Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Review

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

After the Second World War, the world was divided into East and West. This was also the beginning of the new era-Cold War.

October 16, 1962 – the president of the United States receives a message that the Soviet Union has deployed its nuclear weapons in Cuba. As it became clear that nuclear war was approaching, the world began to fear it. After tense negotiations, the Soviets agree that they will withdraw their retaliation from Cuban territory on the 28th. Later, when this event, known as the Cuban retaliation crisis, is resolved, another event that threatens humanity is overcome.

However, there is a special case that leads to a result in a crisis. Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, a Soviet scientist who defected to the West, must go back to the Soviet Union. The United States Government accepts this condition and sends Sokolov to his country, but the United States is not aware that Sokolov is the designer of a terrible weapon. Now that the Soviets have Sokolov in their hands, they will be able to continue developing this weapon. If this weapon is completed, a new age of fear will begin.

August 1964-realizing the situation, the CIA makes a new plan to capture Sokolov. A FOX unit is sent to Sokolov’s research area, which is located south of the Great Soviet fortress in Groznyj grad. FOX, who leads former SAS member Major Zero, now comes across as a next-generation Special Forces unit in terms of both special forces and Secret outfits. The goal of this FOX unit is to send a secret agent into enemy territory and enable him to perform solo snake missions in enemy territory by remotely directing him via radio frequency.

August 24-Lone Soldier attacks from outside the army. His code name is Naked Snake.

MGS relives yesterday to survive tomorrow…

We begin Snake Eater as he flies over Pakistan, and soon Snake makes his jump to land in the mission zone. And at the end of a jump that can be considered successful, we find ourselves in a wild forest. When the main place where the game takes place is the forest, this event is also reflected in the gameplay. First, Snake now has to adapt to natural conditions while fighting against his armed enemies.

First, I should point out that the wooded areas we are in are not narrow areas, so don’t think about the narrow corridors in the old MGS games that have taken on the form of forests. Because the areas are wide, we can follow different routes when going from point to point, so you also have a greater risk of getting caught. In addition, the fact that your radar, which makes it very easy for you to work in Old Games, is no longer in the game means that you need to keep your eyes open. In fact, compared to the old games, the biggest effect of being in the forest is that you are in the open. Because you’re in the open, it’s much harder to predict where the danger is coming from. Due to the fact that old games usually take place in enclosed spaces consisting of corridors, and map designs are capable of hiding, Snake could easily infiltrate the enemies; but in Snake Eater, you should be more careful about your movements. As soon as you hide behind any tree or bush, you risk being seen because you are in an open area. You should also listen to the sounds in the environment. No matter who walks, the bush on the ground can tell its location because of the snap. Sometimes you can’t see your enemy and hear the sounds he makes, so to move forward safely, you must often look around from a first-person perspective.

Always go for the forest floor in a very quiet way, they would know this SunPass classic gameplay style changed, and the enemy’s guard came behind and break her neck, or it’s a job that demands dexterity to catch him off guard with the gun. They don’t notice it until a certain distance when you try to approach enemies from behind, but as soon as you get close enough to make deadly moves, they notice it. The fact that there are not as many places to hide in Alarm situations as before, and the Evaison/Caution time that appears when the alarm is given lasts close to 2 minutes, prevents you from trying to make these risky moves at frequent intervals in the game. So, actually, the rule of MGS 3 is not to kill, but to survive. And here’s your camouflage skills.

Create a place to hide yourself!

As it was emphasized before the game came out, you are actually creating a place to hide yourself. Yeah, there’s no wall you can bend over to, but it’s possible that you can partially create that wall by adapting to the environment. When you lie in the bushes and change your camouflage suit appropriately, you may have more than a wall to hide you; that is, it is in Snake’s hands to be invisible to the environment. If you want, you can even put a crocodile head mask on your head and adapt to the river and swamp. In short, you have to make yourself invisible with a lot of different camouflage clothes.

In the upper right corner of the screen, there is a privacy counter, and many factors determine your degree of privacy, such as your current situation, environmental conditions, how you paint your face, the outfit you wear, the position you take, and the degree of movement. Your enemies also notice you in this proportion, for example, if you wear a snow suit in the forest, even the farthest soldier will sense you? Before I forget, it’s available in camouflages that you can download on the net.

