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<We all wanted to be mobsters at certain times, including me. For the first time in my memory, I felt this feeling after watching The GodFather movie. He looked so charisma, I couldn’t help but be impressed. His gait, his speech, his accent were all individually fascinating. He’d have dozens of men under his command. He even had helpers to put on his coat. Everyone feared and respected him. One word of it was enough for you to see a body floating in the creek. Anyway. Because of these movies, not only us, but the producers will be impressed that they announced a game called Mafia. At first, it seemed like an ordinary game. And then his pictures started coming out. His graphics were very sweet. I found out later that it would pass in ancient history. I watched the in-game videos behind him, and it was over. And then I turned around and everyone was waiting for the Mafia. The grocery store, the butcher, the grocery store are screaming Mafia Mafia. Okay, I was impressed with the video, but what made this game so special? 1 month before the game’s release, when I was browsing the site, I read the following sentence about the Mafia: “Max Payne & Grand Theft Auto … in the 30s!”. After I got a little shocked and survived, I understood the butcher and greengrocer better.

A cabbie’s story

After the intro that you will watch when you enter the game, you will most likely go into shock. Shake and pull yourself together. In the intro, we witness a mob guy named Tommy meet and talk to a cop in a cafe. Tommy says he’ll tell the police everything about the gang he’s been in, and he wants him to help him get out of there. And you start the game, and you’re a taxi driver. From this moment on, the way the subject is handled is great. A firm experienced in Max Payne’s game gene thought of a very good fiction. We’re the ones you’re watching in the intro. So it’s about 2 sides. On the one hand, you are a mobster who has surpassed your last state, and on the other, you are a taxi driver who is nothing. Tommy tells the police everything that happened, and we play what he says. Fiction is great. The beginning of events begins on an ordinary night when he messes with his car in front of his house. Two cars are chasing each other, and there’s a constant conflict. And on the way to the street where you are, the car is damaged, and those who are in your taxi come and get on. Of course, by threatening to pull a gun. That’s your first foray into the mafia. As it progresses, the subject takes a different shape. It turned out that the man you saved that night was a very big mob boss. He says if anything happens, come to me. When you move a little further, you encounter those who were chasing you that night. They’re coming after you to smash your car and kill you. You’re going to the mafia with Can havli. That’s when the real events begin.

Doing… We were going to ask you to shoot someone.

When you start touring the city, you understand why the name GTA is involved in the game. I didn’t calculate it with full face measurements, but it’s a really big city. It’s 12 miles wide. Okay, maybe it’s not hard to build such a giant city. But imagine that the game took place in 1930. An American city has been officially created. No subtleties or details have been overlooked. Bars, hotel rooms, train stations, airport all designed in 1930. Everything from people’s clothes to vehicles is in the ‘ 30s. There are exactly 60 kinds of cars in the game. Among them, there are many options, from the cars we see in those books to the old Formula 1 car. But as with the GTA, we can’t get into every car. Some don’t ride.

In general, you ride all the cars in the game as part of the missions. People on the street are smarter than the GTA. For example, when you drive over them, they try to escape. And when you hit it, there’s no blood flowing like that. Usually, your car gets crooked, and the person you hit falls to the ground. There are 2 large dogs and 1 tunnel connecting the cities. You can go anywhere from the beginning of the game alone. There is a limitation. There is a bridge that looks like the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Okay, you can say what might be in it. Just look around when you cross that bridge. Every now and then, someone who wants to throw themselves goes up to the railing. Journalists, cops and people around him. Maybe the producers were inspired by Istanbul. Who knows?

Do you have a Magnum left?

Let’s talk about why they call the game like Max Payne. In the game, you get into conflicts many times. There are even Slow Motion videos in some places. I think that’s probably the word that suits the game for these things. It gets so complicated sometimes that you might be surprised what to do.Dec. For example, you are doing a normal bag collection task with 2 friends. When you get to the last place, all of a sudden you hear a gunshot, and your friend comes out injured. In other words, subjects and tasks may not go as they are given. There are 12 weapons. Baseball bats, machine guns, snipers, shotguns, Molotov koktelyi, Magnums, and the famous Thompson Tommy Gun. Of course, these are all prepared for 1930. It only exists in weapons that were used at that time, but are not used much now.

