Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King Review

the lord of the rings the return of the king

The final film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy also finally entered the vision and, like the first two films, won great acclaim from viewers. But unlike the movies, The Lord of the Rings games that have been released to date have not gone far beyond disappointing. But the situation is changing a little now.

Return of the King picks up where Two Towers left off, and the story naturally parallels the final film. When you first run the game, immediately after the video, you dive into the battle as Gandalf in Helm’s deep.

After finishing this first part of the game, the script is divided into three branches. In the left part you can only play as Gandalf, in the middle part you can play as Aragorn, Legolas, one of the Gimli trio, and in the right part you can play as Sam(and in the last part you can play as Frodo). And when you finish the game, you have the right to play the part you want with the character you want. Also, as in the second game, hidden characters are opened. Hidden characters: Faramir, Merry and Pippin. Actually, I wasn’t going to explain these hidden characters, but then I explained it so that you wouldn’t be disappointed like me. You can also watch new episodes, as in the second game, as well as rotk’s concept work, along with interviews and opinions from the actors in the film.

Is it that easy to save Middle-Earth?

The game is extremely easy to play with Gamepad. Again, you can make various attack combos with many different key combinations in the game. Despite the fact that the console version of the game, unlike the PC, is very easy to control, the game will be difficult for most people at first. So there’s a sweet level of difficulty throughout the game. In addition, the character development system is also available in Rotk. Depending on your game, you can jump the level with The Points you get and buy new combos and features at the end of the episode. In this way, you develop your character.

The graphics and graphic effects of the game are again extremely successful, the characters are also prepared in quite detail. The atmosphere in the game is simply magnificent. As with Two towers, the transition from videos to games is very well provided, there is no disconnect. And the videos are usually taken from Two Towers and Rotk.

The music from the film is as great as the atmosphere. And the sound effects are pretty solid. The sound, music and atmosphere make you feel really at war.

Rotk has a much more enjoyable game mode than single player; it is also a Co-op mode. In this mode, the episodes and characters are exactly the same as the single player. The difference is that you can play the same part as 2 people at the same time. In this way, the game becomes more fun. Co-op mode was successful and beautiful on the console, unlike the PC. As with most console games, you must have finished the section to save the game. In addition, there are various checkpoints in single player, and when you die, you can continue the game through these checkpoints. Co-op doesn’t have a checkpoint system. Two players have the right to die a total of once. After you die once, even if the other player who never dies dies, you have to play the episode from the beginning.

Put the orcs to the sword!

Artificial intelligence, unfortunately, is not very bright. The men fighting alongside you are of no use. Even if they fight, they usually look like wood. In some episodes, you also need to kill enemies by number. In these cases, the top right of the screen says how many enemies you have killed and should kill. When you don’t kill a specified number of enemies, you don’t open a path or move forward in the department, which is ridiculous. Killing 50-60 or even 80 enemies in a row can squeeze people after a while. Especially when this number is about to end, it’s pretty frustrating to have to die and start the game from scratch. Those who play two towers will also remember such features…

After all, the pros and cons of the game overwhelm the cons. ROTK is the most successful LOTR game ever released. LOTR fans, action lovers and console owners should not miss this game. If you liked the action of Two Towers, make sure there’s more in this game! And finally, I recommend that you first watch Rotk’s movie and then play his game…


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