Medal of Honor: Frontline Review

Medal of Honor: Frontline

Those who played the first two games know that our hero in the Underground was Manon. The main boy in frontline is Jimmie Patterson, the main hero of the first game. 2 again.In a game that has given us much of World War II (which you will join when you see the famous Normandy landing at the entrance to the game), along with Jimmy, various sabotage plans, infiltration of enemy bases in disguise and obtaining secret information, etc. we blend in with the Nazis, taking on such tasks. Among our mission locations in the game, which offers single-player and mission-based gameplay, are European countries such as France and the Netherlands.

Frontline will be no stranger to those who know old games, because there are so many similarities, from style of play to quests. But Frontline offers much wider section designs than previous games, thanks to the PS2’s extensive capabilities. In other words, the new playgrounds are designed in a much more detailed and wide format. As always, our duties to US 2.It’s told as if it’s in the mood of a documentary, along with real footage from World War II.

Along with the developing technology, the graphics are very much ahead of the old ones, and this visualness is really dazzling. The improved character animations and modeling are really good, let alone the fact that enemies react to the point where they are hit. All of this is a fun 2 along with the game’s generally good artificial intelligence level.He made a play about World War II. The enemy soldiers from time to time, and rarely aksasada artificial intelligence enemies ‘heads’ like you hit a fatal spot ever vurulmamisca so they can move into, such as (like in this event, the long-only at the points of character animation can be) in a team, although there are small problems, these impressive atmosphere of the game between might be largely ignored.

Although it is not everywhere, the environment is one of the plus aspects of the game, such as the decor and the ability to engage in interactions such as shooting and smashing units. In addition, the fire and explosion effects are beautifully transferred to the game. Only at certain points where the environment and background details are intense, the graphical fluency of the game can be reduced in a way that does not affect the game. But this is not a problem, because it has no immediate effect on the gameplay and tempo of the game. It’s just that when you pay a lot of attention, this situation stands out a little bit.

The game’s developed control system is conveniently transferred to Analog sticks, giving good playability-although it is sometimes a little difficult to aim at points that require some fine tuning… The Multiplayer mode found in Old Games, which is not very good, is not available on frontline. In other words, this game is completely focused on the single-player mode, and the result is an easy-to-play and equally fun game again.

The sound effects and music, which are always the best side of the Medal of Honor series, are also prepared in a quality that can be called excellent. If you have a good sound system, you will feel as if you are next to you. The Nazi speeches in German and the Opera/orchestral music in the play, the most beautiful, are incredibly impressive. The footage in the Credits section already shows how unprofessional the preparation of these music is…

As a result, Frontline continues the success of the Medal of Honor series in the PS2 release and more than deserves to be one of the best games of the year…

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