Need for Speed: Carbon Review

Need for Speed: Carbon

Carbon, the newest member of the long-awaited Need for Speed series, is finally with us. NFS Carbon begins its story from where the previous version of the series, Most Wanted, left off. After we leave the city of Rockport, we are saved by our old friend Darius, who will be the scene of new street races, and the problems that have caused us on the roads to the city of Palmont. Then, with our new team, we get to work on taking over the streets of the city of Palmont.

Average story as usual. But although the story does not exceed the average, the videos that are watched taste like cinema. Thanks to the technique used, people playing in cinemas were recorded with their real images, but they were placed in the game environment through some processing. In this case, near-perfect graphic videos help us to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere. In the first video, we meet a very nice Nikki (Emmanuel Vaugier) character who will help us. In the city of Palmont, Nikki introduces us to her friends and asks us to choose one of three different categories of vehicles. Our first innovation with Carbon is categorised vehicle selection. We choose from Muscle, Exotic and Tuner vehicle categories. With this car selection that will affect your career, new car models, performance kits and parts that are opened in the future will develop according to the vehicle category you choose. After the selected vehicle, we do a short test drive with Nikki and her friends. If you don’t like the category you’ve chosen, there’s no need to panic. At the end of the Test drive, you are asked if you are satisfied with the car, if you want to move to another category. It’s a very good practice, because there’s a mountain difference between a Mustang and a Mazda.

Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

After choosing our vehicle, the city of Palmont is briefly described. The city map is divided into four main regions. Each zone is held by a specific racer (Boss) and his team. To capture a region, you must first win races marked with stars, then defeat the region-owning racer (Boss). If you beat the district boss, you choose a gift card. These cards can be things like getting out of jail free, performance kit, appearance kit. The city map also includes canyons. Especially the canyons we encounter with the region bosses are really cruel. Especially in some parts of the canyons, the barriers are made breakable, which is sometimes inevitable when you race fast. But no matter how hard you try, division bosses don’t roll into the abyss. Not only Division bosses, but also some races and drifts are done here. The first thing that caught my attention when I was playing the production was the canyons. The most important reason I thought about it was Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift. Because NFS Carbon is almost a copy of the film. Especially the similarity with the canyon scenes is huge. The first question that came to mind was, “was EA influenced by the film when it designed these episodes?” happened.

Modified madness

Another innovation that comes with Carbon is that we now have a team. Our team, called “Crew” in the production, is first joined by a Blocker (pirimci) introduced by Nikki. Over time, you can include or remove members from the team. We can have up to three people on our team at the same time. Each of these people in the team has different benefits. The benefits they provide are divided into race and career bonuses. Some give a financial, Some against the police, some a mechanical advantage. For example, 25% extra nitro, 10% discount on performance kits, pirim per race are provided by team members. Speaking of performance and nitro, the modified de carbon innovations that disappointed us a little in most wanted. The variety of performance and appearance kits and our ability to intervene has increased. Now, when choosing a tire, we can also decide whether this tire is more suitable for drift or racing. The same thing is evident in the vehicle view. For example, we can interfere with the transverse and longitudinal buffer.

Team members accompany us in some races. During the race, they compete with us with activities such as showing shortcuts, warning about the road, saying encouraging words, eliminating competitors. Also, even in races where you can’t be first, but your team member is first, your team is considered to have won that race.

The territory you’ve won before can be compromised over time. As you race in another region, news comes that a race in the region you have previously won is at stake, and you are asked to continue your dominance by racing there again. Of course, it’s up to you to accept it. You can go and race right now or leave it for later. But the later you race, the more at risk the region will be. We don’t want that either, because our main goal is to take over all the regions and become the new ruler of the city.
Not to mention other modes other than Career Mode. Challenge Series is based on winning medals in races. Custom Match and Quick Match make online races possible with your EA account, so thief-police chases are a lot of fun in Quick Match mode. Also on the menu is the Reward Cards section. In this section, a gift card is usually opened if you complete a certain number of race types.

NFS Carbon, as usual, appeals to the eye with its graphics. But since most wanted, we see that the charts have not improved much. Despite the cinema-flavored intermediate videos, the characters appear decidedly in the video for the game. The new cake is out of polish, and the metallic vehicle images and reflections continue to increase. The moon and light reflections with the effect of night are really sometimes too much on the vehicle. No improvement in damage modeling. Hit as many vehicles as you want, most of your windows will crack. This is caused by the fact that car companies, rather than EA, do not allow damage modeling as a condition for licensing games. It is worth noting that more than 50 licensed vehicles are in production. As for the sounds. As usual, the production attracts attention with its high-quality and brisk music. Especially the engine sounds tell you which car you’re driving. You can tour the city slowly with a Mustang even just to listen. It is necessary to celebrate EA in favor of the voices. When I also prepared a review of Battlefield 2142, I noticed that EA paid more attention to sounds than graphics. Frankly, I wouldn’t want this to happen again in carbon.
You’ll need an above-average system to be able to play comfortably. Because the races are usually held with 8 cars, which are available in 12-car races. In this regard, the calculation and modeling of eight cars at the same time increases the load riding on the processor and especially the video card.

Final words

As much as we like some games, it tastes like pumpkin because it doesn’t go to innovation over time. As much as I love the Need for Speed series, I feel like it’s starting to taste pumpkin. Modified and Underground races were a revolution in their time. This does not mean that the game is bad, but NFS now needs a revolution, because it contains the same infrastructure.You might think about how much difference can be made in a car race, but here it falls to the producers. The team that can do this game will be able to do much better, I’m sure of that.

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