Mall of America Tycoon Review

mall of america tycoon

Shopping is an indispensable hobby for all of us. And shopping malls are the beating heart of this hobby. Some just wander around and watch the storefronts, others visit these places to make a market. But the ladies, who are the main mass of shopping malls; they come out of the building where they go to buy one thing, with all their hands full of bags. Managers who know how to use this advantage well also know how to fill their pockets. If you care about shopping centers, I do better, I fill the interior with customers, if you say I carry er square.

Here, sir, the store is yours.

At Mall of America, our goal is to create a shopping center full of shops that will interest people. You could say it’s a typical Tycoon game. First, we start with an empty building and equip it with various shops. In the design of the building, there are regions that are yellow and orange. These are the places where we can and can’t do shops. Although we don’t have any shops at the beginning of the game, there are a lot of people walking around inside. The first thing to do should be the most popular ones, such as the clothing department and the music market. Then we also need to provide diversity, such as arcades and stores selling sporting goods.

The main menu of the game is quite simple. We’re getting all the options from the section on the right. We can get workers to the center with the man icon that appears in the first place. They consist of security guards, cleaners, mechanics and gardeners who take care of the flowers. There’s no need for a gardener without too many customers and flowers, no need for a mechanic without making too many food and beverage machines. Of course, as the number of people increases, all of them are needed, and the most important ones are safety and cleanliness. If we can’t provide enough security, thefts are increasing, and if we can’t provide enough cleaning staff, we’re losing customers because of the pollution around us.

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If we look at other objects in the right menu, we can access many unnecessary options necessary in the shopping center, from menus that we can make a building to tiny objects that we can decorate around. When organizing the interior, we must calculate the size of the shops well, evaluate the empty spaces well. The shop follows an ever-changing line of options. For example, if we want to make a restaurant, we have 2-3 different options. These can be options such as Chinese Restaurant, Italian table. If you ask him about his influence on the game, I can’t say that it has much effect.

Again, in building mode, we can also add details that decorate the environment, such as a trash can, bench, lamp, mini pool. Tiny details that make the mall look beautiful, although they don’t have a deep impact. You can decorate the environment with billboards and benches, add machines that give meals and drinks for customers to snack on. And the amount of money you will earn from them is not small. The game’s monetization model determines the amount of profit received from the shops made. You can get a certain portion of every shop’s profit.

What kind of mall is this?

Graphically drawing a rather mediocre look, Mall of America doesn’t promise much about sound either. Especially the bugs in the animations and the customers passing through each other offer a pretty bad look. Camera angles are pretty bad, although we go to free camera mode by pressing two mouse buttons at the same time, we can’t capture the angle we want.

As a result, we have a game that deserves to be proudly included among the mediocre Tycoon games. It can only attract the interest of over-enthusiasts of the genre and gamers who really want to create a mall. Under Normal circumstances, I’d say stay long.

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