Don’t think that you’re only invisible person like you, a chance to change clothes at recognizing them for camouflage in military environments bulunmasa is not always very easy, therefore, plays a very important role equipment such as motion sensor and night vision goggles. But, of course, Thermal Googles will be your most useful item. Unlike before, Thermal Googles, which now look like The Predator movie, allows you to even see your best hidden enemies and the booby traps they have prepared, in the same way that you can even find and see animals in the bushes.

But I have to admit that from time to time there will be moments when you have difficulty in the game, sometimes even if you are part of it, you will cheat. Now it’s hard to move in the game, and when you’re seen by the enemy a few times in a row and wait for the time to pass when high security is provided, you get a little bored, whether you want to or not. You know, at MGS, spaces are connected by transitions between stages. Sometimes you go where you need to go – alarm, enemy, and no one cares – without looking back. After switching to the other screen, since the alarms don’t go off, you either hide again and wait for everything to calm down, or you die and continue the game calmly from where you left off. Here’s where the new MGS game style is really evident, because you can no longer walk around and have fun with soldiers, the taste of Snake Eater has been different from its predecessors in gameplay. Actually, it’s better on the one hand and worse on the other. For example, in Sons of Liberty, it was a joy to catch soldiers by surprise and collect Dog tags, in MGS3, the soldiers don’t even have Dog tags, which once again reveals the logic of the game. In addition, map designs are also naturally different again, for example, there are no more security cameras in closed areas, or there are no moments when you will actively hide in cabinets in the game, so there are actually cabinets, but you do not need to use them. Hidden places where you can move, such as ventilation gaps and tunnels, have become more important.

Big Boss

Of course, it would be wrong for MGS to enter the script too much, but Hideo connected the game very well and managed to surprise you again at the end of the game. Also, the radio conversations that some players think are boring are quite shortened compared to previous games, which I think was much better if these conversations were long! There are still long intermission videos, but the radio conversations have been decidedly shortened. Maybe that’s why the script gave me the previous game(I don’t compare it to the first game anyway!) didn’t come as far as confused. However, Hideo did a good job, of course.

You may not have more than one chance to shoot at the target!

It’s not as easy to aim and spot-hit as it used to be, as almost none of your weapons have a laser, so you should be very careful when aiming. Even at first, sometimes when you aim and fire with weapons that you can easily aim, such as the Mk22 or M1911A1, you can think that you are shooting at exactly twelve and you are wrong. Actually, at first I thought it was a mistake of the game, but then I saw that everything was more sensitive when there was a lot of attention. In addition, in very close-range situations where you are facing the enemy, you make consecutive shots in panic, and it can be seen that the damage caused by accurate shots is sometimes less than it should be.

Another point is that you cannot actively carry all your equipment; you can use your items that you specify up to a certain weight at any time, as before. Other items remain in your bag, and you use these passive equipment by replacing them with your active items, depending on the situation you find.

Snake Eater

Snake also needs to eat to be resistant to environmental conditions. In fact, this was one of the most curious points before the Snake Eater came out. The more full snake’s hunger gauge is, the more durable snake is. For example, how long you can stay underwater when you hold on to an Ivy and hang out or swim depends on it. There are many other animals in the environment, such as birds, scorpions, spiders, fruits, mushrooms, snakes, crabs, frogs, mice and goats, and they are divided into different breeds and create diversity within themselves. In addition, fungi that you will often encounter at the bottom of trees, fish that you can catch from the river, bats that you will encounter in caves can also be used as food. Of course, among these animals, there are no dangerous ones. If you get too angry with crocodiles, they can take you between their teeth and kill you in one move, or animals such as scorpions, spiders, and snakes reduce your endurance level with their poison with incredible speed. Fortunately, these dangerous animals are not put into the game for pure difficulty, so their goal is not to come and hurt you. I can say that the game is very detailed about this, aside from the variety of animals, for example, after entering the river, leeches stick to you and throw them off you using your cigarettes, bees in the hives you distribute are a problem for you or your enemies, food poisoning, vultures swarm over the soldiers you kill in the desert-mountainous areas, etc.

