MVP Baseball 2005 review

MVP Baseball 2005

Baseball is an American sport, and it hasn’t been out of that territory since it came out. In fact, it has an easy structure, and its rules are not too difficult to get used to. At the point where the entire knot of the event is unraveled, there is a shooter and a striker from the opposing team. As can be seen from their names, the other hits the ball thrown by one, as a result, the batsman passes through all four points around the shooter and tries to get to where he started, as a result of which he wins the number. Other players of the opposing team who want to prevent the batter from reaching the playing field are also trying to send the ball before it reaches the point where the batter is trying to go so that the number cannot be obtained. Here’s a baseball thing. Alternately, both teams do the same thing in turn, and at the end of the 9th turn, the match is over. If there is a draw, the match can be extended until the balance is broken.

The second equivalent of a baseball bat that finds meaning in our Country: Sports (!?)

Baseball’S game, made by EA, which I describe in the top paragraph the general logic, has also taken its place on the market. EA, indeed, with this outstanding craftsmanship, successfully brings most sports to the game market, with the exception of football. With the PES series, which can stand in front of EA with football, we have actually seen that their games on behalf of football are not impressive. FIFA was rated the best football game on the PC, whether it was bloated or not; but it was clear that something was wrong, and when the PC people met Konami in the world of football, that’s when the tulip era of Fifa ended. Who knows, maybe EA’s still fooling us right now. Because in the NBA, Baseball, NHL and NFL, we haven’t seen much of another firm play. But it is certain that EA, which regularly produces games of sports that I consider every year, is the only judge of MLB, as well as the NBA and the NHL, until another firm as ambitious as it is.

Our game opens with a beautiful video, and another of EA Sports ‘ usual menus greets us. It bears great similarities to other EA Sports Games in general. After making our settings with the Options option, you can start the game by selecting the desired option with the game modes in the main menu. When you start the game with the dynasty option, which EA has changed its name and we can define as a career mode in general, you first choose your team, and then you spend a league-style season with the matches you will make, going to matches according to MLB’s match status. Dynasty mode is very detailed and you can see your team and players here. You also have a chance to monitor your team’s status according to the results you get and the fans ‘ taste.

Dynasty is the part that makes the game playable, but in addition, two more fun ways of playing have been added to the game. One of them is Owner Mode, as the name suggests, something like manager. A lot of things, such as the morale of your players, are involved and you become responsible for the entire team. The other has fun mini-games.

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But, the name of the game is not Baseball.

As a matter of fact, these modes do not affect much difference in the gameplay of the game. For example, owner or dynasty, except for some details, are not much different from each other. Even when you choose one of these modes and start the game, and you continue to play and move a little further, you realize that this other option is unnecessary. Accordingly, I will consider the Owner mode as a bit of an excess.

After you finally choose what you want, you start the game and you are at the head of the ball. There’s a square in the space on the side of the batter. And inside this square, if you’re a shooter, there are small squares in red and blue. After selecting one of these small squares from the numeral part of the keyboard and adjusting the shape of the stroke with arrows, you throw the ball. At this time, a speed determinant appears on the shooter, accordingly, you adjust the speed, making faster and more accurate shots, making your opponent harder to hit the ball. All four arrows have different meanings. One throws hard and straight, the other throws slow; but, he throws a curve. The speedometer first moves to the Yesil, and when it approaches the red zone, the green zone on the head shrinks. When you increase the speed to the red side, if you can stop the mark in the green zone, you can make a quick shot; but when you can’t hold it, the chances of throwing the ball into the Yesil Square also decrease. And according to the rules of the sport, when you do it three times in a row, the batsman moves into the next area.

When you’re hitting the ball, it’s easier to do what you can do. You just have to show good timing and hit the ball in the right position. This time, you only use the arrows in the downward direction. To make a good shot, you must press the arrow key long, you must also select the direction you want to hit from the numerator section on the side in advance, and you must make your shot while holding down the direction you choose. When you don’t choose a direction, you hit the ball again, but your shot is a little slow. If the direction you choose and the direction the ball you hit goes are the same, you have a good chance of making a “Home Run”. Home Run means throwing the ball out of the field. If you can do that, you have the right to walk the field because no catcher is likely to hold the ball and you get a point. The” 0 ” key is used for short strokes. It will be useful to use this with fast players.

And after you hit the ball, you’re not done. When your player hits the ball, he immediately starts running towards the first point, and if the opposing team’s players cannot pass the ball to the player waiting for that point before you get there, you have captured that point. When the next batter replaces him, you still have control of the player at the first point. And you check it with the keys on the numerator. The 2,4,6,8 keys represent four points in order, and when the next batter hits the ball, whichever one you press, your player in the first zone starts running towards that point, and all this is repeated until you get the number.

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That’s what you do when you’re on defense. Let’s say your opponent hit the ball you threw, and the ball went where the catchers were in the back zone. The player who catches the ball must send the ball to the point where your opponent moves as soon as possible. At this stage, the arrow keys on the keyboard catch up to your help and you control them again according to the distribution of points on the playing field. When you press the right arrow key, you throw the ball to the first point, and when you do, an indicator appears on your player who throws the ball. In this indicator, which represents speed, you also have to get the ball out of your hand before you get to the red zone. If not, the player you throw the ball to may not be able to hold the ball.

Is baseball hard or what?

Actually, it’s not as difficult as I said; it just seems difficult when it comes to words. That’s when you start enjoying the game, because you know what to do after you get used to it; but, unfortunately, this time is a little long. Because we have almost no knowledge of sports! So, if you’re not specifically interested, you’re likely to have trouble learning. But, like I said, you like it a lot after you get used to it.

The most solid place in the game is the graphics. Indeed, almost everything from modeling to animation is very well rendered. The faces of the players are almost exactly the same as the facts. And their animation is very realistic. So much so that even the way they hold the stick is different from each other. Some just stand there, others shake nervously. Because the camera can show the players from all angles, their facial expressions are in front of our eyes at any moment. When they are angry, when they laugh, everything is reflected in their faces, and when this is again combined with the animations, a very realistic air appears. Apart from that, the ball that we are most concerned about in FIFA is showing a very flexible structure here, as if it makes him nazire. In the same way, sounds and music can be called successful. But nothing more than that.

In short, EA Sports again did a good job and managed to make its name mentioned in this game along with MVP Baseball 2005. Baseball may be a sport that does not apply in Turkey, but for those interested, it is obvious that it is indeed a very high-quality game. Our game consists of 2 CDs and has a moving structure. If you follow baseball from afar, you’ll definitely like it. But if you don’t have anything to do with it, I’m not going to force you to take this game, so you won’t have much loss.

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