Metal Gear Solid: P. Ops Review

Metal Gear Solid: P. Ops

Metal Gear Solid 3: continuing the story line of Snake Eater, but named Portable Ops instead of Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PSP, the production is as full as ever. The production, which also sheds light on the mysteries of previous productions in the series, is nominated to be perhaps one of the best productions ever made for the PSP.

The game comes with a good story, a solid Campaign, Multiplayer support and other small surprises. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be right to expect more from a handheld console game. The story of Portable Ops is set in the 1970s. A few years have passed since the legendary soldier Snake, aka Boss ‘ disciple Naked Snake prevented a possible new World War. After his success, Naked Snake won the title of Big Boss, despite his retirement, his path falls to a secret Soviet base in North America with a new contract due to confusion. Here, our character becomes captured and captured, and the game begins. As I mentioned, the story does not only provide explanations for this structure, but also to eliminate the question marks of previous versions and missing pieces of the puzzle.

Big Boss doesn’t fit on PSP?

Since the device we use is a handheld console, it seems that some minor changes and restrictions have to be made in the construction. Dec Dec videos in the original game, for example, are replaced on PSP by comic book-like images with high-quality drawings. But do not assume that the visual quality is compromised, on the contrary, the PSP version of the production thus carries its own unique air. Except for minor changes in missions and operation, gameplay and controls continue the classic MGs style. Our classic actions, such as aiming, crawling, hiding, leaning against the wall, looking from corners, continue to exist. In the same way, there is not much change in the intelligence and characteristic behavior of the enemy. One of the innovations in construction is the radar system. Thanks to the Radar, the sound rates released against the enemy are seen on the screen, increasing our chances of survival. Another innovation is that we can now manage other characters who are on the Snake side. Each character has its own special abilities, weapons and dexterity.

It would not be a lie if we said that Boss battles do not fit very well with the structure of quietly handling things that generally dominate the production. Boss battles, which can force even at the Normal difficulty level, often require attention and strategy. Apart from the Normal difficulty level, it is easy and possible to play the construction at the extra difficulty level that opens later. And the more tactical part of the production comes out when we bring the enemies we have captured into our team with our ability to convince them to change sides. Especially giving these other characters control of our friends thanks to Wi-Fi is an interesting experience. Portable Ops, which comes with strict Multiplayer support, allows up to 6 people to meet via Ad-Hoc. In addition, the production, which also supports the Game Sharing feature, allows you to make Deathmatch with your friends with a single original disc. From a technical point of view, we can say that the production has almost changed hands for the PSP. Graphics benefit from all the blessings of PSP. Both the environment and character modeling (especially Snake) have been made very successful. It also carries the usual MGS quality in terms of sounds and music. The soundtracks and timbres in the cinematography that complement the atmosphere indicate that everything is focused on the production. Exciting gameplay, engaging extras and mini-games make you live dependent on PSP for a long time. One of the quality productions made for PSP is Portable Ops, which is highly recommended.

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