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mercury meltdown

I continue to review the best games for Sony’S handheld console PSP, which marked last year. Released shortly after the PSP went on sale, Mercury was a platform-based puzzle-style game that was an opening for the new console. At that time, it attracted attention with its innovative game structure compared to its supporters on the market and became one of the best-selling PSP games.

The Legend Continues

The biggest factor that made mercury popular was the cute game structure. It was impossible not to think that such a production would continue. Before long, Mercury Meltdown was released. In meltdown, it has almost the same content as Mercury’s content. If you need to introduce a little for friends who have not played the production before; Mercury Meltdown (m.M), it actually resembles tilt or pinball games in a way. It differs from its supporters in that it contains a jelly-like character instead of a ball in its content and the platforms on which it is played. If you pay attention, you will find that games with jelly-like characters hold a lot on PSP and other platforms. Gish On PC, Mercury On PSP, M.Meltdown and Loco Roco would be a prime example.

Jellyfish character

Before starting the game, I suggest you finish the short Tutorial training mode prepared for you. In this mode, you can learn what is what, how the system works, and key functions as a basis in a short time. After the Tutorial is finished, you can start playing episodes in order to increase the difficulty levels. Each level contains various mazes, narrow paths, traps and bonuses. There are colored doors and systems that need to be opened to finish each section. This Color system forms the basis of the game. In the right corner of the screen, there is a color spectrum that shows which color mixes with which color, which color will give. Our jelly-like character also needs to take on these colors to open colored doors and systems. For example, to pass through a yellow door, you must first cut the jelly in half, then take one part of the red and the other part under the Yesil taffeta. Then you have to combine these two separate colored pieces, and you can now pass the resulting new yellow colored jelly through the Yellow Door. Basically, the gameplay is based on changing the character to the color needed to open or operate different colored doors and systems. We also provide the movement of the jelly character on the platform with an analog key. Only at this point, you are actually tilting the platform on which you are standing, not the character with the analog button. So the jelly begins to move, sliding in the direction of the slope. The platform on which you slide also contains various traps. As you move along a thin road, you can fall into gaps on the sides, change the direction you want to go on the moving ground, or slide on the icy ground and fall into a cliff. Of course, these are only numbered traps. There are dozens more varieties in the production. On top of all this, you have to race against time. If you do not reach the finish line within the time given to you, you will not lose the episode as in the previous build, but you will face a huge bonus loss. Buddha will be able to push you lower in the ranking. Sections that are easy at first become increasingly difficult and switch to nail-eating mode. At times like this, it will be healthier for you and PSP to take a break from the game for a while and try it later Dec.

Hop hop ten

Mercury Meltdown comes with around 160 stages, a new party game mode and Multiplayer mode. Party games include Tetris-based puzzles based on the main game structure, racing, ice-skating games, and more. Apart from a few rule changes, playing party bases Multiplayer is no different than playing Single Slayer. About some technical details. The graphics of the production look very good. The character’s physical behavior is also very well done, it really gives the impression of jelly. Sounds and music carry melodies in a style that can go to this kind of game without exaggerating. Control is provided in a short time to get used to and manage. A lot of fun is waiting for you thanks to Mercury Meltdown with its uncomplicated gameplay, cute jelly character, and sections that resemble a riot of color. I have no doubt that it is one of the best Puzzle-Platform games in the PSP world. Mercury Meltdown takes its place in the top ten on the PSP Top Ten.

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