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Motorstorm and Killzone 2 were shown at E3 at the time and were quite talked about. I am well aware that the realism, gameplay, graphics, etc.of his published videos are discussed in forums full of pages. The allegations raised about them, the videos were examined frame by frame, the details were passed on and talked about a lot. For some, the games were really going to be like this, for some, they weren’t going to be like this. During the intervening time, answers to these questions were sought. But the definitive answer would come with the games coming out. Here I am now facing one of the much-discussed productions of Motorstorm. All I had to do was play him to the fullest and make my final judgment. That’s how my Motorstorm story started.

Before making any game, your descriptions, screenshots and videos about it are quite important. In fact, about any project you are doing, what is shown and said before you leave is very important. Whether it’s a book, a motion picture, or a band’s new album, it doesn’t matter in this case. After all, what you give first is very important. Expectations happen, and these expectations must be met in every way. Especially if you have already signed successful works, it is necessary to uncover something that will not be crushed under the old ones. Playstation 3 itself is involved in such an event, along with its games. According to some segments, it is successful, some fail.But in time, everything will become clear. Talked about at E3, the highly discussed Motorstorm here finally gives its definitive answer.

Normal conditions

You know racing games. By going fast and careful, reaching the finish line at the front is the only goal. But in racing games, you usually have to adhere to certain rules. There has to be a certain way, you can’t go out of this way. There are shortcuts and paths, but I can’t say they always exist. It doesn’t always happen to push your opponents out of the way or knock them out. In fact, some racing games don’t have any of these things. Some are linear. Now skip it and forget it. Let me introduce you to MotorStorm, which has given you a new experience.

After the image of Motorstorm appeared on the screen, it was obvious that the game would give me something new. Until then, I was always in front of a game where I watched videos, looked at screenshots and tried to extract details. I was going to be ready and play. Now let’s put aside most of the games on the market. Because Motorstorm is full enough to give you a new excitement and experience. He has a structure that engulfs the player from the first minutes. The runways are not what they used to be. I don’t have a single certain class of tools to play with. I’ll buy a motorcycle if I want to, a big truck if I want to. My choice is completely up to me. The roads don’t always cruise this time in the extreme linearity that I play. Alternatives abound, I can get ahead from here to there. But before I forget, I’ll tell you right now. In this game, I can push my opponents out of the race by hitting them, there is no rule that prohibits me from doing so. Yeah, there are no rules in Motorstorm, we’re free. The only goal is just to be first.

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There are quite a lot of tools in the game. There are no vehicles in the uniform class we see in general. They are all different. The small ones, the big ones are all there. Another good thing is that you can see most of these cars in races. Of course, the vehicles have advantages and disadvantages. For example, small vehicles are very good at maneuvering and going fast. Because they’re small, they can use their agility and get ahead. But another issue that they are minus is that they are not durable. Although they are small and fast, endurance is also other considerations. This makes them particularly run off the road by other vehicles.

They usually lose against the elders in double fights. But I would say that its advantages in speed and maneuvering close these gaps. Big gadgets turn out to be the opposite of small ones. They can stay heavy on maneuvering, even lower in speed. But these are being replaced by endurance this time. Perhaps their most important trump card comes from being durable and safe. They have a chance to get other vehicles off the road and use it to their advantage. But on the other hand, their sensitivity to maneuvering may not be very touching. Sometimes they have difficulty using short roads and footpaths. As a result, there is a free and unusual style of gameplay. But this style sits balanced, preventing the player from cooling off from Motorstorm. I applauded the producers for that.

Point of discussion

Let me get to the graphics for the most discussed part. Playstation 3 offers a really great build. From the modeling of the vehicles, to the other dot effects that appear, it’s very beautiful. Although the Environmental Design may seem a little tip-off in some parts, it’s never even a point to hang on to. Even the effect left in the middle of the shield dust cloud is included in the game. Sometimes you can find very fine details and details in the graphics. Personally, I liked the graphical aspect of the game very much. Let’s move on to the real question, has he always met the expectation, as in his videos and screenshots shown? Yeah, it was pretty satisfying for me as an image. I’m saying it was definitely worth what I expected.

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In the same way, the sounds are quite realistic. The sound of the screaming engine echoes in your ears. The best part is that every car’s engine sounds and reacts differently as soon as you step on the gas. I’d say that’s maybe one of the details I like best. Sometimes there are tactics that use the same sound in different places, where it is shown as a separate effect. But in Motorstorm, this technical pole is not included. Seriously, you can hear the sound of everything being separate and detailed.

Racing has one turbo. Now turbo is traditionally found in most games of late. MotorStorm’da turbo unlimited as much as we want to spend, but at this point they put another braking. Our car’s engine gets full of turbo to a certain point, and then it can explode. That’s why there’s a hand in the production that shows the turbo. Check this hand when using the turbo. Because it shows us the end point of the engine. No one wants to hang too much and get out of the race.

Cons, of course, will be

If I look at MotorStorm in general, it was a pretty satisfying game. I personally didn’t experience frame rate drops when I was playing the game. I didn’t have a problem with it in any way. Motion-sensing controls have caused quite severe situations. Personally, I’m not happy about it. It takes a lot of practice to get used to it. I would expect the game to be good in that regard.

The production can also be played Online. If Singleplayer squeezes after a while, you can switch to the online location and continue from there. But the biggest downside of Motorstorm is that it really steals time. Because when you go to your head, it seriously steals your time and you can skip what you have to do (!) I say caution about it. Prepare yourself well for this situation, I could not prepare and I fell victim. The result is a new experience with the extraordinary and gameplay of Motorstorm. When you turn off the motion sensor, one of your problems disappears. If a game spends time at the machine, it’s really good.


Great graphics and sounds, fun gameplay without rules, add a new experience, successful designs, online mode and balanced structure

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