NBA Live 08 Review

NBA Live 08

Since the PSP platform is technologically stable, for me, all old new games are worth studying. We also wonder if a game we see in shopping is worth playing rather than old or New, unless it’s very popular and we’re looking for something special.

FIBA tournament

In Sony’s ingenious PSP toy, we can say that the NBA series goes a little further each season. It can even be said that the series shrugs off PSP, as in PS2. In fact, we can say that both platforms are largely similar in terms of gameplay and features. It is worth saying that he also has similar weaknesses. In fact, it is not possible for us to encounter new modes outside of the FIBA Tournament. It can even be said that the remaining modes are transferred as they were from last season. In some modes, it’s nice that we can play matches from start to finish, as always, and in some of them, we can be involved in the game from the middle. The gap between the players has been reduced to a little more acceptable this time. Because it was not a pleasant situation for elite players to have superior powers and standard players to have the consistency of a new student; it was good to fix it. Last season, his difficulty level was set as an All-Star. It caused most people who were not aware of this situation at first to have quite a hard time and to cool down in the production in a short time; it was good to fix it.

It’s not that certain cycles are not encountered in the game, which we can count well in terms of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, which rather throws the ball to the star player, can also be seen to make a basket until we collect the defense with the advantage that the player moves quickly. In terms of special movement, key names such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have been preferred. Most of them have movements that they use with their special jumps. Basically, there is a single-player Dynasty Mode, Season Mode, All-Star weekend and, of course, a multiplayer mode that can be played outside the new FIBA Tournament. As expected, in the production that supports online multiplayer, this time the newly added online leagues are attracting interest. Before I forget, the production also includes two mini-games. 2 Ball’de starting the game at half-time as many points as can be scored, while Handles, Fifa 07’de mini-game similar to the dribbling is based on. A reminder, before we forget that XFactor has now been removed.

In the PSP, which has a similar control structure to the PS2, of course, the lack of a second analog arm is slightly felt. But still, the PSP manages to overcome this situation. In NBA Live 08, which is visually similar to the PS2, it seems that the PSP is more ingenious than its Big Brother. Also, some errors on the small screen are not obvious, as in PS2. From versions that use different camera angles, we see that the PSP is slightly more advantageous. In terms of sounds and music, the usual EA quality continues. It can be said that they did quite well in their announcers describing the match. In terms of realism, it seems that another step has been taken. For example, now we can witness the ball bounce several times in the Crucible. Already, it seems that the producer is concentrating more on the core of the game this time than on the new modes. Although we do not encounter very different things in this regard, it is possible to say that the playability has increased. It is announced to players who want to maintain their love of basketball on a portable platform.

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