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men of valor

We were doing another of our usual boring walks. In the front, Lieutenant James, in the back, we were walking under the stifling heat, praying to get rid of these damn plants. There were bugs and pests everywhere. The lieutenant suddenly stopped and raised one hand and made a sign. The meaning was simple; get down on the ground and be quiet. I think we hit a mine or a booby trap again. There was nothing else the Vietnamese did. They laid traps all over the place, waiting for us to get to the bottom of their noses without making a sound, and then suddenly attacked us and tried to catch us off guard.

Again, we lay on the ground and waited quietly, so as not to be caught off guard. But things weren’t going so well at the lieutenant’s. Because he was constantly cursing, using his tools so quickly that he shouldn’t have used them. I couldn’t tell if it was gunshots from afar or thunder, but judging by the clouds in the air, my second thought outweighed it. At this time, we heard a sound too loud to say Thunder. When I looked at the lieutenant, he was lying on his back. I thought his left leg was broken by the way he stood, but judging by the blood coming out of his head, the fracture didn’t matter much anymore. The bomb still hadn’t gone off, but a Vietnamese sniper had shot his lieutenant in the face. A brief silence was replaced by repeated screams and gunshots. As for the Thunder, I was right, proved by more intense rain than I’ve ever seen in my life. We were taken by surprise…

The drama behind the Vietnam War

2004 is very fertile in terms of FPS. As the games we have been waiting for for years have come to market, many games that we have only heard of and are not quite sure what to face have taken their place on the shelves right now. Of course, some of them were very successful, while others turned out to be “fos” if the phrase was in place. Men of Valor is an FPS that has been on the agenda for some time, raising expectations when you look at the team behind it, and dealing with the famous Vietnam War. The makers of Men of Valor are none other than the 2015 company that won the award with the Medal of Honor. So there is no doubt that the quality of the game, or at least the atmosphere, will be very good. To be honest, we’re pretty full of war games right now, even war games on Vietnam. But MoV is a game that goes into the psychology of war so deep that no war game you’ve ever played can go down. As he reveals the brutality on the battlefield, he is interested in the soldiers and how they are affected by the war.

When we say soldier psychology, we’re talking about the character we control. Our character in the game, Dean Shepyard, is a rookie soldier who just finished training and came to experience his first combat experience during the most intense period of the Vietnam War. After a very brief training phase at the beginning of the story, we jump into the battlefield. Dean constantly writes to his family, telling them what he’s been through. So we better understand the impact the war has had on Dean. Our friendship with our teammates throughout the game is at a high level. As the missions progress, our friendship strengthens, our lost comrades mourn behind their backs. Sometimes, soldiers who cannot overcome their sadness get angry and shoot more at the enemy.

The way the script is handled is like watching a movie. At first, when we were playing American football and joking with our friends in the camp, we suddenly grabbed the gun and started shooting with the sounds of bombs. Just like in Medal of Honor, we have to perform countless missions throughout the scenario, adapted from real battle notes to the game. Sometimes we have to do secret missions, such as infiltrating, while protecting certain points.

A FPS with the reward of sin

Although it pays attention to detail and combat Psychology, Men of Valor is ultimately an FPS game and is reminiscent of Medal of Honor in its overall structure. We can think of it as a version with a little more emphasis on cinematography. Especially in the background of the war, the events were given a lot of attention. At the beginning of each mission, there is necessarily a cinematic event. For example, when you yell and shout at a Vietnamese man who doesn’t pull his donkey out of the way, he is stunned by the fact that the woman suddenly pulls out her rifle, you understand that you should suspect everyone. This kind of thing happens to us a lot. I once really believed in the lady who was kneeling before us and crying, and I turned my back and left, and then I realized that I had made a huge mistake. It’s not known if the game is too pro-American, 90% of the Vietnamese villagers you’ll see along the way are shooting at you. In short, you should never trust the villagers when you play the game. As a soldier said during the conflict, ” the best Vietnamese are dead Vietnamese.”

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There are many details that put Men of Valor one step ahead of ordinary FPS. At the very beginning of these things is that we fight as a team throughout the entire game. You’re never alone, you’re always behind the trenches with your soldiers. On inter-mission journeys, sometimes in the tank, sometimes in the back of the truck, you chat, listen to James Brown. You can examine almost every enemy body you’ve killed, see if there’s anything useful on them. You can also use enemy weapons if you want. It is enough to go to them and hold down the “Y” key to search for enemies, but since this job takes time, even if it is short, you become an open target. First you must make sure that the enemies are finished.

