Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Review

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

A recent favorite of Anime lovers is Naruto, made by Bandai. The production, which tells the story of Uzumaki Naruto, who wants to become a great ninja, and his friends who joined him in this adventure for various reasons, has already written his name among the classics with its linear script and quality visuals. The game, which was previously adapted in various genres to platforms such as Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Gamecube, was the last place it visited our veteran PlayStation 2s. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, created by Namco Bandai Games, is a 3-D production based on mutual fights.


We have the opportunity to fight heroes like Uzumaki Naruto, Hataki Kakashe, Uchiha Sasuke, whom we know from the popular anime. With only 6 characters open initially, new characters open as you finish scenario mode. There are 14 fighters in total. In the story section, we can track events that take place in each character’s own world, as well as fight with our friend or artificial intelligence by opening a mutual fight. We can also adjust the settings of the fight before we start the fight. In this menu, where we can make settings such as Match Time, difficulty, extras, use of special techniques, we also choose the fight venue.

As for the graphics, the visuals prepared using the Cell Shader technique look like a well-drawn comic book. It looks like the producers did their best to get a fun fighting game out of Naruto. The drawings of heroes like Naruto, Kakashe are not looking for anime. In the search menus, the characters we manage also tell us about the options and help us decipher them. The vocalizations and music are also very high quality. The characters ‘ facial expressions and speech styles are transmitted in the same way. The music is also reminiscent of old arcade games. Especially the Far Eastern-inspired track that plays on the main menu reminded me of Samurai Shodown (those who know will recognize it immediately).


We also come across hundreds of unlockable hidden content and extras that we are used to from Japanese games in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. 1 ITL’ye gum machines that give a similar tool from the money we have earned, as much as we have determined to throw into the part, ‘what comes out of our luck’ logic is waiting for our reward. Although it is mostly empty, there are bonuses such as character figures, videos containing special techniques, audio recordings, background music, ninja cards. Although it has little effect on gameplay, Naruto fans will make an effort to accumulate them.

The controls are extremely easy and convenient. It only takes you a few minutes to get used to it. When we attack with the round button, we can jump with the X. and the Triangle releases energy called Chakra, allowing us to use special techniques. Because each command is given to another key, special moves can be made with easy combinations. The Chakra event is based on the accumulation of energy balls that we collect around or drop by Anvil our opponent. You can follow your Chakra level in a three-bay hand just below the health bar. When you use a bar full of triangle buttons, a normal attack that you do allows you to use special techniques.


Another feature of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja that should be mentioned is its interesting atmosphere. During the competition, there are characters who occasionally appear to come to your or your opponent’s aid. These helpers drop throwable weapons such as Chakra spheres, health-boosting drugs, ninja star, and knives on the battlefield. Thanks to them, you can also inflict higher damage on your opponent. And the battlefield seems to have had its share of this interesting atmosphere. Each of the 14 spaces, all of which were not open at the beginning, has its own unique structure. There are fragile objects, trees on which you can fight, clotheslines. It is possible to fight in four or even five separate levels in one area.

In general, a good alternative to mutual fighting games that we find difficult to find quality on PS2 is Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. Especially recommended to fans of anime.

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