Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Review

Metal Gear Solid

For one thing, the game is an improved copy of Metal Gear Solid 3. However, it comes as a three-DVD package. Included in this package are the ones;

Metal Gear Solid – What’s on the DVDs?

The first DVD features the original of the game. It’s called ” Subsistence Disc.” It’s almost no different from the old version, the only add-on is the new camera angle.

The second DVD opens as” Persistence Disc ” and after about 5 minutes of video, we enter the menu. This disc is a new phase of our lives because it has “Online Mode” in it. In the main menu, just wait and watch the videos. Apart from the Internet image, there is an average of another ten minutes.

To play Online Mode, you must first create and save a network file to your memory card. Because there is no support for Turkey yet, unfortunately, you need to be content with reading. After creating the network file, we upload it and enter the game. We’ll tell you the details later, now continue the DVD.


The second option is”Snake vs Monkey”. It’s as strange a game as it is a name. We’re hunting monkeys. In addition, there is the “Boss Fight” part where we can fight the main characters of the game, which I think will be a repeat of special moments for each player.
Finally, only special videos that Konami publishes on his site. He should definitely be watched and burst into laughter. It’s really enjoyable.

The final DVD comes only with a special version (Metal Gear Solid 3: subscription Limited Edition) and contains information, videos and images linking MGS2 and MGS4. Be sure to consider prioritizing this version when placing your order.
Let’s move on to the main point and the narrative of the internet game. To support a maximum of eight players, the most anticipated and curious change!

In this mode, where you can participate as” Deathmatch “and” Team Deathmatch”, we fight in areas taken from the game, but only in areas that you see and cannot use. A total of 12 different maps are available. Since it’s all based on you being a real Snake, it’s your turn to talk about your rescue or capture or privacy skills.

Metal Gear Solid

In sections based on secrecy, we follow the concept of a “one-man army” to the letter. A person becomes a Snake, while other players involved in the game take on bodyguards who must hunt him down. Of course, since there will probably be at least a few thousand people who think like you, the programmers have brought a separate score feature to each character. Is it easy to hunt the Great Snake? For those who can, of course, extra points will be written. I suggest you learn to be fast, quiet and invisible. Camouflage is important.

We play as a team in possession-based divisions. Our goal is pretty much the same as other games. Only” Capture the Flag “has been replaced by” Capture the Frog”. Hideo is the only person who can make me laugh. In rescue games, one team protects the plastic duck, while the other team tries to kidnap it.

The entire map is at your disposal until a team is completely destroyed or time is up. Take the duck and bring it back to your own camp. Another feature of online games is that you can access servers and view your records before each game. So you can see your standings and rankings.

As far as we can see from the comments, there is no slowing down even for users whose connection is limited. Let’s write this down as an extra PLUS to the House of Konami. That’s what the game has become, or has come to be. Is it so good? Absolutely, indisputable.

For one thing, Metal Gear Solid 3 was perfect in itself. Now, with this extended version, which we encounter before the fourth game of the series arrives, a huge deficit and a huge hunger are eliminated. Frankly, I don’t think anyone after playing any of the series doesn’t say, “Actually, this would be an internet game or movie Super”? At least everyone’s got it in their head.…

The old

On the second DVD of the work, you can find the original MGS, which were made in 1987 and 1990. These games were released only in Japan and only on MSX2 platforms with MSX being unique to them. Years later, for the first time, these productions are brought before a new generation of players. Definitely a pleasant journey.

After all this writing, all you have to do is destroy the door of your nearest dealer. You’ll definitely have fun and keep poking around until Game Four comes along.

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