Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure Review

Marc Ecko's Getting Up

There was an underpass I used to use on my way home from work, and the walls inside the walkway were colorful. Various writings, figures, Styles would make that gray cold concrete meaningful. They also appeared in other places; Beyoğlu, Taksim, Şişli, fashion, Kadıköy when I said I looked at the pictures everywhere. In fact, their real name is Graffiti; an art that appeared in the 1970s and has survived to the present day. The people who do these things have their own style, their imagination. The main thing is their ability, because not every person can take a spray paint in their hand and reveal such beautiful drawings. Graffiti may never be relevant in our real lives. Marc Ecko’s Getting Up connects us with graffiti digitally. Let’s also note that the production is banned in some places because of its content.

The art on the walls

We’re playing a character named Trane who lives in New Radius. He wants to be a master and a famous Graffiti artist. In the city alone, there is quite strict management, and they do not pity most people. A police force called Civil Conduct Keepers doesn’t forgive me, they dive right in and then arrest me. Apart from us, there are also groups that make their own graffiti and declare their territory. In a complex environment, we try to rise with our own style. Although it may actually seem an extremely simple subject when viewed superficially, some interesting situations arise as you play the game.

Marc Echo’s main menu is made in the form of a subway station. Although it is very nice, the only problem is the lack of mouse support, which occurs because it is transferred from the console to the PC. Between settings and other menu units, we go back and forth using the enter and arrow keys. When we want to open a new game or continue with a registered game, we enter the station directly from the tolls. Before we start the mission, we choose the styles of graffiti and glues that we will do. However, we can make these choices from the specific styles and colors involved in the production, unfortunately we do not have to write or paint according to our heads as we want. Still, there are options, and as you progress, the closed ones open up as well. After completing all this, the subway moves and we enter the game.

Perhaps the part of Marc Echo that I liked best was the introduction cinematography. As soon as I opened the game, I was greeted by a great cinematic. At the time you started working in production, I was greeted by a cinematic made with an in-game graphics engine. Trane’s little narratives and the names of those who made the game are mentioned in this cinematography, as if it were more like a movie opening than a game. Before we take office, Marc Echo makes a pretty nice entrance. Riddick had made such an entry before, like the movie, and it was quite impressive.

I’m out of spray. What do I do now?

I would expect the graphics of a game that has been in development for a long time to be better. Developed with the priority of consoles, the game was transferred to the PC platform did not appear a perfect picture. Graphics settings are unfortunately limited by resolution, so we can mark a maximum resolution of 1024X768. In addition, effects, fine-tuning, etc… options are not included. And when we enter the game, we are greeted by a screen that is above mediocre, but not very good. The floor and walls can sometimes slip out of the eye. A couple of shaky places, like they’re just acting out of fear. However, the graphics are not the kind to be humiliated and shrunken. Medium sugar charts occasionally bring GTA to the mind of a person. Gönül would like to improve the graphics and add Settings from the console, but what can be done. Also, although it does not have deliberate or excellent graphics, cross-section downloads can also take quite a long time.

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The sounds are absolutely wonderful, especially the narration and vocalizations are extremely fulfilled. Talib Kweli, Michael Berrin, two familiar names from Sin City, Rosario Dawson, and quite familiar names such as Brittany Murphy, George Hamilton and Giovanni Ribisi, voiced the characters in the game. Let us immediately note that some rappers and film actors work at Marc Echo. The sound effects are also extremely beautiful and smooth. Even the “Fisss” sound that it emits as soon as you use the spray paint, you can distinguish it. I liked the Soundtrack list of 25 To life, which I reviewed earlier, but Marc Echo’s is even better than it is. They are fully seated in the atmosphere of the game. Be sure to find it somewhere, listen, you won’t regret it.

Draw The Mona Lisa On The Wall

The interaction in the game, unfortunately, is not so much, and the places where we interact are specific. Among them are various objects, such as a wooden bench, broken walls, a few pieces of goods. In any case, such a game can not be expected to be an interaction such as Half Life 2.

