Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers Review

lord of the rings two towers

As it is known, The Game Of Two Towers, the second film in Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ series, which has millions of fans around the world, was prepared by EA for consoles only. Like the first game of the series, the second game is based on the film Two Towers. The producers paid great attention to all kinds of graphic – sound elements and struggled to come up with a game that would be played quite well and loved.

This new play includes many deceptions taken from the first two films, as well as interviews with many people who served in the film, such as Ian McKellan and Eliah Wood. Of course, it is possible to taste the film a little bit during the game. The game takes place even earlier in the Brotherhood of the Rings, meaning that the Elf and Human Alliance were involved in the great battle faced by the forces of Mordor. In addition, the game includes the battle against the Ringwraits in Wheathertop, the battle against Watcher in The water outside of Moria, and the battle against the orcs in the cave in Balin’s Tomb. The biggest reason Two Towers also quotes from the first episode is undoubtedly that the first game prepared for the Brotherhood of the Rings had little to do with EA and was a really bad game.

Yolgezer, Ranger, or Aragorn in other words

Everything is great with PS2’s superior graphics quality, from surrounding spaces to videos with in-game animations. All of the deceptions are photorealistic, meaning that the scenes from the film and the game’s own videos are intertwined and combined without any disconnection. This preparation of the deceptions was a point that really complemented the mood of the game. In-game graphics are also perfectly prepared, from images, character modeling, even breakable objects. A very good atmosphere is also created on the screen with effects such as fire, water, fog and rain.

In the game, we can enter the adventure as Aragorn, Gimli or Legolas. The battles in the game are quite difficult, which means that we can even be attacked by dozens of orcs at the same time. Even towards the end, when we try to save helm’s deep, we will be attacked by many different enemies and have difficult minutes. As in the film, you encounter so many enemies, especially when protecting the door and the walls, the screen fills up. So the story and action are transferred to the game in a very good way. As we experience these and such adventurous moments, there is not the slightest slowdown in our image, and the excellent sound effects complement the action perfectly.

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Actors performing voice-overs in the film perform their duties in the game exactly. To give an example of beautiful sound effects, the collision of swords with each other in battles, the screams of orcs, and the effect of this on the surrounding atmosphere is incredible. Especially when we play the game with a Surround sound home theater system, they will give us incredible excitement.

In two towers, we can also apply various combinations of strokes on our enemies in fights. We will manage our chosen character through challenging levels and try to achieve success against the boss creature at the end of almost every level. An example of these bosses is an octopus-armed creature or leader of the Uruk-hai found in the lake at the entrance to the Moria Mines.

Features have been added to the game that slightly affect the game. Every time we kill an enemy, we earn EXP. Experience points can vary depending on how and how long we kill enemies in a row. We can use these points to buy new combo moves, weapons, or shields for our character. These weapons and combos can also differ slightly depending on your character. It takes a little finger control to make solo combos, and even when we’re surrounded by a crowded herd of orcs, it can be quite difficult to do, so it can put us in danger.

Another aspect of Two towers that might be better is that the playing fields are a little narrow. In other words, the adventure could cover a wide area in some places, usually we constantly travel along a narrow road or linear route, only at the base of the helmet fortifications and gate, our playing field expands a little more. Because the playing field is narrow, there is not much of a hidden side of the game, so there are no places in the game where you can explore in detail. But the fact that the game was designed in this way tapered the Action aspect of the game, and there was a game in which the tempo never dropped.

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Draw your sword and enjoy chopping Orc!

Orcs are our general enemies in the game. In addition to Orcs that can be killed by small sword blows, we also encounter formidable orcs that carry armored and heavy weapons, such as the Uruk Hai. And in the caves, we will engage in difficult battles with Cave orcs. If we want the episodes we left behind, we can play with a different character again. For example, we can finish Plains of Rohan level first with Aragorn, then play Legolas and finally the same episode with Gimli. Reaching high levels in the game opens up various bonuses such as Hidden Levels, hidden playable characters and photo galleries.

Lord of the Rings: Two Towers is one of the games that should grace our PS2. Obviously, navigating the world Tolkien created and hunting Orc is quite fun, so the game is quite tight both in terms of gameplay and in concept. If you’re disappointed with Fellowship of the Ring, make sure you find what you’re looking for at two towers…


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