Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Midnight Club is one of my favorite productions. First of all, I’m committed to Rockstar. They make little, very high-quality games. Not many of us remember the other 3 games in the series. The most memorable is the production of Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. Especially first Xbox owners remember very well how fast it was played and how clean its graphics were. And now, after many years, when we have monsters like Xbox360, Playstation 3, I wonder if Midnight Club: Los Angeles has kept up with the Times?

Racer’s nightlife

The basic logic of our game is simple. You open your map in front of you, you take a look at one of the racers walking around the city, when you go and turn on your long headlights next to it, it takes you to the place where you will race, and the race begins. The devil, as always, is hidden in the details. First of all, the GPS system is great. Just like Google Earth, you can watch the map from the top or from a horizontal perspective. As soon as you press the button, the camera moves away from your car and goes up to the sky, and you can easily see what is happening around you. You choose the race you want and the camera comes back with the same speed and you continue the game. A very successful visual was prepared. The colors on the map indicate the difficulty levels of the races. In general, only these colors are used, with no difficulty level specified. In addition to what are known as race types, new modes have been added, such as heavy traffic on the Highway, Safety Cars growing in a very short time and with minimal damage to the specified location. New races are opened with respectability points accumulated as you win the race, and with money you can both modify your car and buy new vehicles.

Superhero abilities

Special talents, A Midnight Club Classic, was not removed from the game. As long as you don’t crash, you can slow down the race instantly with these abilities of your choice, distribute the vehicles in front of you with the Horn, lose no speed as you cross, or stop those around you instantly with the newly added electronic shock. In addition, you can fill nitro while watching your opponent bumper to bumper and exit with instant accelerations. Midnight Club: licensed in Los Angeles, there are 43 cars with famous companies such as Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Dodge, and 3 motorcycles with Ducaki and Kawasaki. Vehicles are classified as sports, luxury, exotic, classic as before. In order to compete in different classes, you must have a car belonging to this class. But damage modeling in the game hurts you financially. Even when you’re racing or touring the city, you have hundreds of dollars to repair your accidents. And yet, the cleaner you run, the more money you can save. Even if you reset the game as you crash, your money is still falling. And during the race, you need to be very careful. Cars parked around, trees that don’t get uprooted, poles that make a concrete effect become your worst enemies. In a single win, your opponents beat you and it becomes very difficult to keep up.

A tour around Los Angeles

As the name suggests, the producers chose Los Angeles as the venue. The agreed territory was transferred entirely to the truth. Even familiar places like Pizza Hut are exactly placed. Happened to live around. Although the modeling of people walking around is ancient, at least someone is on the streets. The game was implemented 24 hours a day. As you walk around, it gets dark, the sun goes down, or it comes up. Decad decadent when you’re at it for a long time, you see it raining occasionally. For some reason, the modeling of the vehicles was never developed. They’re almost identical to the last game 3 years ago. The very superior processors at hand were not used. The vehicles could have been much more stylish. Likewise, damage modeling has not been developed. In small collisions, one side of the bumper fell, some of the windows broke and some of the remaining scenes we saw in the old game. In general, it is clear that the game is almost no different from the previous one from a visual point of view. However, in the intervening years, much progress has been made visually.

The sounds have already been quite successful, especially in terms of music, the fact that there are 67 songs added to the game proves how much work has been done. Especially the artificial intelligence of cops is highly improved. They’re chasing you for minutes. Even if you leave it behind and make sudden turns, they still keep following you. On the other hand, in one-on-one races, for some reason, when the opposing car touches you, nothing happens to it, while your balance immediately deteriorates. Live support is perhaps the most important trump card of the game. The modes, which allow 16 people to play at the same time, are quite fun. In addition, you can share the records that you have broken in some races with other players.


Midnight Club: Los Angeles is more like an additional package for strategy games. The graphics, the style, the gameplay have never been changed. Also in this genre buy Play Develop mode racing games was very classic. Now a little more different thoughts, innovations are needed. Yes, many of the Troubles in the old game have been corrected. The controls of the vehicles are now smoother, you had to go over the specified points in the races, even if you pass next to it. But unfortunately, this time it wasn’t a worthy production.


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