Metal Slug 4 Review

Metal Slug 4

Time does pass very quickly. I remember playing MS1 like it was yesterday. We didn’t kill enough time both on PSX and in arcades with Metal Slug. The pleasure of playing with 2 people, shooting anyone, blasting, riding in vehicles, rescuing hostages, finding secrets and collecting points was another.

Then we came to 4 when we said X, 2, 3 on PS2. In fact, MS4 came out exactly 2 years ago in the Neo-Geo(Mega) system. While we were waiting for MS4, MS5 even came out, but this time MS4 and 5 were sold from the same DVD SNK. Since this idea is limited only to America, we will put the only MS4 we can find under the lens and operate it. Let’s see what infectious diseases it contains this time.

All like one, one like all!

I don’t know if anyone is interested in the Metal Slug series, but in summary: in a year far ahead of the 2000s, the conflict begins when a computer virus created by Morden attempts to hijack the entire world’s military information. Press Start and we are ready to select one of four soldiers. These soldiers, Marco, Fio, Trevor and Nadia, are no different from each other except for their appearance. It’s just that one leans different and one starts playing with a different gun. I don’t want to make my first criticism here, but I have to, I’m angry. Each character must have some special moves and special endings in the MS series, or there is no logic in putting these 4 soldiers.

As in the old games, you choose 1 person again or give them shoulder to shoulder with a friend and move from left to right. A gun in your hand, a bomb in your waist, and countless enemies waiting to explode in front of you. Just sit back and press the fire button as much as you can, destroying anyone who gets in your way. The weapons that are your best friend are: knife, pistol, grenade, Super grenade, stone, fire grenade, heavy scan, double scan, flamethrower, rocket that follows the enemy, rocket launcher, aircraft-like rocket launcher, shotgun, laser, lightning clouds. As you can see, you will use a lot of weapons and bombs throughout 5 episodes. Some of them have endless bullets, while others have a limited number of bullets. Try them all to get some idea which one to use. There is a point for sure that each of them is useful. Some bosses (enemies that come at the end of the game big enough to cover the screen) don’t die with every weapon, each has a weak point, and there is a certain weapon that corresponds to that weak point. Although it is not the first time, you will already learn where to use which weapon in other games. There’s also an increase in bomb numbers. Dropping bombs while shooting will be the attack you will hit the most, because the enemy flows through the groove in some sections, and it is impossible to advance without mass explosion. If you have not played MS before, you will soon get used to jump+bomb drop or fire+bomb drop

The most interesting side of the Metal Slug is certainly the tools used. It’s a really great feeling to ride tanks and similar vehicles and consume an infinite number of bullets. Since these tools are not distributed in such a hit, what you will need most is in the game. Now let’s look at the vehicles: Tank, mechanical tank, motorcycle, truck, enemy tank, metal tank, camel(yes, the camel we know). These are our vehicles. Each has a different style of use. And let’s not forget the different firepower and bomb ability. For example, a Metal Tank can shoot around 360 degrees and throw a bomb. Because the camel only shoots from a machine gun attached to the back, its range is limited and it does not have bomb capability, or when we say the enemy’s tank, the tank you can get from the enemy in 2 episodes is not useful, but you will probably explode immediately. You can jump from a tank that is about to explode and throw the tank at the enemy, or you can not be hit for a few seconds by just jumping when it is not exploding. A lot of tactics like this are inherent in Ms. And each of them makes the game even more enjoyable.

I’m 2D. Love me like this.

The graphics of the game are remarkably good, true to its root. It has a 2D and multi-color infrastructure. This 2D love of SNK really should be celebrated. Because if they made MS in 3D, they would probably upset the fans of this game and maybe they would have to end this series. It’s best that they stay with 2D because the game is so beautiful. At first, charcoal work is done on each object. They draw every character, every path, every vehicle, every detail, and then they color that. The game is also set in a festive mood with animation experts. Don’t look at me when I say, “cut, chop, destroy anything in front of you.” No blood in the game. Even if you stab a soldier at the bottom of you, there’s water called “Bastard.” He is free from feelings of sadism and has set a throne in everyone’S hearts.

Sounds and music seemed weak to me again. Nothing new, really. As in other series, simple music was used. In some episodes, the music is a remix of the music from the old games. And the voices are enough to save the job. Soldiers, vehicles, weapons, explosions are good.

I was expecting some changes from MS4 outside of gameplay and graphics, and I have to put those expectations on hold for now. No change in the general face of the episodes. The game is short again. They gave life to a lot of bags, the only reason you can’t finish the first game is because the electricity goes out(I know it went from there). He remains pure at the controls. Apart from jumping, bending and back and forth, there are no other attractions that you can do. And and and, I always complain, in some episodes, enemies come from below, and you have to kill these enemies with the jump+down movement. I think the whole jumping thing here is unnecessary. Imagine, a lot of soldiers are about to shoot in front of you, and the enemy is about to attack from below. If you jump and shoot, you will be the target of bullets coming from you. And if you don’t jump, you’ll be the one who hit the bullets from below. Instead of jumping, it shouldn’t be hard to give you the ability to press any side button and shoot down without jumping. Finally, I say,” I wish there were demos instead of interagency artwork, the topic would be reinforced.” But in vain. Can anyone hear our voice?

I’ll be a zombie, I’ll be a mummy, I’ll be a companion to your path…

Another element of entertainment in MS is to take on some different looks when you are moving. He was in every game. For example, it was quite ridiculous to blow up the grocery store in the city and eat the meat, fish that spilled from it, and move forward as fat. MS4 also has these appearances, and their number has been increased. Mummy, fat, zombie and monkey views are transferred to the game in quite humorous language. In each view, your speed will either decrease or increase. Your jump will either get shorter or bigger. Accordingly, you will be able to jump in some places that you can’t jump, explode a place that you can’t detonate, and get a weapon that you can’t get. For those who are pursuing such secrets, we have another good news. As in the first 2 games, in each episode there are prisoners with long blond hair, moustaches in some visible and invisible places and they are waiting to be rescued. When you liberate what appears, they will usually help you with ammunition or bombs. Finding the invisible is the fun part. It causes you to play the game many times, and the prisoners you usually find can give special weapons and help fireball in the form of hadoken with you. A life sacrifice to a prisoner.

I’m not going to ask if we waited 2 years. It’s a Metal Slug. It’s always played. One day, you get tired of cutting orcs, you get tired of playing espionage, you get tired of beating up my ancestors, open the Metal Slug, play a few episodes. Get your mood. And I deliberately saved the biggest mistake for last. Although the game shows no slowdown on the MEGA system, it can slow surprisingly on the PS2. Especially in the Boss parts, the hair can go head-to-head. We can’t ignore this mistake and want Metal Slug 5.

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