Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Review

need for speed: hot pursuit 2

I still don’t know if the NFS is a game or a habit. When Hot Pursuit came out, most of my NFS-crazy friends said that this game was a worse game than Porsche, but my gut was telling me to go and buy the game. It’s a good thing he did, because thanks to this game, my passion for racing games came out.


I think this game is better than previous versions. Because there’s a soul in the game that I’m looking for, that I miss. Reducing the number of cars did not have a very bad effect on the course of the game, and EA Games also allows you to install new cars in the game. New cars that you download from the game’s official site allow the game to be continuous. The worst part of the game is that you can’t upgrade your cars. So it stopped being a simulation. I couldn’t understand why EA did such a thing, because in previous NFS games they had tried so hard to make the game a simulation.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is slightly simplified compared to older games in the series. But this is a good development for the game. In this way, not only fanatics, but everyone can play the game comfortably.

The game has three modes that you can play as a single player: hot pursuit, championship, and single race. The best of these modes is hot pursuit. Thanks to this mode, which gives the game its name, you can experience all the excitement of the game. In this mode, you enter the races respectively, trying to defeat your opponents during the race, while at the same time trying to get rid of the tough cops. And I can’t help but note that artificial intelligence is far superior to other games in the series. When the cops realize they can’t catch them normally, they start different methods. These include calling a helicopter, setting up a barrier in the middle of the road and laying nails on the road, which is the worst. There’s only one way to get away from the nails on the road and hit the police car, but most of the time you don’t think there’s going to be nails there and you blow your tires and get eliminated from the race. Also, in some parts of this mode, you become a cop and chase others. I think the most enjoyable moments of the game are when you’re chasing someone else.

In the championship part of the game, you enter races one by one with the same logic, earning car points and Road. Except there are no cops after you when you’re racing. If you’re wondering what to do with the money and Points you’ve earned, let me tell you. If you say you can’t work too hard and open roads and cars, you buy them.

The graphics are as good as the modes in the game, but as every good thing has a price, you need a pretty good computer to make the graphics full here. Although you can play the game comfortably at 800X600 resolution, you will need a powerful machine with a larger resolution for details. After the accidents, the damage looks extremely impressive. Although you have to really work hard to get a car damaged.


NFS: HP2 has successfully passed the graphics and playability section, and now it’s time for music and sounds. They used the most appropriate music that could be put into a racing game. As you start the race, you can see the name of the music playing at the moment in the lower left corner of the screen. I mean, there’s not much I can say to the engine sounds of the game and other environmental sounds. As with previous versions, it was successful. You’re falling for gas with gas-inducing music.

As a result, this game is a very good alternative for both fanatics and those who are new to the game. Reducing the number of cars in the game to 21 may be minus one point, but obtaining licenses for all cars also adds plus points to the game. In many parts of the game, there are features that can make cons plus. Everyone should take this game and play it at least once.

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