Mass Effect Review

Mass Effect

The name Bioware is different for many RPG players. Baldur’s Gate, the first Neverwinter Nights and Knights of the Old Republic were classic productions in the game world. It was a firm that talked about its experience in RPG in every way. It endeared the RPG genre to most players. The company that is collecting appreciation has two games coming out this year. One is Jade Empire, which was previously released on the Xbox but has been adapted to the PC, and the other is the long-awaited x360 exclusive Mass Effect. In particular, Mass Effect X360 was a game that users have been waiting patiently for for a while. The described features and the fact that the producer was Bioware were, of course, appetizing. Comments have been made about the game for a long time, they have been talked about. Now ME has shown itself and it is up to us to play this unique epic as well.

Finally, it was desired

Mass Effect was originally a game co-written with Dragon Age, which BioWare had long developed. Dragon Age is a project that has been developed for years, but has not been released. Material about the game is also limited. Not a single screenshot has been shown in a long time. While the mystery at the top of Dragon Age still remains, the long-developed Mass Effect has completely appeared.

The game has a really complicated and interesting subject matter. But in short, there is a very strong race of robots around at the time. 50,000 years ago, this race waged a great war to destroy all living organisms in the Galaxy. But somehow it stops and the danger passes. In the time after this event, people and other races sit in a structure. Then there are a thousand kinds of intrigues and behind-the-scenes cabinets, developments. I don’t want to elaborate on the subject, it’s spoilers. Discover for yourself the subject of Mass Effect as you play best and get into the details.

The first notable aspect of the game was the dialogue system, shown and narrated by various videos. According to many, this dialogue system would be a revolution for the RPG genre. Classically, in RPGs, an NPC speaks and answers with long sentences appear. We listen to him until his last sentence, and we choose the long answer and bring the rest. Sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to interfere with it or respond in short sentences in general. More or less, the dialogue system is usually in this kind of form. In Mass Effect, it’s different. That is to say; we don’t have to wait for the character we get information to speak. We can make sure he doesn’t extend the subject any further, or we can move his speech in another direction. We have the capability to interrupt his speech. It was also left to us to get the necessary information from the NPC. In a softly polite state, we can learn the details from him on the subject, or vice versa, we can be more compelling. In doing so, the answer options were also kept short. Such long sentences do not appear. User-friendly dialogue system is really successfully installed. The production features a lot of dialogue. Let me also note that 2.5 million words are included in the game. So much of the dialogue was used in the game. A lot of information is processed in the dialogues. We can learn many details about side missions or the main scenario. It may sound boring for players who don’t like much conversation, but there’s no case for being boring given the type and content of the game. But let me point out that the game requires really good English. Especially in order to get the details of the subject and get information about the tasks, you need a good follow-up and English.

Other civilizations

After the dialogue part, the other mechanics of the game are the combat part. Construction does not have the usual turn-based and time-stopping system. On the contrary, there is a real-time, team-based system where time is not stopped. We have two men with us. We can give them specific orders. According to these orders, they stand in a certain place, follow us and engage in combat. In fact, there are basic simple orders that we are familiar with from most games. But given that the combat system does not have a real-time and time-stopping feature, this is ideal for solving the situation.

But let me point out that the combat side of the production does not outweigh, the action parts remained weak. 2 more because it is already an RPG game. the plan was dumped. In general, conflicts are about hiding behind something and shooting each other. That’s what I saw playing. Another reason for this is that artificial intelligence is not good enough. Our men are following our orders. But it would be a mistake to expect something rational. Likewise, enemy AI is not very good. They’re just entering combat and resisting US. If we collect the overall weight of the game, personally, the combat system is enough for the game.

The beginning of the game may seem a little boring. We’re running around like we’re doing municipal business, and we’re in constant dialogue in general. But the Mass Effect officially opens itself up from here. Because we take our spaceship, travel to various places, and the real adventure begins. We have the opportunity to go to many places in the Galaxy. But after a while, it becomes clear that most planets that go are clones of each other with slightly different varvations. Our people are joining us according to the script. We do various tasks in the production. There are also side missions outside the main scenario. But the side missions remained weak. Character development in Mass Effect is as balanced and well-established as the usual BioWare classic. It would be a mistake to expect a missing system from a company already adept at RPG like Bioware. We do tasks, earn experience points, and strengthen our character. They arranged it very well. You can distribute experience points manually or automatically if you want. If you have experience in the RPG genre before, you already need to skip the automatic option.

The inventory decoy in the game is not very useful. So it’s not user-friendly. Personally, I expected something better. He’s really confused, and sometimes he can get a little confused. I don’t understand why it happened, but I don’t like it.

We find various items in the game. These are weapons, armor, various parts, etc. We’re sharing them among our men. In the same way, in the game, we have the ability to interfere with weapons during conflict. We can do it at any time when we’re fighting. The weapons and items we encounter will satisfy the players. There’s good content. Besides weapons, we have powers called Biotic. Biotic powers are often the kind that will save us. In some difficult moments, they are right at the beginning of our application tools.

Unreal 3 power

Unreal 3 Engine, now starring in the production of many games, forms the visual aspect of Mass Effect. The first remarkable point in the graphics is undoubtedly the face modeling. Especially as soon as you enter into dialogues, you can feel that you are talking to a real being. Their facial expressions and reactions are perfectly reflected visually. Apart from this, the graphics are obviously not like facial animations. The background is rendered in more detail in the game. But despite this, there is a good visual.

I’d say the sound part is the strongest side in the game. In addition to excellent facial modeling, there are also excellent vocalizations. In Mass Effect, it is impossible not to be affected audibly as you are affected visually in dialogues. In the same way, the sound effects in the game are very well done. Another quality part is the game’s soundtrack. The music is just amazing. There’s a track playing on the Credits screen that you can listen to many times. From this direction, I take my hat off to BioWare.

It has a visually impressive character creation screen. We can choose our character as a man or a woman. As a result, Mass Effect is a great RPG game with its own universe, excellent face modeling, dialogue system, deep detailed scenario. Bioware did the best he could and presented it again. Absolutely all RPG lovers need to play. It was also said that Xbox Live would offer some more content to the game. There will also be a sequel to the game. It has already been stated that it was prepared as a trilogy. Enjoy the game…

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