the company announced three new productions, and then continued to work, changing the “producer staff”. Shift, prepared for the next generation of consoles and PC, has prepared the studio Slightly Mad. Illegal racing and police have transferred their place to track racing in the new production. Officials also considered other racing games on the market, and with a few additions, the new NFS game was also in its final form.

After creating a new character profile, we select the tool we want to use. The shift includes products from leading vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, Ford, BMW, Aston Martin, Lotus, Dodge, Nissan, Shelby, Subaru and Mitsubishi. As an inexperienced driver, we are going to our first race. I’d say the runway and vehicle designs look nice to the eye. There are races with dozens of cars and organizations where you will fight one-on-one. Every move you make during the race helps develop your personality. As a very careful driver, you can score points or achieve the status of a dangerous driver by hitting your opponents during gameplay, knocking them off the road. Fast rides, drifts and more come to you as extra points.

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The ideal path to victory

When you play the build by default, there is an “ideal race line” on each track, and when your car enters the corners, its speed automatically drops. So you can get smoother turns and don’t waste time. From the Ideal racing line, the goal is to make the game experience the most flawless again. But this situation will not be liked by most players because it makes the game too easy.

The goal here is to accelerate the warm-up phase for players who are just starting the NFS series and have no experience. You can turn off the Ideal racing line and automatic speed reduction features from the game’s Settings tab. Thus, while the arcade aspect of the production becomes weaker, realistic gameplay is closer. In addition to the money you will earn in each race, there is a star level. As you win, this level increases and you step into the next race track.

Direction garage for new vehicles

You can change the color, engine volume, tires, interior and most other details of your car. But in the modified system in the game, you can’t be as flexible as Underground or Most Wanted. Although we had a lot of different cars and developed them, the desire to be involved in the races from within the car we had could not go beyond just thinking for a long time. In the NFS series, the long-awaited cockpit camera was presented to players with Shift. And it’s not hard to control vehicles from this camera angle. For players who do not prefer the keyboard despite playing on a PC, the steering wheel or gamepade are also supported.

As a result of details such as music and engine sounds, we can say that NFS shift is audibly successful. Vehicle designs, lighting and runway designs are also fine. Of course, if we compare here, it does not contain as much detail as Productions specific to a single platform. But in the end, NFS: Shift, multiplatform is a game, and its graphics are also quite enough. Of course, you have to have a quality system to be able to play, but sometimes even that’s not enough. Long load times and slowdowns seen when the screen becomes crowded can be shown as negative aspects of the game. Finally, let’s talk about multiplayer modes. You can play shift in multiplayer in Versus and Driver Duel modes. This requires an online EA user account.

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We have to say that shift is the best NFS game that has come out in recent years. But I’m sure that’s not what most players expect. We hope that the next game will continue with Most Wanted or Underground. Because our need for speed is growing.

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