MX vs. ATV Unleashed review

MX vs. ATV Unleashed

ATV,all-wheel drive motor, etc. resistant to difficult terrain conditions. Dirt-Racing or off-Road type races in which vehicles are used, the game market does not find its rightful place and usually only lovers of interest to say that it would not be wrong.Although the ATV off-road Fury series, where we played its third game last year , was an exception with its realism and comfortable gameplay, it was not very successful due to its simple structure and inability to capture the detail in the now popular racing games. MX vs.ATV (let’s call it that for short) is a continuation of the MX Unleashed series that was released in the past years with the signature of THQ.It has been released on various consoles before, when we put THQ games named MX in the same bag MX, etc. The ATV enters this pouch in the fourth row.

Two friends face each other…

Let’s get in the game now.The menu usually features familiar game modes.Championship mode features two tournaments under the Name National and THQ SX challenge.Achieving success in these two tournaments by participating in various races with our concept, engine or ATV vehicle.In return for these achievements, new vehicles ,new tracks,clothes,racers, etc. earn.The most important point separating these two tournaments is the National Champion. in off-road or outdoor(whichever one you use now), that is, in the terrain;on the mountain, on the hill, THQ SX in the stadiums to pass.Another mode, single player, contains many types of racing.If we give a few annotated examples; hill climbs also climb steep mountains with vehicles,and in the waypoint race, we score a kind of goal from castles placed in the field with the help of the direction bar that appears on the screen.Let’s give one example in the Freestyle genre;winning points by making various artistic movements in the air using bumps on an artificial track, with this score, don’t rule out other racers.There are also special trails for vehicles that will be opened, provided that you progress in the game.

I can say that Single player is a fun mode to the end, but it also compresses my criticism that Championship mode is inadequate and boring.As for the reason; first of all, the courses repeat themselves many times and the use of a limited number of events(I could not translate into Turkish) in tournaments, although there are quite options within the game.More tournaments could also be added,At least existing tournaments could be more active and colorful.For example, intermediate decoys that I never saw during the game would look good in tournaments.

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MX vs. The most important thing that distinguishes ATV from previous MX games is that it competes both ATVs and MX, that is, terrain motorcycles together “on the name”.Monster truck,sand rail,dune buggy,baja truck,golf vehicle,aircraft and helicopter have also been added to the vehicles we can use, although the variety of vehicles is not only closed at the beginning of the game.Monster truck vehicles remain in memory with their huge size and car crushing virtues.Sand rail is a vehicle that succeeds in the sand.Dune buggy’s interest is in bumps.And the Baja truck must be something like a pick-up.

The racing system and controls are almost no different from such games.Knowing the location of the gas and brake is enough in the races, even increasing.Because it certainly does not affect the speed, even if there is no loss of control on fast corners.Here I mentioned a mistake that made the game very easy.Let’s complete; as I mentioned, we pass the bends quickly or easily by taking the bends narrow, but the cpu takes the bends wide and spends twice as much time as US.In addition, a great advantage can be provided by using the road.Even if he gets the car back as a penalty in the time frame that appears on top, it gives him an advantage again if it is set up well, and as I said, they make the race very easy.Of course, this only applies to track races, for example, a hill climbs doesn’t work because you can’t find a bend.Speaking of hill climbs, let me tell you about him.First, it contrasts with track racing in terms of this difficulty.The reason is that the fact that the car went up a mountain is very well reflected.Getting the speed very well and keeping the car under control and choosing the right direction makes it a little easier.In freestyle races, it is important to adjust the time of movement well with the time of stay in the air.Of course, it is another fact that entering the mound quickly and flat will raise the car to more air.Performing artistic movements the bad part is that the buttons used are not well set.Trying to use the Triangle,round and R1 keys at the same time, which are very close to each other, can cause hand pain.Of course, it is possible to change them, but it is usually a common behavior that the startup settings are usually the most comfortable.I think the use of planes, or rather the use of flying vehicles, has become more stylish than others.We should not ignore THQ’s success in this regard and enter into an expectation about it (I have already entered!).

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It’s a kind of flight simulation!

He can easily say that the game can go above mediocre in terms of graphics, given the games that are currently coming out on ps2.We can say that external modeling,vehicle and driver modeling are balanced, not grinning next to each other.It would also be wrong to say that the problems of staying in objects that often occur in such games have been overcome in this game.I pay particular attention to the jukebox of such games and show a lot of interest.Even MX etc. As soon as I opened ATV Unleashed, the first place I went was jukebox, which also found its place in options.Although at first glance papa roach,nickelback,black eyed peas are noted as familiar bands, parts of beautiful bands with different beautiful music have also been added to the game.The only problem with music is that it mixes with the sounds of the engine and environment during the game, and some of them do not match the game.The sounds are added to the minus digit, although they do not sink into the eyes and ears too much.

As a result,our game is a fun, high-quality game, but with minor errors. The difficulty setting is unbalanced, The Boring championship is a few of them.”Is it taken?”if you ask, I think it’s taken.

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