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First-person action games (FPS) goers are probably busy with Half-Life 2: Episode one right now. Already played for years, additional packages are expected to be bored of productions, alternative FPS are in pursuit. Liquidator, developed by Parallax Art Studio a few months ago, is also one of these works…

Before we get to the review, let’s briefly talk about the originally complicated and rather long story of liquidator. A bridge has been established between the planet we live on and 3 different worlds (The Lost Lands, The Lands of Hell, The Swamp). In this way, peoples begin to establish friendly relations with each other and share their experiences. But like any scheme, they will end. Alien creatures disrupt interplanetary communication and take over the Lost Lands, The Lands of Hell, and The Swamp. A person who has survived this environment of turmoil communicates with the world and tells about what happened. After that, a special union is established. The aim of the union is to destroy the fuel tanks of the transport devices to prevent chaos from spreading to Earth. In this way, a possible attack by the creatures will be prevented.

As you can imagine, we are the ones who took the mission and sent it together. When you click on the new game part of the build, you are asked to choose a planet. You choose one of the 3 planets mentioned in the story, The Lost Lands, The Lands of Hell and the swamp, and start the game.

Production may be pleasant to your eyes at first glance. DX9’s blessings have been used effectively, but when you encounter enemies, the entire impressive atmosphere dissipates like a cloud. Modeling fails, enemy animations are very incomplete. I can say that I went back to the FPS games of years ago when I was playing. You’re shooting, but you can’t tell they’re getting hit. Death animations are another weak link in the game. The creature that just attacked you standing up suddenly becomes Earth and Earth! The animations in between are very inadequate. And because of the characteristics of enemies, they are revived. Watch carefully, the image stream is prepared very unsuccessfully.

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Skeletons, shamans, djinn and various creatures appear throughout the game. Against their supernatural powers and primitive weapons of Brawl, we use firearms that take advantage of the latest blessings of technology. The producers, who calculated that we could run out of bullets, gave us an axe. In my opinion, be careful not to engage in close combat. Otherwise, you say goodbye to the game before you know it. The most important benefit of the axe comes from swimming. The underwater episodes reminded me of the Hexen game of many years ago. So much so that I would like to point out that you are not alone in swimming in the water. You may encounter a creature that can harm you at any moment.

Graphically, Liquidator, despite its beautiful atmosphere, can not exceed the average. Visually, the only plus aspect is that DX9 uses the effects contained in it. As for sounds and music, it’s worth noting that liquidator, starting with the introduction video, has very bad sound effects. Frankly, they’re not realistic. And the music can’t stand out enough to add added value to the atmosphere. And for artificial intelligence, we can’t say anything positive. What do you expect from enemies who are just programmed to approach and attack? In these months, when we are going through a transition period to a new generation of FPS, I don’t think there is a need to even mention the name liquidator. If you have an average system, if you’re looking for atmosphere, I’d say choose Call Of Cthulhu.

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