In the game, which is mostly set in the woods since it tells about the Vietnam War, trees and plants become both our friends and enemies. Although the shrubs that surround all sides are a good advantage for hiding, the Vietnamese use this feature much better thanks to their camouflage clothes. Sometimes you can’t tell they’re there until they’re right under their noses, or when you do, it’s too late. Men of Valor is a game that needs to be slow, careful and absolutely step-by-step. We have to use a lot of the tactic of hiding behind trees that we met with FarCry. We also use a lot of tactics to shoot from the point where we’re hiding and hide back. It’s as important to use combat positions, such as standing, kneeling, and lying on the ground, as it is to hide behind trenches. Of course, we can’t always implement these positions. That is, when we lie on the ground covered with bushes on all sides, we can’t see anything but the grass in front of us, and when we stand on our knees, we can’t make a sudden move because our movement is very slow. In short, the most reliable point is again behind the trenches.

Too fast for a bleeding soldier…

Men of Valor’s health care system follows a very different path. As always, our soldier has a life indicator and falls when he gets hit. But here there is a different path. As soon as we get injured, the part of our power that needs to go becomes translucent and quickly goes down. It means our soldier is bleeding and needs to be bandaged immediately. In this case, the bottom left corner of the screen indicates that we should press and hold the “B” key. By pressing the button, we stop the bleeding, and our health indicator stops before it goes down any further. Here is what should be considered; do not move at the time of winding. If we are at the moment of movement, our soldier cannot fully make the bandage and the bleeding does not stop. Of course, if we’re caught right in the middle running between two trenches, we’ll have to run to the nearest trenches and suffer the consequences, since we won’t be able to stop and wrap it up.

In a game that reflects the Vietnam War very realistically, sometimes we encounter enemies who have become almost whole in the trench. We can’t approach these trenches or neutralize them by firing from where we are. What he’s going to do is either throw a grenade or throw a beacon and notify the Air Force. The fact that the place in question is under aerial bombardment is the final solution. Of course, situations like this are often reported to us by the game. So if an airstrike is necessary, the lieutenant tells us, “go and throw a signal bomb there.”

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Fighting in rice paddies is not like barbecuing in the backyard.

Men of Valor’s specifications are cold-blooded. The graphics are very successful to the extent that the console has a highly overhauled version of the Unreal Engine. The light effect, which floats between frequent tree branches, the translucent layer on the swamp and the plants that move up to each leaf, allows us to live in the forest like a forest. Although the character details are not very high-end, they are at least as good as Medal of Honor. The animations are also very successful. The controls, unfortunately, are not as successful as the graphics. It’s almost impossible to be serial, especially when it comes to aiming. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for the comfort of aiming at Halo. However, it is easier to zoom in and aim the screen with the Left trigger than it is standard. And the choice of weapons is very good. In total, we can carry 3 weapons and one bomb. We make the selection between them with the normal control key. Some of the weapons are suitable for close combat. We can use the hilt of some weapons for close combat, while we can use the bayonets of some weapons.

Sound and music is what I think men of Valor should be applauded for. Music that changes depending on the environment and conflicts is great. Especially when walking through the conflict-free Forest, music playing with local tunes is only so befitting a Vietnamese game. I’d say the sounds are better than the music. You’re talking to your teammates almost every moment. During a Normal walk, they joke and sing songs, while they quietly call out to each other when dangerous situations approach. And during the war, it’s a riot. The sounds of guns and bullets coming from all over the world are mixed with the screams of both American and Vietnamese soldiers. It’s especially nice that Vietnamese soldiers who do kamikaze dives, which we often encounter in movies, run at us shouting as much as they can before they die.

Multiple games I want to go for the water stops flowing

In Men of Valor, I came across the most successful multi-game mode since Halo. Every mode supported by the X-Box console is available in Men of Valor. Whether you plug up to four game-pads into your console and play co-op mode (i.e. shoulder-to-shoulder fighting), or connect and play up to 12 consoles with System Link (i.e. LAN). Xbox Live If You Like! play via the internet. We can play Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Multiplayer mission, Recover the Documents and Search and Destroy on 10 different maps.

As every game will have flaws, unfortunately, Men of Valor has many mistakes. At the very beginning of these are artificial intelligence errors. Because we have to constantly move in teams, the soldiers next to us are under the control of artificial intelligence and can make absurd moves from time to time. It can happen that they are on top of each other and subjected to strange animation errors. Another issue is that the load times are extremely long. I haven’t seen this much loading time since Ninja Gaiden. When you throw the game Harddiske, the load time decreases significantly. Finally, if we take into account the difficulty of the controls, we can say that not every game lover has a fee and it is a game that requires patience.

Men of Valor shows that it is very different from the ones on the market with its successful script operation and the soldier psychology it has studied in depth. If you can get used to the difficulty of the controls and ignore the errors, you have an FPS game that you can’t let go of.

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