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Blood, brutality, death, MANHUNT…

From the producers of Grand Theft Auto; perhaps the bloodiest game in the history of the game. In this game, to commit murder, to kill a man you will find all sorts of ways, every object that you find throughout the game will try to use as a potential weapon, the guy’s getting a taste for it after trying different things, instead of killing Fast, Slow and start looking for The Shape of the most brutal murders… this is what I said if it’s good enough to make your stomach heave, stop reading this article and we can avoid the game forever. Because this game can push the boundaries of brutality to the end when it comes to it.

Manhunt, as the name suggests, is a “manhunt” game. Although we perform various tasks throughout the game, we will basically kill every person that comes across US. Although the word” we will kill “now sounds very common to today’s players, there is absolutely no limit to”manslaughter ” in this game. We’re going to look for a thousand ways to kill people with just a garbage bag and a knife that will come to the place. Obviously, these different ways of killing are what make the game different…

James Earl Cash, the character we direct in our play, is a notorious criminal sentenced to death. Something unexpected happens when he is put on the death row, and a strange person named “the Director” gives him (and therefore us:) a second chance. This mysterious person named” Director ” becomes our boss in the game and we are doomed to do what he says. Although he gives us instructions throughout the game and sends us where he wants us to go, what he really wants us to do is commit murder. As you can see, a little (a little?!?) our boss, who is perverted, sends us to various neighborhoods and wants us to kill gang members, most of whom are tramps, one by one. But to do this little work of slaughter, we don’t arm ourselves enough for a small army, as we are used to in other games, and fall on the roads. In fact, on the contrary, we start the game bare-handed. Ordinary objects such as garbage bags, glass pieces, baseball bats, crowbars that we will find throughout the game will be our potential means of death. (Hmm, you’re interested, aren’t you ?)

“My greatest friend is dark.”(James Earl Cash)

The most important element in the game is privacy. It’s not enough that we just run away from the light and hide in dark environments to do that. Because when we run or hit any object in the vicinity (it can be a pebble when it comes to it, or a barrel when it comes to it…) from the sound we make, someone can get cranky and see us. Of course, sometimes we can also use this event to trap our opponents. So the interaction with the environment in the game is at a high level. It’s a cinch to throw a bottle we found on the floor in the opposite direction and sneak up on our opponent in the opposite direction and cut his throat. In fact, despite the fact that we have committed countless murders in this game, the important thing is not to be seen and not to be heard. When we have a solid weapon, we can also kill by standing in front of our opponent and fighting, but if we trap him and sneak after him (which our boss likes more murders involving extreme brutality), it becomes easier and we can earn more “style” points. Also, since “Cash”, the character we manage in the game, is not a very strong character, it is most reasonable not to fight and run if you do not have a significant weapon in your hand.

Speaking of” Style ” points, let’s talk about it a little bit. There are unlimited ways to kill our opponents in the game. As I mentioned before, whether you stand in front of him and fight with your bare hands, or kill him with tools such as stones, sticks, wires that you find around you, but just kill him! Since silence and secrecy are at the forefront of the game, it usually makes more sense for us to do our killings in a dark place, waiting for our victim to pass in front of us, quietly chasing him and finishing him off behind him. Already the basic principle of the game is such murders. These are called “instant kill” in the game, and they both earn more “style” points and offer bloodthirsty game lovers a style of shows they will like!

To mention a little more about this” instant kill “topic; the form of murder called” instant kill ” occurs in three extremes. That is, if you get close enough to the victim you’re chasing, Cash, whatever weapon he has at the moment, will lift it into the air, and then immediately press the X key, he will commit the standard murder applied with the tool in your hand. But if you hold down the X key when you go after your victim at a certain distance, the bar will turn yellow after a certain period of time and you will be able to commit your level two murder. If you can press the X key even longer, the bar will eventually be red and you will be able to commit your most brutal murder. Let me finish by giving a small example. If you assume that a piece of glass in your hand and kill your enemy’s first level by sticking a piece of glass down her throat, as if second-level execution if you perform a piece of glass sticking in the throat by his belly sink in after a few times, if you lastly, the third level of the execution of a piece of glass by thrusting mercilessly into the eyes of your enemy, if you perform while you perform. Of course, the example I gave here was for a piece of glass, these executions differ according to the gun in your hand, but each of them is definitely extremely violent…

“C’mon Cash! Just go and kill somebody.” (The Director)

The game’s graphics will be extremely familiar to those who have played GTA (Grand Theft Auto 3), because Manhunt was made using the same game engine. In addition, “noise effect”, which we will remember from Silent Hill, also adds a separate air to the game in this game. The animations are fine, but the” instant kill ” scenes are incredibly impressive. “Carcer City”, the place of our game, gives an old and rotten atmosphere as a structure. I’d say it’s not bad for the atmosphere of the city. But unfortunately, the buildings and textures on the walls in the game repeat themselves too much. Actually, although the graphics are like GTA graphics, they don’t look very good to me. I think manhunt’s graphics are a little behind them compared to the games with high-level graphics that have recently appeared on the PS2 platform.

If we talk about sounds; because silence is very important in the game, we don’t hear a lot of sounds throughout the game. But when we hear, they are extremely important, because sometimes we try to understand from their voices what our enemy, who is behind the wall, is doing. As a rule, our enemies can have interesting conversations among themselves, and when we come across them, we can’t stop listening. Sometimes we can witness them go a little overboard in their conversations and swear a lot.

The music playing in the background is a little disturbing due to the type of game and changes in parallel with the course of the game. In other words, slow-paced music that plays raucously inaudible can accelerate and create excitement when we are noticed by any enemy. As a result, for the overall sound structure of the game, we can not say what is very good or very bad, they are considered normal.

The gameplay of the game is very simple and comfortable. In the first part, we already have a very nice and descriptive exercise section and we get used to the controls without difficulty. Although the game is simple and easy to understand, after passing several episodes and following all the killing techniques of all weapons, the game begins to become monotonous. Although after the eighth episode, when firearms are added, the game moves a little, but now you are bored with the game.

A strange feature in the game is that when you are noticed by your enemy, you immediately grease the soles and run away, and you lose your mark by diving into the first dark place you find; but this can sometimes be quite absurd. For example, we enter the first Dark Zone that we find when we run away from your opponent at the last speed, our opponent first curses and tries to find out where we are, and then gives up and goes back to where he should stop. But it never enters the dark space where we are. So when you find a dark place, you have no chance of being noticed unless you make a sound, and this event makes the game too easy. In short, there is no artificial intelligence in the game to force such people.

Finally, what I can say about the game is that this game is actually quite solid, but contains too much brutality and profanity. I’ve never seen a game so uncensored and blasphemous in my life. But it’s clear he still brings a different style. The fact that my rating on the game is low is only because it contains excessive brutality. Good luck to those who say,” I don’t mind.”

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