A motherboard (likewise called mainboard, primary circuit board, framework board, baseboard, planar board, rationale board, or mobo) is the principle printed circuit board (PCB) overall reason PCs and other expandable frameworks. It holds and permits correspondence between large numbers of the vital electronic parts of a framework, like the focal preparing unit (CPU) and memory, and gives connectors to different peripherals. Not at all like a backplane, a motherboard as a rule contains critical sub-frameworks, like the focal processor, the chipset’s info/yield and memory regulators, interface connectors, and different segments coordinated for general use.


Motherboard implies explicitly a PCB with development abilities. As the name recommends, this board is frequently alluded to as the “mother” of all parts appended to it, which regularly incorporate peripherals, interface cards, and daughtercards: sound cards, video cards, network cards, have transport connectors, TV tuner cards, IEEE 1394 cards; and an assortment of other custom segments.
Essentially, the term mainboard portrays a gadget with a solitary board and no extra extensions or capacity, like controlling sheets in laser printers, TVs, clothes washers, cell phones, and other implanted frameworks with restricted development capacities.
The term Logic board is brand explicit, instituted by Apple in the mid 1980’s for the motherboards in Macintosh PCs.

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