Speaking of missions, there are 20 missions. The producers aimed to leave the game to taste, just like Max Payne. But obviously they’ve evaluated the e-mails they’ve received. Although it may seem like a small number at first, 20 is actually a long task. As I mentioned, the course of missions can change. As a task, there are many interesting tasks, as well as classic tasks. Let’s talk about interesting ones, not classic GTA tasks. In the middle of the night, you are asked to take the car that will race for the F1 race that will be held the next day, take it to a special technician and modify it to go faster. You’re completing the mission. They call you to the track early in the morning the next day and ask you to race while it looks like a classic Mission. There are many more interesting tasks that can be said. Now you will discover them. A car shooting from the inside out, which can’t be done very well in the GTA, is great in the Mafia. You pull your arm out and you can hit any target you want with the mouse. And by the way, when you get into cars, there’s a speedometer. Many people had complained that he was not in the GTA.

Run, the cops are coming

Actually, for the Mafia, the police are not much of a factor. You will already see it and understand it better as you progress through the game. But the cops and the rules have been improved. When you don’t follow the lights, the police chase you where they see you and fine you. You can tell from the symbols that appear at the top of the screen when you commit a crime. These symbols indicate that you will be punished, arrested, wanted. For example, when you cross 40 in the city, you can get a penalty for speeding. But after seeing the warning above, if you continue to run or enter the street and hide, the symbol disappears after a certain time. His disappearance means you tore it up. People are helping the cops. For example, when you walk around with a gun in your hand, everyone looks at you strangely. When you fire a shot, the police immediately arrive at the scene.

Breaking up the city, like the GTA, is out of the question in the Mafia. No matter how many people I killed, no tanks or helicopters came. The reason for this is that the events happened in 1930. When you shoot someone in the middle of the street, when the police are after you, when you shoot someone in alleyways or decidedly secluded places, nothing happens. Buddha adds realism to the game. Or you got out of a car and killed someone. The police came right after you. You got in another car and started running. The cops are stunned. After a certain time, the symbol disappears, because they don’t know which vehicle you escaped in.

Tell me, man, who do you work for?

As the title suggests, we have come to graphics and sounds. The game uses an engine called LS3d. There’s a good side, there’s a bad side. Let me talk about your bad side first. If you want seriously robust graphics, you need a seriously robust graphics card. But such is not the case. As in GTA 3, most players will complain about this issue. So what happens when you exaggerate the graphics? First, the explosions are overly realistic. Shades and colors take you right back to 1930. There are serious changes going on in people and vehicles. Everything comes alive, etc. I don’t want to tell you this one by one. If you already have a tight video card, you will benefit from it all.

Let’s get to the bright side. No matter how much you do, the damage to vehicles is always the same. When you enter a car with a stick in your hand, the car is really crooked. Their moons break, their windows come down. It’s not just that. The wheels of a moving car can explode, which is very useful throughout the game. Even when you scan it with a machine gun, the tire even breaks off. Human faces, too. It was done very carefully, just like Max Payne. I think he’s very successful. They began to adopt the Motion Capture technique thoroughly. Now for the good news I come. If your video card is insufficient, the resolution is said to think. The company will take this seriously that the game supports up to the full 320×240 resolution. Almost everyone can play Mafia smoothly when you pull out the latest drivers of your video card and bring 3d settings to high performance from the screen features. As for the sounds. The music, of course, was prepared in 1930. There’s simple, calm music. I think it was a very nice choice. Car and gunshots are fine.

Final Words :

I think Mafia is a game that deserves high marks from every crater. Its subject matter and fiction are great. There’s no guarantee that everything will be fine while you’re on duty. Anything can happen at any moment. For those who want to hang out instead of doing tasks, there is a free Ride option. You can walk around the city any way you want and do whatever you want. There is also a section that provides information about the cars used in the game and that belong to that time. The fact that the game supports low resolutions will also make most people laugh. I think the only missing part of the game is that it can’t be played again after completing the tasks. So when you finish the game, you don’t want to play again. I think the producers did the Free Ride episode with that in mind. Bird game takes up close to 2GB of space on your hard drive and unfortunately there is no low option. Mafia is a game that will offer new ideas to producers on many issues and must be acquired and archived.

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