Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Mercenaries was released for the Playstation 2 and Xbox in 2005. In those years, he had already taken different approaches to the GTA phenomenon and received acclaim. According to the duties assigned to the mercenary, we destroyed the place, killed or kidnapped important people. A huge map in front of you and a short loading period, combined with the pleasant visuals of that time, were successful. During the intervening period, the sequel was officially announced, the release date was delayed several times, and finally Mercenaries 2: world in Flames took its place on the market.

I like money, especially me.

After a menu of beautifully designed banknotes at the opening, we choose our character and start the game. There are three characters; Mattias Nilsson, Jennifer Mui and Chris Jacobs. Your choice does not directly affect the subject and the course. There are very few differences between them. While Jennifer is running faster than the others, Mattias ‘ health is filling up faster than the others. You see, it’s a choice that’s all about your eye taste. According to the type you choose, there are just small changes in the dialogues. The point is, it almost doesn’t exist. When Ramon Solano, who we do business for, tries to kill us where he will give us money, we as mercenaries are filled with a sense of revenge, and we start working for the local guerrillas and the state to build our own team.

Death to Ramon Solano

We’ve got a whole map and our only helper. In order to move forward, you need to earn money, make an environment and get helpers to the team that will strengthen you more. At the beginning of the game, it is impossible to go directly everywhere. But after a few very short missions, the map gradually opens. With the help of a pocket computer with you, you can see where it is, whether people have a task for you, and you can shop from there. The gameplay is basically based on going and performing tasks from a group, earning the right to access money and equipment in return. Every part of the map is in the hands of certain people, and who works here becomes important. Those who fulfill their wishes and are hostile to the group you are friends with automatically become enemies to you. As they pass through their territory, they open fire, they can even smash the vehicles you use.

Another important item besides money is fuel. After your purchases, you can use the vehicles, weapons and air support added to your computer with the amount of fuel. In the old game, the layout was more useful. As you go forward, you can use what you can use for money, and you can buy it directly at that moment. Here, you can First perform tasks for the place where you will shop, then buy what you want and put it in storage, and then use it if you have enough fuel. The options are quite extended. Dozens of air support attacks, anti-tank rockets, herpes-powered bombs for buildings, small jet skis to use at sea to boats with rockets, various tanks and helicopters are available. Not only by buying, you have a chance to steal tanks, flying helicopters that you see on the normal street. There are short mini-games around here. If you can press the buttons on the screen in time, you succeed.

The place where happiness with money occurs

The only thing that adds value to the game is the tools and support you can use on this order. But according to the first game, the menus were a little complicated and boring. You can only reach 3 tools instantaneously at a time. You create a kind of favorite list and quickly choose from them.

To get to the general list, you have to stop the game and navigate through the menus, which affects the atmosphere you live in at that moment. It would be great if there was a more useful design that could be reached for all requests during the game. Apart from Normal tasks, there are many side tasks that you will notice as you navigate. It’s like catching wanted people, blowing up certain buildings. And money and equipment were distributed around. When you mark it and notify your pilot, he comes and collects it all. Let me come to the missions, the missions are for some reason far behind the first game. Certain patterns are created, and soon you realize that you are always doing the same things. The tasks you take on are either to surround and capture a place or to destroy a particular place. The producers will have noticed that later, they put a lot of irrelevant work in between. For example, racing on a jet ski or boat. Unfortunately, there were no studies that could positively affect the way the game went straight. Looking at the gameplay in general, it seems far from the success of the first game.

The world is not as Dusty a place as it seems

The first Mercenaries were visually pretty good. Especially the Xbox version works very fast, and despite the explosion and action, there was no slowing down. Mercenaries 2, on the other hand, has made almost no visual improvement. Same coatings, same water effect, Same Sky. And yet, the charts are a little behind time. The power of the Xbox 360 we have has almost never been exploited. Sometimes, when small details are caught in your eyes, you say yes, there is light, but the goose’s foot is decidedly not. For example, when the helicopter approaches the ground, the trees shake, almost all the buildings collapse, the trees ignite when you throw incendiary bombs are pleasant snapshots. On the other hand, it is not nice to always see the same vehicles on a huge map, sometimes notice two different coatings when you look at the ground in wooded areas, when you kill the driver, the engine still remains flat, even if it hits somewhere. In addition, no attention has been paid to character animations. So much so that in the game, our hero doesn’t even move his mouth when he talks.

The deceptions are very traditional in small videos. Besides, the game has a lot of mistakes and shortcomings. Especially the physics engine works like we’re on Mars. A whole tank can go up a steep hill, but you can’t. Artificial intelligence is just as unsuccessful. It’s not just your enemies, it’s bad for those who are on your side. They’d rather be stuck in buildings than support you. Visually, the most successful field is explosions. Especially the tanks with fuel in them are very high quality and explode differently. In the same way, it is clear that buildings are being destroyed and vehicles are being blown up. Let me come to multiplayer options via Xbox Live, which is the other side of the coin. The feature that amuses me most here is that the game is Co-op, so 2 people can play normally. You can enter a game created by your friend and perform tasks with him. The money you earn is processed into your character and valid in the world you play on your own machine. The pleasure you get when you play together doubles.


Mercenaries 2: World In Flames is overshadowed by the success of the first game overall. Simple and short-lived tasks, repetition of gameplay, air support, which is the most pleasant feature, remain in your course because of the menu of vehicle transfers. Fortunately, the game’s Co-op option over Xbox Live saves some work. A creation where you can spend fun time with your friends, even if you don’t fall too hard on yourself.

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