LEGO Indiana Jones Review

LEGO Indiana Jones

Almost all of us have played with Legos in our past. Angular crossing cubes are considered the main toys for Developing Intelligence and skill. Especially because of the lack of technological toys in our childhood, they are the cornerstones of dream worlds and games. It seems that no matter what century we are in, Legos will live both as Angular entities of the real world and as virtual entities of the technological world. Only in our world? As in Lego Star Wars, perhaps in other worlds…

This time we’re putting Lego Indiana Jones on the table on the PC platform. Recently, we also examined the performance of the production on the PSP platform. As a matter of fact, it would be more accurate to examine the PC versions first and then the PSP versions. But of course I can say this after playing the PC version. Because it can be said that the PSP version is exactly the same as the PC version, even almost taken from the PC and installed on the PSP. In this regard, it would be appropriate to address the differences rather than talk about the game again in this article. In fact, the PC version of Lego Indiana Jones is a pretty good production. But if you’ve seen the es accident game on PSP in a friend or played it in person, you might not like it that much. Because Indiana Jones on the portable platform is noticed to be better in playability and visually. This does not mean that the PC version is bad. As I mentioned, the pleasure you will get on the PC may be due to the fact that the more portable platform keeps your expectations a little higher. If you haven’t played portable Jones, you won’t have that problem anyway.

Shattered Jones

The production develops in the same story line as the original Indiana Jones trilogy, with some scenes added or adapted to the setting. After watching the same opening video as the PSP, we find ourselves in the middle of a direct adventure, just like on the console. In a production where our main character, Indiana Jones, and other characters in the film can also be controlled, we try to solve puzzles using two characters alternately throughout the episodes. One character is controlled by us, while the other is controlled by our computer. We can switch between character controls as we please. Also, each character has different abilities, and episodes can only be completed by using the abilities of each character.

Almost everything around is a plastic structure, and when you hit them, they break into Lego pieces. And we have to collect the pieces that are scattered around. These pieces correspond to a kind of money and allow us to get features such as characters or new abilities with what is collected. Puzzles are solved by collecting or distributing surrounding pieces and re-forming them. Totems and similar objects, which are usually in pieces, are placed in place in the section after they are collected, allowing us to overcome the obstacles that we face. Another character, Indy, requires more power and courage, is obliged to smash objects around him with his WHIP and kill enemies, while characters with shovels extract buried treasures, engineers repair broken mechanisms.

The episodes, set in exotic locations, are quite beautiful, and the puzzles are well designed. Puzzles are designed not only for children, but to appeal to the entire age group. In some episodes, it can even be said that the puzzles clearly surpass the children. A production that cannot be very intelligent from the point of view of artificial intelligence can cause problems, especially in terms of the character that you do not control in the episode. In such cases, you catch up with the help of a character who is stuck in his head, and you take control of the CPU and fix the situation. Although it is not very bad, it can create a situation that can be annoying. Another difference seen in the PC version is the controls. If you’re playing the game with the gamepad, that’s fine. But the keyboard controls have acquired a strange structure due to the addition of interesting actions to quite interesting keys.

The game, which can be considered visually good, is a little disappointing compared to the PSP. Lego Indiana Jones is quite a fun and successful production on the PC platform in general. The impression that the PC version, which dominates throughout the article, is not so good, is that the production is much more fun and high quality on the portable platform. Don’t let this mislead you, because you can also enjoy the game on the PC. The PSP stands out only with its own advantages.

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