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My dad always said four wheels are better than two wheels. In fact, according to many of you, the number of wheels may be directly proportional to safety, but remember that the excitement and pleasure you will get will decrease inversely. The wind licks your face, and most importantly, you feel the exact speed you are doing. It seems hard to feel that feeling if you’re not an F1 driver. So let’s assume you’re going with 100. It’s not very fast for a car, and the guy in the car obviously doesn’t know what that speed can really mean, but even at that speed, if you can look at the face of an engine driver, you can understand the road and speed from the tension and light smile on his face. For some, these two-wheeled monsters have become a way of life. I mean, if you see someone recording the engine sound of a Harley Davidson on tape and listening to it over and over again, you’ll understand. Of course, despite everything, if you say my security and you want to experience the pleasure of using a little engine, I suggest you go to your computer immediately. But remember, no one lives forever, I think you should immediately take a motor and hit the nearest wall….

Teacher, how much does this print?

It’s called a simulation, but it’s not really a complete simulation. You know, it’s usually easy to somersault in car games, when we hit a corner or another car, we immediately somersault, that’s what makes it easier for me to somersault in this game. Achieving a somersault requires great patience and good work. As long as our man yatsada to the side, 280 km per hour when you hang on to the brake, even if you hit someone at this speed and go off the track, you can not fall. But you are not considered hajiyatmazda, at least you fall in positions that we call the wall or woe bakamiciim, of course, sometimes our wheels slip off the runway, our man meets the ground. One side of the game that sounds strange is the controls. In fact, it is extremely difficult for beginners and wants enough attention to allow you to go half the entire track off the road. But it can be too easy when you practice for half an hour to an hour and learn to use the brake. Because with a sudden brake, you can instantly reduce your speed to very low levels. Actually, I think the best way to warm up to the controls is to race against time. So you can tour alone as you want, and you can understand that every time you improve your time, you warm up a little more to the game. In addition, your reflection in the previous round starts the race as soon as you cross the finish line and you start competing with it (i.e. with yourself). I like it very much, to be honest, it’s a very strange feeling that a person goes through himself or goes through his reflection, whether he wants to or not. As in car racing, it is unlikely in this game to press the short direction keys and ensure your direction and balance. On the contrary, you have to press the keys a little long. If the brake doesn’t apply the same thing, it seems unlikely that you will stay on the road at the corners.

But unlike other games, you can create your own driver and engine in this game. In other words, you are given some tasks, and according to these tasks, the features of your drive increase. But I assure you, this is not as easy as you predicted. Each task is decidedly harder than the last. For this you have to work a lot. But when you do tasks very well and create your character, no one can come across you on the runway.:)

In addition, the game has the ability to save the entire race. In other words, when you complete a race, you can save your game from the screen that comes in front of you and then watch it again. This is a feature that has been put into most racing games recently, even in some RTS and fps games. Actually, I don’t think it will work very well in racing games, but it is a feature that is very popular in games that are the best of their kind, such as quake and starcraft, and affects the human game. In other words, when people download and watch these recorded games from the internet, they can weave something they don’t know, or learn the style of the best players in the world and create their own movement or style. I personally know StarCraft master Slayer’s_boxer anywhere I see it. Of course, this is true in Hasudrone. This and many others that I did not mention by name were able to influence all the world’s players thanks to the game’s replay feature. Of course, Quakete should also commemorate Fatal1ty and Zero4.

Dad, I’ll take a tour, please…

All I want to say about the graphics of the game is that it is the best in the motor racing I play. Everything is designed down to the smallest detail. I like the sounds the same way. The producers did everything they could to make it feel like you were riding a motor instead of a box. And no place on your engine comes to your eyes frame by frame. Obviously, the guys in THQ did their job well and they prepared a motor race that should definitely be played for us.

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