Mercenaries: Playground for Destruction Review

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

The action genre is almost every certain head crown that is a lover of games. Maybe overcoming heroics that we can’t (and can’t) do in real life, maybe wanting to be in the places of charismatic characters in movies connects us to these games. However, most of the game market is made up of action games. Of course, when it’s called an action game, just witnessing moving chases and scenes where guns talk doesn’t mean the game is good. It is also important how realistic and how free they allow us to live events such as all the chases and raids that have happened. For example, if we look at GTA (Grand Theft Auto) games, we see that it is a game that has gathered everyone on the screen with the dimensions of freedom it offers to people. Not only freedom, but also walking around on a huge and living map, seeing that those around you continue their personal lives while doing your own work are important elements in the name of realism.

“What does all this have to do with the mercenaries?” you can ask. And you’re right. But as you take the game produced by LucasArts, known for the legendary games they’ve released and released by Pandemic Studio, and start getting some experience on it, you can think of it as a battlefield version of GTA for the Mercenaries. How? For example, missions: throughout the story, you will go to the places shown on the map, and you will try to perform the tasks you receive from important commanders in the places shown on the map. Moreover, you can confiscate every car you see on the road at any time, use it, or if you don’t want to perform any duties at all; you can wander around and even participate in races for money!

A single agent in the middle of a hot war.

Mercenaries are set in North Korea in the near future. As we can see from the video presentation that we first watched, consisting of real images of war, a serious war is raging in the region, and the nations are fighting among themselves. That’s how we get involved in the red apocalypse, whose main task is to “kill the deadly 52.” First, in the main menu, we choose one of 3 characters that are no different from each other except appearance, and we jump out of the plane with our Hummer vehicle and put it on the battlefield, so as not to search for action movies. Although the subject has begun to descend from the top, and we, unaware of what is happening in the environment, immediately go to the first command center and receive a briefing, and we begin an endless chain of missions.

As soon as we take our first mission, which must be done, and go on the road, if we look around, we see that a war that will not be interrupted is constantly going on. We’re a mercenary, and we’re not interested in what’s going on around here, but in the money we get as a result of our missions. Since the tasks we are going to do are technically always similar, we need to follow the map. At this point, as much as our weapons are necessary, our PDA comes into play. With the PDA, which we can use with the” Back “button, we can learn tasks, statistics, examine the giant map and track which members of the” deadly 52 ” have been caught or not.

When we examine the map, we see that different nations hold certain points in their hands. We need to keep our international relations constantly balanced, trying to prevent their enemies from entering these points. From the beginning to the end of the game, regardless of our understanding of the Mission, North Korea is always hostile to us. Our friendship with other countries that have a say in the region; South Korea, China and the Russian mafia is shaped according to our duties. For example, if we do a job on behalf of the Russians, the Chinese don’t like it, or vice versa. No matter what the tasks are, the truth that does not change; whoever we do a job for, that side begins to love us. As we travel between regions, if we enter an area that is our enemy, we naturally come under fire, and everyone in the vicinity begins to attack us. Either we have to serve on their behalf and win some sympathy, or we have to leave the place quickly.

How much a game can look like GTA.

We’ve been saying that mercenaries look like GTA, and now let’s go into more detail. The most important feature that creates a similarity between the two games is undoubtedly in the gameplay. The tasks we have to do are regularly shown on the map, and there are no conditions for us to go here and do the task. It all depends on our imagination. We can study the environment well, come in with the best plan, take care of everyone. Again, a feature similar to GTA is that our character is immortal. During any mission, our hero loses his power and goes to Agent heaven; his closest ally is resurrecting from the ground inside his base. Of course, we’re losing some money in the process.

Because we are running a mercenary, we must strive to choose our missions in a way that gives high profits. For example, when we need to capture one of the” deadly 52 ” Group, we are given two options: capture the person alive or alive. Although it is quite difficult to capture a closely guarded person alive, the fact that the money we earn is doubled makes the offer attractive. The easiest way is if we kill him at a distance, we have to go and scan him to identify the body. If approved by the data bank, we get our money. If you have chosen a difficult and profitable path and captured the target alive, this time you need to find an empty space and call a helicopter. When you put your man on an incoming helicopter, you collect a double prize money.

Although the mission system is decidedly the same (capture or kill person), we can also perform side missions for occasional entertainment. Just like taxi missions in GTA or missions that ensure community peace, mercenaries can do something for money and fun. At the very beginning of these, riding cars with a $ sign on them and participating in races. If we come across one of the vehicles we’re talking about and accept the mission, we can participate in checkpoint races in a war-ridden city. Even if we get paid for it, the beauty is to wander around to distract yourself a little.

A place surrounded by battles on four sides

In the Mercenaries game, our main task is the “deadly 52” Group, who have the code names of the cards in the deck of playing cards and are the chief architect of terror in the region. Although these personalities are known by name, their whereabouts are not known. Sometimes we do missions, collect clues, and sometimes accidentally discover the locations of these people. If, during our journey (we may be on a mission or wandering around), we come across a card symbol on the map, we have located a member. All we have to do now is drop what we have and immediately go to the place shown on the map and, as I just said, catch the person alive if possible.

Mercenaries is based on extremely solid foundations as a technical structure. Every object we see on the TV screen is very successfully drawn and the fog and blur effect that dominates the environment takes the visuals to the next level. Again, all the explosion effects were covered with their heads. Despite the huge maps, the ongoing battles and the destruction that we will create, there is never a slowdown and the game does not lose its fluency is one of the most important details. Apart from the awesome damage modeling of the vehicles, we can agree that the game is very technically successful if we ignore the tiny physics errors that have occurred.

As a result, Mercenaries, which is very similar to GTA, but contains so much innovation and beauty, stands in front of us as a production that every console user must definitely play. It is a production that should not be missed with a fairly high level of playability, a variety of missions and a fairly long game time

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