Midnight Outlaw Illegal Street Drag Review

midnight outlaw illegal street drag

I wanted to have those kind of tools and race at night when I was watching Fast and the furious at the movies. And that device called Nos drove me crazy. It must be fun to turn a normal car into a plane at the touch of a button. I’ll write a little explanation for those who don’t watch. It was a film about racing his car by modifying fast and Furious vehicles. By race, it’s not that serious. Drag racing, which is done at a short distance or better. It’s a type of race where you can only succeed if you know how fast your car gets up and where to use nitro. Already, because of the speed, races last no more than 20 seconds.

Get Ready… Go!

Now, it’s going to be a crazy race, and I’ll buy all the cars, so you can be disappointed while waiting for the installation to finish. At first, the graphics are very inadequate. According to the subject, I think more care should have been given to car modeling and places. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it. All the vehicles look alike. And the camera angles are bad. What a science game can’t get you into that crazy atmosphere. There are different classes. With your experience and the changes you make to your car, you can enter these new classes. Every race puts a little money in the middle. With these coins you earn, you can turn your car into a full plane. After a 6-7 race, the game begins to bore you. Always the same places and the same races love you. The game’s gameplay time is max. less degree.

Race to race to a place…

Sounds like graphics and content fail in the same way as music. More live music was needed for such games. Personally, I’d like rock tracks to play on the speakers as I pass 300km. And there’s nothing good about this game? I don’t think :). As can be seen from the brevity of the review, there is almost nothing the game gives you. When you play, you don’t get dizzy from too much speed, nor do you come to gas from the music being played. Maybe it can be fun to play with your friends over the Internet or LAN when you talk about your beautiful sides.

Final Words:

Midnight Outlaw Illegal street Drag is a very good game in terms of subject matter. But for some reason, producers have spent such a topic. Neither the graphics nor the atmosphere are successful. It’s not fun to change the car by doing the same kind of racing all the time. Don’t buy it, don’t play it, don’t even go near it.

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