Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky Review

Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky

For those who can’t get enough of Mass Effect, one of the most popular science Fiction RPG games that we don’t often see, the first additional package of the game is called Bring Down the Sky. Although a wide and open universe, as described in the videos before the production came out, did not offer us a beautiful combat system, the quality of the presentation managed to become one of the most vocal productions of the year when it came out with its subject matter.

Deep events

Events begin when a radical Batarian group hijacks the portable asteroid station in the Asgard system and readjust it to crash into the nearby colony, the Terra Nova system. The first factor that triggered these events was when humanity began colonizing the Skyllian frontier in 2171. There is already a colony of Batarians living on the Skyllian border, and this is not very welcome by them. The Batarians intervened and asked the Sitadel Council to announce that this region was under the control of the Batarian race, but their request was rejected. After that, Batarian severed his ties economically and diplomatically and began to take on a mood that resorted to illegal actions within themselves. By transferring money and weapons to criminal networks, the government has begun to maintain a constant policy of organizing attacks against humanity trying to colonize the border region. The rest of the universe is as insensitive to the problems of humanity as ever. Problems in this region are still ignored by the lack of evidence. Of course, it derives its power against the humanity of the council from the contract between the multiple races of the council. The average Batarian knows that any news entering and leaving the country passes through the Ministry of intelligence. There is also the fact that this news is only approved by the government.

Expanding galaxy

Only we and our talented crew are faced with an adventure that can be prevented and the rest of the universe is insensitive to humanity again. To prevent the deaths of millions of innocent people, we need to stop the asteroid before it reaches its ultimate goal. This first downloadable add-on package, Mass Effect, expands the universe a little further and gives us about 90 minutes of additional game time.

The package is available for download for PC and x360 users. Any Xbox user with a 400 MS score can pull and play this pack. Package for PC using your original CD-Key download at. Then you can embark on this adventure by opening a registered game and moving from Normandy’s deck to the galaxy map.

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