Microsoft turns Surface Duo into portable gaming console with new XCloud update

microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft has turned its foldable tablet into a portable gaming console with a new update to its cloud gaming system, XCloud. Introduced in 2019, the Surface Duo has been able to run the app on both screens thanks to the update. The device was likened to a Nintendo 3DS that plays Xbox games when one of the screens turns into a controller.
Microsoft has turned its dual-screen foldable device, the Surface duo, into a portable gaming console in a new update. The device, which allows you to easily play Xbox games via XCloud, the Xbox’s cloud gaming service, showed what the company would look like if it came out of a handheld console.

This event was made possible by the arrival of dual-screen support to XCloud. Introduced about 2 years ago, one screen of the tablet showed the control keys, while the other screen showed the game. Game lovers who saw the result likened the new version of the Surface duo to “a Nintendo 3DS that plays Xbox games.”

Resembled a Nintendo 3DS with Xbox games

nintendo 3ds

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service XCloud’s mobile app has been updated. Thanks to the update, it was possible for the Surface duo to run the app on both screens. One of the screens turned into a virtual controller. Thus, it was possible to play games on the device without an extra controller.

The surface Duo, which has almost turned into a handheld console with the update, has been likened by gamers to the Nintendo 3DS console. Because it was also a foldable and touch game console. Even considering that using an emulator is possible, surface Duo users could always use the device like the Nintendo 3DS. If only a dual-screen emulator application could be found.

End finger maximization

For the past few months, Microsoft has been adding touch controls called ‘Xbox Touch Controls’ to its games on XCloud. This feature has been added to many games, such as Sea of Thieves, Gears 5, and Minecraft Dungeons. The arrival of touch buttons on the Surface Duo device in a different way made things quite easy. Problems such as the fingers turning off the screen while playing games and the keys being small were avoided.

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The company has also made some minor adjustments to make XCloud easier to use on the device. Actions such as navigating through menus and viewing content have been adapted to use the device. If these regulations are introduced to more foldable devices, cloud gaming on mobile platforms could become much more enjoyable.

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