MLB 08: The Show Review

MLB 08: The Show

Developed by SCEA Studios, MLB 08: the Show, it seems, has learned to learn from its mistakes of past years. The production was ported from the PS2 in its previous version, but due to some errors, it did not achieve the desired success. This time, PS2 and PS3 are both used to port to PSP and made mistakes do not repeat, thanks to the taste of a game that will not be eaten.

For MLB 08, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the good sides taken from PS2 and PS3 are combined. If we mention some of these. First, the innovation that attracts attention is observed in the Save system. With this feature, which is in the PS3 version and is not on the PS2, you can record the point where you are after any moment, such as the ball going out during the game, shooting. It can then be resumed from the main menu by loading again. Another notable innovation is the gameplay. P.B.This system, called P i.e. Progressive Batting Performance, is active in Solo season-based games. P.B.P can also be summarized as a system that evaluates the performance of each batter. In the system, the batsman is assigned a certain ability value. If the kick you make is worth less than the player’s ability, he gets a contact penalty. If your strike score is above your ability, this time the player earns a contact bonus. Shot score, P.B.It is shown to you on the screen with 5 different icons designated in the P system.

Yankee Stadium

Another innovation is that we have our own music box, which we see again in the PS3 version. From the My MLB Music option under Options, we can create a list of music found on our memory card and make these music play during the game. In a production that is the same as the music content found on PS3, being able to listen to our own music was a good option.

Looking at the main game modes in the making, we see Exhibition, Manager Mode, Career, Season, Home Run Derby and King of the Diamond. The Home Run Derby and King of the Diamond can be seen rather as mini-games in the game. Manager Mode is an option in which we can only watch the course of the match according to the decisions we make during the game. Career and Season modes offer content that we are used to seeing from all sports games. You don’t have to know baseball to play MLB 08. General rules and gameplay can be learned in a short time. In terms of controls, we also use analog and D-pad together, but rather work on pressing a button at the right moment. the analog lever is used to guide the ball.

In the build also found in Multiplayer mode, you can seamlessly be involved in a league, or you can find opponents for the Single Player game by doing a quick search. MLB, which has improved visually, has a very clean and fluid structure graphically. Stadiums that are slightly better than before are accompanied by quality player graphics. It seems that the newly added player animations are also very smooth and smooth. The game, which also does a good job in terms of sounds and music, attracts applause, especially from the point of view of announcers who commentate the match. Before and during the match, the introduction of the team players, supported by visual effects, score and ball Information, supported by the narration of the announcers, almost makes you feel like watching a live broadcast. MLB, which has been seen to improve from all sides, is probably one of the best baseball games to come out on PSP.

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