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marine park empire

Recently, there has been a movement in tycoon-style productions again. Where we use the word Tycoon, you can tell that we’re trying to build and operate something. In fact, we have become able to play tycoon of many items that we can come across in social life. We can also say that there are creative ideas. Producers are trying to ensure that such games are included in a computer environment with maximum realism, but often this does not happen completely, and they cannot stand in front of us as very successful productions, usually due to playability and poor artificial intelligence. However, we are determined to play different tycoons, at least as an idea, they sound beautiful and enjoyable to play at first.

What is this place?

Now there are many varieties of tycoons, Railways, amusement parks, hospitals, casinos and many other productions that we have perhaps forgotten to count. The tycoon that we will talk about in this article is the kind that we build and run a zoo. In addition, as can be seen from its name, at Marine Park Tycoon, we also need to pay great attention to underwater animals and their demonstrations. As the game progresses, their importance becomes more and more important, and we begin to lean on this event thoroughly. Our overall goal is to fill our zoo with as many different animals as we can. At the same time, we also need to review the characteristics of the animals and place them in suitable areas. In this way, we will attract visitors and earn more money and have the opportunity to further develop our park. We also need to develop visually, we need to create structures that will benefit visitors, we need to hire staff for the safety and cleanliness of the park.

The overall structure of our game in the RTS genre bears a lot of similarities to the Zoo Tycoon series, and we can even say that it is almost the same. It is only here that the importance is also given to aquatic animals and aquatic activities. The main menu includes Tutorial, Scenerio and Free Game. As I suggest to you in every production that has a tutorial, I recommend that you have an idea by playing the Tutorial section here. Although, if you’ve played Zoo Tycoon and the gameplay is still fresh in your mind, you can start scenarios directly. In Scenerio, we encounter various scenarios one by one, and in them we try to achieve the next scenario by accomplishing the tasks requested from us. As part of the tasks, things usually happen, such as achieving a certain amount of cash requested from us, performing the necessary training and building buildings. In addition, in Free Game mode, we enter our game by determining the surface shapes of our park and many other features. Without sticking to any scenario, we start an episode of the length we want and have the chance to test ourselves in a sense by building a park from scratch.

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Of course, the main event ends in the Scenerio episodes. When we start the episode, we see that the gameplay is three-dimensional. Thanks to the mouse, we can move the camera, rotate it as we want, or zoom in / out. Although we thought it might be easy at first thanks to the Mouse, we actually bristle in some places and can’t keep the setting. We also sensed a problem in the Zoom event, it is slower than normal zoom in / out and can become a little boring. Although it is three-dimensional, it does not promise anything graphically; even building, animal and human modeling looks bad. We do our operations from the menu on the left. By clicking on the animal icon, we can create places and fences where they will be comfortable, create the animals we want, and place various items and foods recommended for them in their cages. In addition, there is an icon where we can perform operations related to our staff. Here, we can hire staff who have various tasks to work in our zoo. There are those in charge of cleaning, those who feed the animals, those who have questions about safety, and more. Also, we can make a few buildings for them. Finally, one of the most important icons is the one about our visitors. Thanks to this, we can build structures where they can meet their various needs, so that we can earn their sympathy and earn extra income. It can take a while to get used to the side-by-side menus, and their lineup sounds a little complicated, which negatively affects the gameplay.

If they’re happy I’m happy

It is very important to ensure the happiness and comfort of the animals. In general, their happiness plays the most important role in the development of our park. When creating an animal, it should review its characteristics; how large the space they like, whether they like to live crowded or sparse, what structures they want around them or what kind of hut they want to stay in, we need to observe them all at once and create a cage that suits it. When we don’t create situations that fit them, they’re unhappy. Of course, one of the main situations we need to deal with is hunger levels, if we don’t deal enough with their hunger, they can perish. By lifting and lowering Earthlings as I wish, we can provide even more convenience to animals that are used to living in rough places. Inside the cages, we need to make deposits containing fresh water so that we can meet their water needs naturally.

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We’re talking about general features of the game, but they’re not reflected in a positive way. First of all, the progress of the scenarios is Strange. In other words, we are given various tasks within the episode, but both the gameplay is difficult and we do not fully understand what to do where. Sometimes, even though he has done everything according to the circumstances, the game continues to send us negative messages on the bottom screen, which after a while bores us from good to good. There is no charm in the way that the tasks are endearing to us, and this leads to us being bored very quickly. In our garden, there are many species of animals that we can evaluate, and all of them have different characteristics, but as we have just mentioned, applying them is not attractive due to various negatives.

In order to improve our zoo, it can perform various attractions and developments. These, Of course, are also of interest to visitors. It is extremely important for the development of our park, but nothing is on track so that we can come to the stage of development. We also need to take care of our staff and assign them various tasks that we want them to focus on within our zoo. Some must be responsible for the feeding of animals, while others must be responsible for the environment and even take care of the cleanliness of animals. The fees they charge are also completely under our control, and we can make changes as we want.

Although the pain was not given at first, the feature that we encounter later is the underwater events that also give the game its name. In our zoo, we can organize various pools, aquariums and various water Leeds where we can also display water animals. As a result, we can bring various gifts to our park and become more well-known. In our aquariums, there is a wide variety of fish that we can exhibit, wild or normal. This will probably be the most interesting part of the visitors. My only thought is, I hope you can hold on until these episodes.

Come on, Dad, I’m bored!

In general, we are facing a clone of Zoo Tycoon, but it will not be able to approach Zoo Tycoon remotely, and it will never be able to overcome mediocre. There is the ambiguity of menus and tasks, and a strange disconnect. Maybe you can give it to a friend at a young age and he can play with pleasure, but I don’t think Marine Park Empire can mean anything to game lovers.

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