Mario Kart: Double Dash Review

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Fun? Here you are, in the right place.

The first names that come to mind when it comes to racing games are NFS or Burnout series. These games are also at the forefront of danger, ruthlessness; but there are some that fall into the category of racing, which is based solely on entertainment. And there are heroes we admire. Here’s Mario Kart: Double Dash’tam is a game that covers what I told you.

Nintendo’s gift

The MKDD, produced and distributed by Nintendo, will satisfy you very much in terms of entertainment. Released on Nintendo’s GameCube console in 2003, this production comes as a gift next to the console and only takes up 3 blocks of space on the Memory card. You can get used to the controls of the game in as little as 15 minutes. Now let’s get into the details.…


Looking forward ,we attach our mini Dvd to the GameCube (at least I did). After this stage, a voice called ‘Niintendoo Yihhuuu’ greets us and our main menu comes to the screen with a cheerful music. After saying” Start Game”, we encounter options. A maximum of 4 people can play the game simultaneously in Multiplayer. That must be the most enjoyable part. When we select the single player option, we come across the Grand Prix and Time Trial options. From here we choose the Grand Prix (the other option is for the time record) and we are asked ‘CC’, which we have not encountered in the games. I mean, horsepower. From the powers given as 50-100-150, we choose the appropriate one. After this stage, Mario and his family (friends, enemies, brothers, etc.), who we will remember before, meet us. If you need to count the characters tell you the list known;

Mario: The Protagonist
Luigi: Mario’s brother and supporter
Wario: Mario’s twin created to disrupt his plans
Yoshi: Yan hero
Mario’s princess and her companion, Donkey Kong-son and many Nintendo characters alongside them

We’re finally ready, control the wheel, Mario!

After two characters choose our racing machine and track, we start without loading time. This race consists of 8 vehicles, which means that there are 16 characters, and they all have different skills.

During the race, there are occasional decks on the road. When we get these boxes, there are interesting and useful items such as banana peel, fireball, bomb, turtle shell, trap pack that we will use as weapons against other contestants. We throw one of the items coming out of the box (whichever came) to our opponent who is in front of us or behind us and cause him to stumble or somersault. I have to say, this job gives you a lot of pleasure.

In the game, there are short tournaments consisting of four tracks, i.e. 4 races, similar to the Career mode of the NFS. If you pass these tournaments, new racing cars and new tracks open.

Graphics, sounds

The graphics look very different from those of today’s games. So it would be wrong to compare in the same category. It has graphics more like a cartoon. Already in a game like this, chirping images are going well. Meanwhile, Nintendo also uses the same graphics engine in similar games.

As for the voices, I think the biggest plus of the game is the voices. If you ask why, the crying sounds of our baby heroes, the ‘Yihuu’ sound that Mario makes after winning the race, the disgusting scream that Wario makes after winning the race, and many other interesting sounds increase your sympathy for the game.

Mario Kart: Double Dash is one of the first games that those who want to reach the climax of fun on the GameCube console must play. Although some call the GameCube a children’s console only because of the Mario series, I hope that you do not mind them and are aware that this production is only produced for entertainment purposes (the game is already entertainment in a sense), and I definitely recommend it to you.

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