The game has a certain mission system. It’s usually graffiti on that Wall, change the patterns here, run from the cops, etc… we’re doing missions. Although it seems easy at first, it becomes really difficult in the later stages. Interesting, but dangerous places happen, such as painting a sign on top of a highway or drawing a pattern on the side of a bridge. For example, on a highway with fast-moving cars, you may have to cross the other side, beat up enemy group members, and then make your own graffiti on their patterns. Crossing the street is a problem, because when you get hit by a car, you die directly. Let’s say you’ve passed, the members of the enemy group are crowded, you need to take them down. At first, easy tasks, after a certain period of time becomes difficult, you need to be careful.

We’re increasing our popularity by drawing Graffiti. There are only two types of Graffiti, the first is the colorful garish ones that you make for the task, and the others are your own patterns that you set or change before entering the game. If you complete what is for the task in a certain time given by the game, it returns to you as extra points, but there is no requirement to complete it in that time. The important thing is to do graffiti and accomplish the mission. What happens for the mission is usually done on the drawings of the group on the opposite side. Your own patterns are actually to draw here and there, use them in some missions, and get bonus points. You can throw your own motif wherever you want. In addition, when you do your own graffiti in certain places, it comes back to you as an extra. These are opening locked bonuses or restoring popularity points to you. In some missions, we also have to take advantage of them, such as turning the CCK tool in the early game into a clown. Our Graffiti patterns are in a notebook called” Black Book.” We enrich a lot by taking pictures of interesting graffiti that we see on the way to the Black Book, or by scribbling patterns in our notebook to the drawing Masters that we encounter on missions. So we can use these drawings later. In fact, apart from making Graffiti, we also have private labels and patterned ads. At the beginning, we draw pictures with our spray, and in the following parts we participate in other activities, such as posting ads.

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Blessed as Prince Of Persia

The Marc Echo action parts are reminiscent of Prince of Persia. We can climb up water pipes, jump from poles to Poles, cling to ledges and walk around the edges of buildings (we also do it in graffiti), roll right and left and make a few small combos. Some of the moves really evoke the POP series. We will use these movements in abundance to climb to high and dangerous places, such as painting a traffic sign on the highway or signing on the side of the bridge. We’re not just jumping and jumping, we’re beating up people. We have attractions like grabbing a guy and elbowing him or throwing him against a wall, slapping him. But most importantly, we have some special batting techniques. If you hit a punch or kick repeatedly, the screen slows down a little and you make a shot that makes your opponent kiss the floor. Although the animations and movements are nice in general, sometimes the controls can cause problems. Apart from that, the camera is problematic in some ways, although it can jam occasionally. In fact, it’s not that there are places where it stays in blind spots and drives you crazy. When you’re fighting or trying to get out of a place, you can be saintly on camera.

We choose our weapons from a variety of materials, such as a water pipe, a thick piece of wood, or a basketball. For example, you can throw a basketball at a person’s head, or you can smash a piece of wood in his head. Each item has a certain stamina, they break soon after.

Mother Earth

Marc Echo’s in-game interface is also beautiful. There are no such snaps as Buffalo eyes, Fox nose, which close the screen. We also have an inventory, we can access it by pressing the Tab key; we can spray it, label it, etc… we can choose and use it to make patterns or paste ads where we want.

The game begins to appear in bonus material that is locked in as you perform tasks or collect points. These are other playable characters in the game, Art works, some quests, etc… it’s made up of materials. In this way, we also have more information about the game. In addition, there are iPods that we collect in the production, which contain the music of the game. Each of these iPods belongs to a part in the game, so we can open and listen to the part that the iPod we collect has at any time.

Marc Echo is a Graffiti-based action game. Console translation is losing in some ways. A little more developed for the PC platform can actually be a much more wonderful construction. Kill the hero, but they say don’t eat his due, Marc Echo, despite some of his problems, it’s still a good production. As a result, Labor was shown and these were revealed. Some players may like it, some may not. I also note that the game does not support Mx cards.


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