Another feature of snake is that it can treat itself in a rambovari way, you can no longer improve your health with the ratios that you will first get from the environment. Ratios only affect your hunger level. There are very few Life packs that you will find throughout the entire game, and you should also not use them as much as possible. As I said, when a Snake is injured, it can do its own treatment by sewing, disinfecting the injured area, removing lead from the body, applying ointment to its Burns and treating them in many other ways. In the same way, he can use antidotes that he can obtain from plants against food or animal poisoning. After that, your health gradually improves without the need for another substance. This treatment screen called The Cure has been seriously detailed, frankly, everything from your broken bones has been processed in detail and reminded once again as if the rule of the game is survival.

Among the features developed in snake’s melee fighting techniques, it is possible to hold your enemy in different ways and capture them, cut their throats with a knife, and make 6-7 different moves. Moreover, the Mk22 or M1911A1 can be used in combination with its own internal blades. Again, some of the moves we can do in the forest to climb trees and shoot by hanging from branches. During the game, it is possible to have many familiar weapons such as the M37, SDV – Sniper rifle and AK-47, as well as different weapons such as the Scorpion; there are also bonus weapons that you can get at the end of the game.

A truly living forest has been created…

Obviously the Forest created in MGS3 certainly met my expectations. The designs used in the forest sections of the game are certainly not uniform. A vibrant forest has been created using swamps, rivers, pits, Hills, destroyed tree stumps. Each scene of the game is actually a separate square, so no place looks like another. The fog layer in the river parts, rain, wind, different trees in different places, the contribution of the surrounding animals to the environment or something like that combined to come out a really good work. Already, when you raise your head and look at the points where the trees and the sun meet, the scene that appears sums up the event. In mountainous and Maghreb regions, it is the other open spaces where we will be in the game. Especially in the sections that take place in caves intertwined with underwater channels, the atmosphere becomes very good when you light your torch. Because the game also passes in different time zones, we find the opportunity to play the last episodes of the night. Closed spaces, such as research bases and some headquarters, are also among other departments.

As I mentioned, if you do not use your map because the playing fields are wide, you can be surprised from time to time. In addition, the flow of the game is not prepared linearly; for example, when you are in the forest, you can continue on your way without visiting all the sections, but there may be a place in the other part of the forest that you do not need to go, but at the end you do not see. Again, there may be extra items in many hidden holes and hollows in the Maghreb areas.

As a graphical quality, of course, there is a visual progress in the game from a technical point of view; only because the game takes place in open areas and nature is revealed along with the Forest created, as if the graphics are much better to the eye. In fact, technically, there is not much difference with the previous game, but compared to the atmosphere of the second game in shades of gray, Snake Eater, MGS3 stands out from the outside. I don’t know, the rays of the sun hitting through the branches, the environment covered in Green, the scenes that occur when you light your torch in the dark, everything is very good. And the intermediate transition scenes of the game are still beautiful enough to leave a person’s mouth decidedly open. Again, there are not many changes in the controls, with some small differences, you can apply your new movements. Although it is rare in wooded areas alone, in some places it can be difficult to bend and lean back, sometimes our character can remain unstable between bending and crawling here. And the movements of your enemies are again very good, instead of being thrown at you when they see you, they run away, ask for support, or hide and make sudden maneuvers. With Dolby Pro Logic II, the sounds are also crafted with incredible quality. At the beginning of the article, I mentioned where the enemy approached the crunches, the sound of living nature, character vocalizations, music… they’re all great, and I can’t find the words to say to them.

Obviously, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was the last game I expected to be released on the PlayStation 2, and it met my expectations greatly. Sons of Liberty was indeed a revolution for MGS, it would be wrong to expect so many changes from MGS3, but I must point out that Snake Eater is not a superior game in every aspect from Sons of Liberty. There are points where both games are superior to each other. The reason for this is undoubtedly the change in the style of play. As I said, the biggest thing that will upset you will be the end of the game. After you play and finish the game, Thank Hideo Kojima and then pray that he does MGS4…


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