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london racer police madness

So many crimes are committed on earth every day. There are robberies, burglaries, burglaries, a wide range of crimes that we can’t think of yet and have shapes in themselves. In order to prevent all this, each state has its own security systems and police officers roaming the streets to ensure human safety. But as people’s criminal tendencies become more frequent, and the rate at which they practice it also increases, their work becomes very difficult. As we have seen on television, they are forced to engage in several hours of car-or-car chases and even armed conflicts. As hard as it is to prevent crime, it is in everyone’s hands, not just the cops, to minimize it.

Run, I’m coming!

Although we have mentioned crime and safety in a very serious paragraph above, London Street Police Madness (LSPM) is not a production that carries this seriousness to our screens with everything. Roughly speaking, we have a police vehicle and we try to do the same things that are asked of us on every mission within a certain time envelope. All missions go through the car, and we go back and do the same thing. Although this may sound negative at first, the game plays itself quite enigmatically at first. It also has a fairly simple gameplay, and we move forward one by one. In fact, in summary, what we need to do for LSPM is that once you take it and load it, you will play all the sections one by one, and after you finish, you will delete it and delete it on the shelf so that it does not play again. So, why do I advise you to play to the end, even though you’re constantly turning around and doing the same things? Because as some new elements are opened in the game, even if it is small, we can start to have some signs of curiosity.

In the main menu, the part that we will usually deal with will be the Duty Assignment part. After creating a profile for ourselves here, we choose our starting section and begin our duty as a police officer. As it turns out, there are sections of England, Germany and France, which are divided into six sections within themselves. As they progress, we can open three new venues belonging to these countries. In addition, the other option in the main menu is Highway Patrol, but here we determine our own conditions and gameplay format, and we act in this way. If we want, we can race against time ourselves and measure how many criminals we can catch in the envelope of time we determine. Or, if we want, we can travel freely in cities. Although it was put in good faith, it is a mode that is not needed. In addition, we can also play multiplayer, as we can see in the main menu.

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Our goals in the episodes consist of: to reach a certain level of money by catching criminals one by one, to catch the desired amount of criminals, or to arrive at the desired location within a certain time period. Achieving success is completely going through these paths, and moreover, it is not difficult to do them. You can go through all the episodes one by one and finish the game without getting stuck even once.

As soon as we start, we can easily understand that the graphics that we encounter are not at all heartwarming. It consists of squares, and no work has been done on the modeling. As we move forward with our vehicle, it’s as if someone is drawing the buildings ahead with a pencil at that moment. Of course, this does not create a pleasant image. We can control our car with an image from the back. And since we’re police officers, we have a police car. If we are asked to make a certain amount of money, we must find and catch individual criminals and provide this money. But one thing we should not forget is that time works backwards. If we can’t fulfill our mission within the desired time, we have to start again.


To find the guilty vehicles, we approach the vehicles circulating in the vicinity and hold down the Scan key. If the betting vehicle is undergoing a scan, and if it is not guilty, we encounter the “Traffic” sign, we turn to other vehicles. However, if he is guilty, then we immediately encounter a mini-game. By achieving success in this mini-game, we do not waste time chasing cars, but also make money in a comfortable way. These mini-games are based on just pressing the right arrow key at the right time, and after a place you can constantly achieve success here and enter the peace of mind sections. If there is no success in these minis or in some missions, we need to go directly into vehicle tracking. For this, we Press The Pursuit mode button and our car starts to go even faster. After tracking the criminals with this button, we try to neutralize them by either shooting or hitting their vehicles and rendering them unusable. Of course, in doing so, we must also pay attention to our own level of damage.

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It’s all about that, but the situation that drives us to curiosity and makes us do the same thing all the time is that as the episodes progress, various new elements appear. New runways are opening up and we can start doing the tasks here. In addition, over time, our damage indicator and scanning device are updated. It can scan vehicles faster, and our damage indicator gets bigger, preventing us from having a large amount of damage immediately. In addition, there are new vehicles and weapons that we can open. As the sections go by, we can open various tools whose features are even more advanced, and in the game we start with a hand gun, we have more exclusive choices, such as a machine gun, as we progress. At the beginning of each episode, we are asked again and again what vehicle and weapon we want to start with. Accordingly, we can make appropriate choices.

One of his worst points is the sounds. Features music doesn’t sound good at all. In particular, I didn’t think they were pulling out the beat held for the music playing in the main menu by hitting two coins together. And there’s no work in the music that plays during the chase, it doesn’t give you any excitement. Vocalizations will also get minus points, as they hit around, empty voices rise in the vehicles. Apart from this, there is no action, there is a completely monotonous sound system.

Pull right

LSPM can fall into the category of games prepared as fun, even qualify as fun, but as we have already said, it is played only once, finished, entertained, and then removed or loaned to someone so as not to look at their face again, it is called Keep the change.

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